Melina - Episode 16

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At 6:30 pm, I called the two and they were almost done, I didn't know charity's house so, Lina was going to come pick us .

After few minutes, Lina arrived .

"Hey, you look amazing!!" .. I complimented on seeing her on a fine beautiful club top balanced on a ripped bumshort , and a vans.

"Thank love" .. She replied as she jumped on me, and held her legs across my waist 

I kissed her lips and held her close to the wall, I was kissing her neck, letting her release slight moans when the door handle clicked .

Hillary got in first and Henry was behind him.

" woooh!! Sorry !!" . . He closed the door back .

I kissed her again before dropping her.

"We have a party to attend"... I said with a smile .

"This would have been the best party ever, you know?" .. She added moving close again.

"We will make it worth it someday" I assured her .
"By the way, you aren't on lipstick again, you know right ?"... I pointed out laughing 

"I came with a lipstick ....duh.." She replied as I walked to the door .

"Hello brothers " ... I gave them the bro hug as they walked inside .

Henry always the black guy, all black and good, hillary a party freak, showed he wasn't knew to parties, a white polo, a ripped jean and a white canvas, for parties, ripped jean looks party's identity .

I went to inside my room, to get dressed, I took out one of my jeans, took out a red polo And then wore my red canvas .

"Wow !!! " ..

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. Hillary
"Cool" .... Henry who I least expected a compliment from added .

"Babe you look awesome " ..Lina completed it .

"We are good to go, ain't we?" I asked smiling like a Christmas goat .

We left the house and in few minutes we are in some street, beautiful, lights were on, the landscape, everything about the surrounding was nice .

We  walked down the streets, I was with Lina in front while , playing with her, Henry and Hills walked behind us .

We reached, the last house at the left, a mighty mansion, with balloons outside and the door ajar, the inside room had lights of multiple colours, Dim and a lot of people clustering, each male with a girl and sure a red cup was general .

When we approached, a lot of welcome handshakes, charity dressed and dancing with a boy, she could only wave, christie on the left couch, making out with a guy . Lina dragged me to the bar, and we sat and she brought a bottle of champagne.

I turned and saw Henry, who was sitting alone, I walked to him to give him a drink .

"Where is Hills?" I asked as I handed him a bottle of champagne and two red cups.

"The idiot, he should be around".. He replied as he collected the drink .

I looked around and saw Hillary with a girl dancing, I just shook my head and went back to sit with Lina .

After few minutes, somebody, walked in, she was looking heavenly, and she was Susan.

"Susy whatsup " .. Lina called her and waved her to our side.

"You know her?" I asked surprised .

"Yes , she was my high school classmate "..

"Melina whatsup" .. She greeted Lina, before turning to look at me .

"Ohh Gabriel, you are here ?, and you guys have a thing together, since everybody in the room seemed to be a couple ".. She asked surprised .

"Yes we are a thing " ... Lina stole the answer.

"Yes we are, and not everyone in the room is with somebody, you are alone and that gut at the extreme is alone too"... I said pointing at Henry.

"You must be crazy, you know how much he hates me, I won't dare"... She replied with a sarcastic laugh .

"He is looking here" .... Lina added .

"Is there a place I can ease my self first ?" .. Susan asked .

"Yes take left , you will see a door " .. Lina said as she pointed.

Few minutes after she had gone , I turned and I didn't see Henry again.



I was sitting alone on a couch, keeping a serious face, everybody was busy , Teens, spoilt Teens , the smell of cigarette choking me, but I was just keeping cool, mannerless girls offering to dance with me .

After few minutes, Susan walked in, butterflies built up in my stomach, I was never told she was gonna come to this party, I knew she wasnt  a party freak, my first thought was Lina planned this.

She stopped talking to Lina and Gabriel, I admired her, I couldn't really define how I felt, but I felt strange, suddenly Lina pointed towards a door and she followed asap 

When she was gone , I followed her, trying not to let anyone know of my move .

When I opened the door .

"Ohhh , sorry".. I shouted immediately trying to leave and she pulled me back .

She pushed me to the wall, leaned and pressed her lips on mine, I felt being hypnotized and I kissed back without thoughts, I felt what I have never felt before , the butterflies she built were flying round my whole stomach .

"You don't have to say sorry" ... She said once our lips separated.... 
"at least, my first kiss was worth it" she continued .

Did I hear her say "first kiss" but why did she kiss so perfect, like this is her thousandth time .

"This is my first time too?" .. I managed to say .

"For the first time you are acting nice, I have been trying so hard to get your attention and all seemed abortive, I don't do boys, I don't know why I head over heels for you and you kept on objecting all the moves, you know I can kill you for making me feel lovelorn most times, for causing low self esteem?, for making me cry late nights thinking am not beautiful enough to get the man I want, now that I have seen somebody that I felt a thing for?" ... She stated

I felt her pains .

"I won't lie, I have been on pretence, I don't do girls but you seem different, after what my sister did, I took all girls to be the same, till I met a different girl in you, but I was just so insecure, I am really sorry." .

"Well take my number, and call me later, let's get out of here before we turn the hottest gist in town " .. She said .

"Hottest gist, the newspaper headline will be like" ill mannered teen making out in a toilet" ...I said with a laugh and she joined in the laughter .

I collected her number and left before her, immediately I was out of the toilet my eyes caught Lina's, she just smiled and I smiled back and went to sit where I was sitting, few minutes Gabriel walked up to me .

"Where did you go ?"
"I just went outside to receive fresh air".. I comfortably lied .

"Hills is still dancing?" .. He asked 
"don't mind that flirty fool" ... I replied with a laugh..

Just then, Susan walked in from the toilet with a new lipstick .

She had wasted time trying to wear another lipstick .


Somebody  I supposed should be the mc said as everyone returned to the sit, to give him the supposed  attention.



The party was about to get started, the mc had just ordered us to sit, and then he started with the introduction, he introduced himself as Fred .

Then we all stood up one by one to introduce ourselves, Hills was sitting with the girl he was dancing with, she introduced herself as glory .

Then came the reason for the party, we sang Happy birthday for charity, before she introduced Clinton, as her new boyfriend.

We all clapped as they kisses to kick off the event .

Then was the devil's basket .

House party was fun, and due to complains from Henry likes, smoking of cigarette was suspended.

The game was on, the basket went round and we all picked a paper, inside the small papers were numbers , 1 to 50 .

We played the game, it was fun, the dares were strict and no remedy, do it or leave the house .

The house was set ablaze when Henry was called to kiss Susan, I knew he wouldn't do it, I tried to solicit and no one listened to me .

"I am not kissing her " ... Henry said out harshly .

"I won't kiss him either " ... Susan gained her stand .

"Then you both should leave the house " ..people shouted .

And then the mc had no option than to send them out in other to get the party controlled .

"Don't leave too, you and Hills should enjoy " .. He whispered to me before leaving .

They both walked out reluctantly, and the party continued.

I drank so much, when the drinking competition was on, I am not a big fan of alcohol I just take it a little, but that night was different, I was tipsy, Lina drove me home with the help of Hills.

The only thing I could remember was when I took the last cup , every other thing, I was oblivious .

When I woke up I discovered my phone was missing .
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