Once Upon A Lie - Episode 2

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“Yes, my chiefs. The Mbatas are planning to wage war against us. We have to act faster!” Nosie said in a state of panic.
“Thank you for bringing word on time. You may go now” Chief Jalami said as he dismissed Nosie with a wave of his hand . As the servant left, he said to “Do you think the King should be informed of this?” 
Chief Birian, putting his right hand on his waist with his head hung low, gave no response.
“Don’t you think it is injurious to his health? Maybe we should inform the queen instead or what do you think?” he asked further. 
Chief Birian gave no response still. 
“Birian, this is a serious issue on ground. Are you telling me you have nothing to say?”
“See Chief Jalami, do not disturb me. You have concluded the issue in your mind and you are just disturbing my peace by asking me questions you already have answers to.” Chief Birian said, raising his voice.  “Do as you deem fit, please” he said heading for the door.
“And what is going on here?” a voice spoke from the outside, Chief Birian froze and a man wearing royal clothes entered.


“Hello, please come” Nnuole beckoned to a servant carrying water. “Have you seen Brenda?” she asked.

“No, my princess

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. I haven’t” the servant replied. “But let me ask Akita, I think she should know where she is”

“No problem, do quick” she said. Putting down the water, the servant ran to the next room and was out in few minutes.

“My princess, Akita said she left her in the third room some minutes ago” she said, bowing her head.

“Okay, thanks, you can go your way then” she said to him as the servant took her water and walked away briskly. 

Turning at a corner, she began to hear small sounds. Walking quietly so as not to be heard, the sounds got clearer. 

“Brenda?” she thought “but what is she doing here?” walking further, she heard another voice “what in the world is Paulita doing here?”

She walked in to hear her say “Come again, who do you call young princess? Who is the older princess?”
Angered, she replied “I am, Pualita. I, Nnuole, am the older princess.”

“And you,” she pointed to Brenda “what are you doing here? And are you bringing my soup on your knees? She asked. “I wonder if it’s the latest style of walking fast”

“I… I came to… Princess Paulita asked…” Brenda stuttered looking back and forth between the two princesses
“It’s okay now. You may stand” Nnuole said and began to walk away.
As Brenda stood and proceeded to carry the soup, Paulita spoke “You may not stand, Brenda.

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. Get back on your knees”. 
Brenda put down the soup and knelt again.

Nnuole turned back and said “And who are you, Paulita, to question my orders?” Turning to Brenda, she spoke “I command you to stand up and follow me” 

Brenda stood again but Paulita said “on your knees, Brenda” and she knelt again
“You are overstepping your boundaries, you ordinary beneficiary of His Honour” Nnuole said, enraged. 

She pulled Brenda up, carried her soup and while heading out, met a woman and stopped in her tracks while Brenda knelt. 

“My queen” Paulita said, with her head bowed.

“Are you two at it again?” the queen asked. “Well,” she said sighing “I am already exhausted looking for the prince. Have you seen him, Nnuole?” 

“Not at all, mother” Nnuole answered
Facing Paulita, she said “And why are you yet to be dressed? It’s your feast”

“I know, my queen.” Paulita said. “It is why I am here to…”

“I guess he’s out again then.” Nnuole interrupted. “Well, who won’t? It’s Paulita’s feast afterall” she said, giggling and headed out.

Paulita had a look of sadness on her face so the queen said “It’s okay my dear, I know he will be back just in time. You go get dressed fast.”

“My prince, it’s high time we got going, it’s late already” Ahleera said, standing behind Fuole.

“Hearing your frustrated voice and the ‘language’, I suppose you are right” Fuole answered. With a huff, he said “No game today to my disappointment, but we will be here soonest”. 

Turning to face Ahleera, he asked “the day after tomorrow?”

“Sure. Because it looks like we will be grounded the whole of tomorrow” He said as he pulled the horse.

 With a small laughter, Fuole said “we will be here then” as he joined him on the horse and they rode fast.

And from some metres away, a deep masculine voice answered “and so will we”. Quietly, the figure disappeared into the darkness.


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  • Ajuzs Courage picture
    Ajuzs Courage
    I can relate too..... Confusing the poor girl
  • Gracious picture
    @Ajuzs, confusion gidi o.
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    Baruch Haba
    I don't wanna relate can't allow someone to comma be doing me gbas gbos
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