Protected - Episode 28

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What happened next I did not see coming.

One moment I was standing in justice's arms sobbing and the next my guardians show up and then justice is passing Me to Justin and pummeling my uncle.

"You bloody bastard. You dare to show up at my house?"

My aunt is screaming.

Am confused.

When did he move?

He doles out blow after blow, my brain begins to kick in.

Sage and Petr try to get him to Leave my uncle alone but it's not working.

"Justice ......"..

He still doesn't answer, he is punching the lights out of my uncle, my aunt is shouting threats of calling the police.

"Justice scared, I need you...."

I say this and he immediately freezes.

He turns blood shot eyes to me and I can see he was scared, my uncle was just there for the transfer of aggression.

All this am sure happened in a span of two minutes but it feels like hours to me.

He matches back to and pulls me from Justin giving me a hug.

It is at this point that I notice that Justin made no attempt to stop his brother.

Apparently, he is angry too.

Can't say I care for my uncle one way or another.

I rest my head on his shoulder, am turned to the drama on the ground.

My aunt is trying to lift my uncle, his face looks like he kissed a Mack truck.

"I will have you arrested for this, I promise!"

My aunt yells.

If I had the strength I would roll my eyes.

"You will do no such thing seeing as you will open that trap of yours and tell me what the hell you are doing and how the hell you got into my house."

Justice says and turns to Justin.

"Fire all the bloody gate men and hire again."

Justin gives a sharp nod.

We turn to the duo on the ground.

"Speak," justice demands.

I can feel the anger running through him.

I entwine my hand with his and he settles a little.

"Aren't you even going to offer us a seat?"

My aunt asks and sage replies with a growl in his voice.

"B-ch, speak".

Justice just takes a menacing step towards them, taking me along.


She says and stand with as much dignity as she could, considering she is also trying to lift her husband..

"We came from onitsha to find our niece"

I just take a step back and justice pulls me closer.

"Woman, I don't care if you came from the moon to find earth, I want to know how you got my address".

Justice says.


Am fed up.

"Aunty please talk please...."

Am so tired, I just want this night to be over.

"You ungrateful witch, you took my money and abandoned me in poverty ........"

Justin steps forward and for once I can tell he is angry.

"You either start answering our questions now or we move to the part where I make you disappear from the face of the Earth, are we clear on that?"

My aunt swallows and nods.

"We followed her"

She points at kele and I turn confused eyes to kele.


Kele asks confused.

Did kele betr.......?

No....she couldn't.

"We know today is her birthday and we know that if there is anyone who knows where she is it would be her"

She says this pointing at kele.

"When we saw her making preparations to travel we took a wild guess and followed her, it brought us to this ungrateful witch"

She states..

"I don't think you have gotten something clear aunt of magic, but you are not at home,

You cannot come in to my house and insult my sister, you will die b-ch"

Julliet says and am shook.

If I had strength,.I would cry, right now am just locking up my emotions.

"You don't speak to my wife that way bi...."

"Don't even finish that statement"

Sage growls and my uncle shuts up.

"What do you want?"

I ask in a whisper.

"Well we want you to come home with us of course, you are our Ward, you have strayed for too long".

She says in a put upon way.

I just chuckle softly and I walk out of justice arms and I take a seat.

"You want me to go home with you?"

I ask.

She nods.

"Is that why you sent that threatening present?"

She frowns confused.

"What are you talking about?"

She didn't send that?

Someone else did?

Moving on.

"Why do you want me to come home with you?"

I ask.

"You are our Ward and......"

I raise a palm, she quiets.

"You've said that, a thousand and one times, do you want me to come home with you so you can sell me?, or wait so he can rape me?"

I ask pointing to my uncle..

Justice growls.

"I told you she heard us that day that's why she left "

My uncle says unwisely.

My aunt throws her a look as if to say 'shut up you moron'

"Your uncle will never rape you, he loves you, I love you,......"

"Oh please spare me!, Just spare me this obvious bullshit, 

We both know you care nothing for me,

All you care for is your self and nothing but your self,

So please just go away, am having a good life here.

Don't ruin it, just go" 

I say and she sneers.

"You think he is going to love you forever?"


I frown.

What is she talking about.

She points at justice.

"He is not going to love you forever, when he gets what he wants you will be done in his life,

Don't you get it? We, your guardians are your only constant,

We will never leave you,

Just come with us."

She says and I sigh and say softly.

"Get out"


She asks in confusion.

"Get out of this house and never come back,

I know what you want, it's money, it's obvious.

You find out am leaving in Bliss and your next instinct is to ruin it for me, just get out"

I say and she sneers.

"We don't want your money"

She states.

"Honey......we want the money.."

My uncle says in a mock whisper.

His face is so swollen, I am sure he will need a doctor and he would have to set something.

I just roll my eyes.

I stand up and I walk to justice, I dip my hand into his pocket and i grab his money clip.

I take all the notes of one thousand naira and I hold it in my grasp.

I do the same for Justin and sage and Petr and finally when I am sure the money is up to fifty thousand naira I walk to her and place it in her hand.

"That should be enough for your transport, now get out and get out of my life"

I walk back to justice and he immediately pulls me close.


She starts.

"You heard the woman, get the hell out."

Sandra says

"Hear, hear"

Kele concurs.

I don't turn around to watch them go , they are dead to me.

I hear the the double doors open and close and I know they are gone.

I step out of justice hands and I pick my shoes and I walk upstairs..

I can hear justice following..

When i get  to his room I just drop my shoes on the carpet and I strip down to my underwear.

He starts towards me.

I escape by entering the bathroom.

After a while I come out and I see that justice has cleared up my shoes and clothes.

I almost smile.

My OCD boyfriend.

He isn't in the room so I  walk to his closet and I drop the towel, I change into a polo and boxer.

As I come out he enters, his hair is wet , he must have taken his bath in a guest bathroom.

I stand still and he comes to me.

He picks me up and takes me to the bed.

He pulls the cover over us and we spoon

Am so exhausted.

I don't want to talk about what happened today, I just want to forget.

Tomorrow, Tomorrow.

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  • AbdulRahman Adebisi picture
    AbdulRahman Adebisi
    Thumbs up mentor.
  • Ndahi Juliana picture
    Ndahi Juliana
    Boom. Keep it coming bebe.
  • picture
    [email protected]
    money they want, beating, threat and money they got
  • carmen picture
    This her aunt and uncle are obviously crazy
  • Husna Mubarak picture
    Husna Mubarak
    I wonder if dey really won't come back
  • Mandy-princess picture
    I'm loving this Bebe. Wow!
  • Amma picture
    awesome!!! Bebe babe
  • Godiya Wisdom picture
    Godiya Wisdom
    Nice one dear
  • Wunmi picture
    I so much love dz
  • zinny picture
    Wow! Wooww!! Woooww!! Quite interesting. Antie and Unculu came to Justice house. Chai!!! Person for don die if not for Magics intervention. Can you just imagine that ? Sage and Petr tried refraining Justice from giving more punches to Unculu but it didn't work. However at the mention of Justice by Magic, he suddenly stopped. Oh my jingles ( hands on head) . Thats the power of a woman @ Bebe my mentor I love ya so much
  • Irene Avworo picture
    Irene Avworo
    They love her indeed......... Great work dear
  • zinny picture
    Carry go my sweerie mentor. I got ya back
  • zinny picture
    Carry go my sweerie mentor. I got ya back
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