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*This one is for all the Facebook comments and likes*


I watched him sleep last night, he looked good while doing so, I could not sleep, I mean am sure julliet and Justin think I seduced their brother.


Am finished.

I think I have to woman up and talk to them.

Yes I will do that.

Put things in perspective, if they no longer want me in their house, I will understand.

There was an upside to last evening though.

I spoke with kele, it was lit.

I explained everything, ok maybe not about justice, I just told her about all the trials I went through when I first got here.

She was sympathetic, told me Andrew is back now if I wanted to return.

Good to know, keep my options open..

I shared my address and she shared deets on what was happening in onitsha 

Apparently my aunty and uncle are always quarrelling now.

Seems she doesn't do any house chores again, I always did everything.

And seems that she has caught him cheating, mutiple times.

He even hit on kele.


Sometimes I ask myself if I am actually related to them..

It's the morning after and I have to get to the kitchen.

I have some sauce to make.

Justice left my room about an hour ago when I was still sleeping.

I have to cook but I still have to talk to Justin and julliet.

I quickly have my bath and I go downstairs.

It's so nice wearing something new, this short jumper feels nice.

It's in a lovely shade of green.

I think it was in last year's summer collection.

I can't believe am wearing something so sophisticated.

I Pat my body with a smile as I get to the kitchen.

I quickly make some rice, sauce, side dishes like deboned chicken, some Salads and a plate of fruit.

(Have I told you guys I want to be a world class chef?-bebe)

I get this recipes from the internet and the food Network.

There have been some trial and error.

If julliet knows how much food I waste in my quest to make these sophisticated dishes, she would scream.

But they turn out alright.

Today I will be needing food as a gift of the gods.

I hope it bribes julliet and Justin.

I set the table and I ring the bell.

Am so nervous.

Julliet comes down first rubbing her eyes.

Seems master sage went home yesterday.

Alec follows and for some reason he looks like he is sweating.

"Yo, magic"

"Yo, Alec"

Justin follows and i think maybe justice has gone to work.

"Justice Is working out, that's were Alec is coming from too"

Julliet says this when she sees my gaze at the door.

I grimace, so much for keeping it cool..

I turn to her and Justin.

"It's not about the money"

I blurt and she blinks.

Well you can take the girl out of the village but not the village out of the girl.

Where are you from Magic,? blurting out that kind of stuff, in front of Alec no less.

Justin replies me though.

"We didn't think you were with our brother for the money, magic."

It's my turn to blink.

"You didn't?"

Julliet answers.

"It was so obvious the other day, you were trying to make him jealous by flirting with Justin"

I blush.


She goes on.

"We like what we see magic, we like the changes he is portraying since you came, ok , maybe not the first changes."

She says it jokingly.

"You are good for our brother and we like that".

I smile but I say.

"Am not rich, am a nobody"

Justin says this time.

"Good thing you are now a part of the Maxwells family, eh?"

I blush at his kind words.

I am so grateful to this people.

"Ok so now that that is done, can we eat? Am starving"

Alec says and I smile.

He is so grown up for his age.

I open the plates and the smell of the dish wafts out.


"Looks good baby girl"

I almost squeak, he came up behind me.

He kisses my temple and he sits.

"Good morning famz"

"Eww Justy, slang is not for you"

Julliet says and I frown.

"Who is famz?"

"Famz is a shortened form of family"

Alec says while stuffing his face full of chicken.

I almost die.

Magic, you village girl.

"We have to bring you up to speed on slangs, girlfriend, tots have to"

Julliet says and I nod.

"Tots is a shortened form of totally."

She says.

Le sigh.

This people.



So breakfast went well, I mean after my blunder, they gorged themselves on my meal.

That is one place I can never go wrong.

After the meal, justice went to the office.

Justin left too and dropped Alec at school on his way.

Julliet went to the office too.

She looked like a hot secretary, all dolled up in a suit with a turtle neck and cropped jacket.

I am shopping.

Well, am trying to get some groceries.

We are fresh out.

As I lift a small sack of potatoes my phone pings.

Ha, my phone.

I bring it out and I see multiple texts.

Text 1-julliet.

'please grab some Coco pops for Alec and some ice cream and some Matini mixes, we might have a girls night!'

I send her a quick thumbs up smiley .

Text 2.- Justin.

'Get some grapes please, I have a craving'

I send a quick okay.

Seems everyone knew I was coming to the store.

Text 3-Big guy.

I didn't programm his number like that, he did.

'whatcha doing?'

I smile, leaning against the wall, dropping my shopping basket.

'Am at the store, you want anything?'

'you are not ready yet for what I want baby'

'what makes you think so'

I can't believe I'm so bold.

'shop baby girl, see you at home'

I smile as I close the messaging app and I pick my basket.

As I lift my head my heart goes cold.

I blink and I loose the vision.

I think I just saw the gangster from the murder scene.

I look around but no one is near.

Maybe I just thought it.

Maybe it was because I spoke about it with kele last night, my subconscious is still scared.

It's playing tricks on me.

I nod as I continue shopping.

When am done I move to the liquor isle.

I get some Matini mixes and some whisky.

You might think I am a pro but no, I had to browse that.

As I pick a bottle that say 'cherry wine', am pushed from the back and I fall, the bottle crashing and breaking as it hits the ground.

A big piece lodging in my palm.

Blood instantly Wells up, I think I cut it very deep.

I turn and I see Selene standing there looking smug.

"That's right you gutter slum, that's what you get for embarrassing me"

My hand hurts so bad, and am losing a lot of blood.

A store attendant comes forward and begins to help me up.

People are watching.

I just smile through my pain.

"It's actually pathetic that as beautiful as you are you do not know how to use pronoun"

She frowns.

"Gutter and slum means the same thing, bozo, maybe you should check your dictionary sometime"

I say this and the store attendant chuckles.

Selene growls and walks away.

Now that she is gone I almost cry.

My hand hurts so bad.

I feel my self getting dizzy.

Oh hell.

. .

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  • Bernice Gold picture
    Bernice Gold
    Oh, I love Magic, drama queen
  • AbdulRahman Adebisi picture
    AbdulRahman Adebisi
    Wowu! I love this girl magic so much. Selene is a dead rat though. Justy is gonna strangle her. I pity her small though.
  • AbdulRahman Adebisi picture
    AbdulRahman Adebisi
    You magic! We gotta fight back though. Lemme get my sniper. Am coming baby, hang in there
  • Favour Abhatue picture
  • Ameh juliet picture
    Ameh juliet
    Selene d bitch. God keep our magic safe for us. good one bebe
  • picture
    [email protected]
    I knew Selene was gonna pay back but she's a dead meat thank God not a kidnap. pray magic is safe
  • Godiya Wisdom picture
    Godiya Wisdom
    Well, well well.. Magic, Emilia. It is well with you
  • zinny picture
    I talk am..i talk am ooo. My Magic is in trouble ooo. (wails so loud). My dream has finally come to pass. @ Bebe you are the cause. There was no upload yesterday and I had to go back to my dream to get update. In that dream ehh, Selena came with her mother( mother dressed like a goddess meaning she has great power and influence) to Justice house to confront him. You see it has just started ooo. I am afraid. My BP chai oh my BP
  • zinny picture
    @ Abdul get your sniper and more of your charms. It's no more time for wailing but actions. I think we need them cos we gonna go a little spiritual. @ Bebe get all the weapons that I delivered to you. Don't worry I am giving them to you at no cost. The battle line has been drawn and it's becoming tense. If you know you have a sniper say yeah, you have a gun say yeah yeah, other forms of weapon say yeah yeah yeah. Off we go. Victory is assured
  • Mavis Siaw picture
    Mavis Siaw
    Chai dis magic gal is something ooo
  • Iryn Rynah picture
    Iryn Rynah
    Oo Nooooooo!!!!!
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    Thought as much that Selene will av her pound of flesh but trust my babe Magic she call d short too! @ Bebe kudos
  • AbdulRahman Adebisi picture
    AbdulRahman Adebisi
    Have got the sniper ready baby. No worries, I just got my charms renewed Zinny. Let's go there Zinny. TEAM MAGIC
  • zinny picture
    @bebe I love you to the sun, moon, stars, planets and back. May God give you more inspirations. You will go places and your books will be read by kings and Queens. I am not joking now, really serious. ( reduces her voice). I am still your PA .Don't forget me oo.
  • Amma picture
    hahaa Magic the English teacher!!! Bebe babe!!!
  • Olaleye Adedamola picture
    Olaleye Adedamola
    Nice one, I like this girl magic, I knew selene will revenge back but I pray not bad happy to her bcoz justice will kill someone oooo
  • Victoria Ejeh picture
    Victoria Ejeh
    Awwwww my baby.... I'm feeling her pains right now and it's not good at all; wish I can get my hands round the bitch's neck then further strangle her till her last breath is out of her living being......
  • zinny picture
    @Abdul thanks so much. You are a huge darling. I think my BP is has come down now cos you have got your sniper and renewed charms.
  • zinny picture
    @victoria yesterday was spilling bad ice cream, today is strangling. I just hope that you can finish up what you just started. Abdul, Bebe, and I are already armed with our weapons of warfare and charms. I don't know about you oo..Well sha thanks for showing up at the party yesterday. I organised the party to reduce a lot of longer longer ice cream. I hope you enjoyed yourself
  • Oluwadare Mojisola picture
    Oluwadare Mojisola
    Someone should please call justice
  • Fabian Ibeh picture
    Fabian Ibeh
    Hahaha that's a 2 - nil ha! This lady is bold n bright.
  • AbdulRahman Adebisi picture
    AbdulRahman Adebisi
    I enjoyed myself a lot. Those of u that didn't attend missed a lot. Good to hear ur BP is down. Anything for you@zinny
  • zinny picture
    @oluwadare.. don't worry I have already called Justice. He's on his way. As Bebes PA I can afford to run some shitty errands. (l am learning so quickly you know..words like shitty, badass,A-hole etc ) . @ Abdul thanks so much. You are a real sweerie pie. I will surprise you very soon. Lol
  • Bebe Ernest picture
    Bebe Ernest
    am laughing so hard my head is pounding, I was not going to comment because can't type fast for now but come, I didn't get any weapon o, Abdul , victoria,zinny, you blood tasty people. Jules I sight you here. Amma, thanks for the dm yesterday, muah. oluwadare, am on the phone olaleye, Mavis, iryn, Aja ra, favour, bernice, thumbs up guys. Zin I love ya, thanks for the prayers. adul thanks for the dm. Fabian, please help me keep scores. to the rest readers that don't comment. I heart you guys anyway. joy e. I sight you from here. am apologizing in advance if I am not able to make an update am still very down. love you fam
  • AbdulRahman Adebisi picture
    AbdulRahman Adebisi
    We love you too bebe... Get well soon sugar pie. So, we can deal with the motherfucker(Selene)
  • zinny picture
    Chimoooo!! (hands on head) @bebe please don't do this nah. I doubt if I would be able to wake up from dream this time around because of delay in update. No worries though.@ Abdul in case I don't wake up, just blow your charm into the air and scream ZINNY, ZINNY, ZINNY. I will wake up. @ Bebe I am praying for you. I wish you quick recovery so that you can finish the work you started. I love you so much ( cries out loud) . @ Mandy Another bucket and GP tank . @ Godiya ten blankets please
  • Mandy-princess picture
    Bebe be careful wimme ooo. You got me scared, you know for a while there I thought the gangster recognized her and was going to kidnap her. My BP just shot up but since it's Selena, we can handle her. Zinny, I need you at the crime scene. Let's go there before Justice takes action.
  • Kelly C. Philp picture
    Kelly C. Philp
    Good one Magic don't give room for defeact.
  • zinny picture
    @Mandy I am there right now with Abdul. We told Bebe to go back because of her health. We don't need fainting things right now cos the task ahead needs optimal concentration. We are heavily loaded even with our charms from Ogun State. Selena can't mess up..She needs to be taught a lesson. Justice is not hers anymore . I get am before no be property. ( sighs so loud and long)
  • Mandy-princess picture
    I get am before no be property at all ooo@Zinny. Lol
  • Shade Lawal picture
    Shade Lawal
    Smiles Kudos
  • Saba Dorcas picture
    Saba Dorcas
    D story is getting more interesting.... Well done dear
  • Idris Taiwo picture
    Idris Taiwo
    Nice one sis
  • Nenka Alobi-Bassey picture
    Nenka Alobi-Bassey
    Guess selene wants to experience first hand wat angry Justice is capable of. Bebe you sure write up a storm, I absolutely love this story. Keep it up!
  • Namugosa Rhoda picture
    Namugosa Rhoda
    Famz and tots... ??? Wait when l comment with my own short forms, you Ebonites will realize it's not only magic who doesn't know shortened forms, ???
  • Folasade picture
    Oohh poor girl...
  • Papi G picture
    Papi G
    Magic gal is dam killing it n i tnink bebe is really writing her own story with magic playing as her......... Bebe billions if love from my concern
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    @Zinny, why don't you blow charms on Bebe so she gets healed immediately, that way she gets to update the story and your BP returns to
  • Onyedikachi Chijioke picture
    Onyedikachi Chijioke
    Oh Bebe u r breaking my heart darling,being here in d past 1hr or more waiting for d nxt episode but no way
  • Precious jewel picture
    Precious jewel
    Never knew magic was did bold!
  • AbdulRahman Adebisi picture
    AbdulRahman Adebisi
    That's a good advice though Buh I haven't been the ordered to do so by the First protégé because and the second protégé. If you no know u know(winks)@Benedicta
  • AbdulRahman Adebisi picture
    AbdulRahman Adebisi
    Ehyaa, so sorry about that ehn. Biko, no Vex ehn. Big madam is a Lil bit indisposed. We'll do that tomorrow. So sorry for the inconvenience @onye
  • Lulu picture
    Great job... Story is interesting
  • zinny picture
    That's so sweet of you Abdul. @bebe dicta ..The truth is that i tried using the charms on bebe but it did not work. The thing wee dey worry her too strong maybe because of wicked things done in the wicked way. So I just asked for Abduls help, the second protégé. Together we have done the blowing . She is just okay right now and she is going to upload very soon. My BP is normal now but I just hope that it does not rise again . (Cries)
  • AbdulRahman Adebisi picture
    AbdulRahman Adebisi
    ZINNY O! ZINNY OO! ZINNY OOO!.... wherever you're, rise and shine pretty. It a good morning
  • zinny picture
    Ahhhhhh!!!!. So it's already morning . (Stretches herself ). Thanks so much Abdul. I was almost getting lost in the wonderland . But at the shout of my name three times I came back to reality. You are a real saviour. I think we need to have a date to appreciate you for what you have done. Where do we meet?
  • zinny picture
    Good morning famz. It's tots a new week. I wish you all a fruitfull week.@ bebe quick recovery oo cos I know that the charms really worked. They can't fail. We need more episodes. @Abdul my colleague and fellow protégé I love ya but not to the moon and back. It's only meant for my mentor Bebe. Please don't be jealous.
  • zinny picture
    Ehennn Bebe I came across a statement made by Justice when Magic was at the mall. He said" I think you are not ready for what I want yet" . Please I want to know what that thing is. Is it wicked things done in wicked way? Please I am just asking out of innocence. Remember that i am your protégé . Just want to know and learn. I trust you will tell me. Counting on you sweet
  • AbdulRahman Adebisi picture
    AbdulRahman Adebisi
    Ehn Ehn. Am jealous already (sobs quietly) ... Let's meet in the dreamland by 1am madam. Ah Ah! Innocent my butt. I know very well you know what that means(winks). Wicked things done in a wicked way uhn.
  • Mavis Siaw picture
    Mavis Siaw
    @zinny ofcos dear it's the wicked things done in the wicked way since our magic is just 19 the big guy has to wait
  • Vivian Chime picture
    Vivian Chime
    Magic the boss kitty ?...
  • zinny picture
    Hahahaha. (I laugh in German)@Abdul I am innocent oo.As innocent as Magic. I dont know what Bebe means. Please can I get further explaination. @Fabian and Mandy please help out. Wicked things done in wicked way indeed.Una no go kill me ooo
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    @zinny, the charms didn't work oh, abi I have to start with tongues of fire oh cuz the update is taking long, @Abdul, your charm no good at speedy recovery dear @bebe, we are praying for you.
  • AbdulRahman Adebisi picture
    AbdulRahman Adebisi
    Why are u people so impatient ehn. Today is a money day now. Dichu expect her not to go to work ni? Calm down baby@benedicta
  • zinny picture
    Yes oo. Benny sweerie. Just calm small sha. We are working on some things
  • Olaleye Adedamola picture
    Olaleye Adedamola
    Bebe, you didn't let me concentrate in work 2day just check all d time, God is ur strength and power ...
  • zinny picture
    Hmmmm @Olaleye.. I think say na only me this kin thing happen oo. In fact at a point my boss almost caught me browsing during the meeting. Meeting wee we dey talk about how to meet target and I just dey busy dey browse protected Chei!! My dear instead of me becoming protected I would turn out to be the target. I quickly closed my phone and pretended as if nothing happened. Ebony stories wee not kill me. @Bebe please get well soon. We really miss ya. Abdul and I have renewed the charm and it's stronger right now. Love ya to the moon, stars, planets and back (cries...I miss you so much)
  • Husna Mubarak picture
    Husna Mubarak
    Wow I just read 19 episodes in one day... This story is just s love WD it
  • Myhael79 picture
    Haha this magic of a girl is something else I don't see any village life in her at all
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