Love in devilish places - Episode 7

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Jubril introduced her to the crew members before shoving her into the booth after Max. 

"Come on kids, give me a great show," he urged them.

Tania rolled her eyes but smiled for the benefit of her co-anchor.

Max kicked off the show with his signatory introduction before announcing the topic. Five minutes into the discussion and they already had their first caller.

"Hello, welcome to Flaming Flames Special . Can we know you?" Max answered the caller. 

"Hi I'm Theresa."

His pupils dilated, it was his first female caller in the past six months. "Hi Theresa."

"Hi Max. Actually this is for Tania. Tan.."

"At your service love," her smile threatened to break her face. 

"So Tan I was wondering. You said to give the red card if he can't stick around. But Max here said for guys not to stress over accomodating us. What's your say on that?"

"Thank you Theresa." She gave him the eye. "Now to you and every other Theresa out there what the stick with my flaws actually means is for you lovebirds to work together. No relationship ever works without communication likewise romance

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. The first key to having a lasting and worthwhile relationship is to have good communication skills. Do not just present your good side but lay all rotten eggs on the table too. 

You must make sure you agree on all. What you can cope with, what needs special attention or what you just can't tolerate. Lay it down babe. This is a game of cards with a different rule; this game requires you to lay all cards, select the good ones, work together to thrash the bad ones or choose another game if its not just for you. In this game the only rule is to make your own rules. Thank you." She drowned her cup of tea, wishing her tablet was with her. 

Max swallowed before fixing his microphone. She had wowed him with her intellect. Under the wrapping was a different package all together. Now he knew why she commanded the respect of millions of people. 

"So listeners you've heard it from our very own Miss Tania Olubankole," he saw her snort at the title he had used. That got him thinking; a beautiful and well to do Miss perfect had had no man. No report of a fiance or boyfriend or even a casual fling. He definitely wanted to know more about the top and high classed lady.

"We'll take another call now. If you're trying to reach us and you can't, probably the lines are jammed. Do give us a beep on our twitter account or send your message or questions to our whatsapp line on 08056684667. Next caller." He motioned to Tania to pick the next call. 

"Hello and welcome, I'm Tania."

"Hi Tania I'm Victor. My girl and I are so happy you got on this show. It's really being enlightening with you on the show. So we were wondering, with you as the listening ear to the ladies and Max as the guys number one. We..."

Tania imagined giving this Victor a knock on the head for what he was aiming at. 

"...We were thinking you guys should give it a thought. I mean you'll look great together. That's my contribution. Bye and thanks once again." They heard a giggle as he hung up. 

Max looked at her wondering if to reply. Thankfully, she did. 

"Okay Victor, thanks for your observation but we are perfectly occupied right now. Like seriously, Barrister Oguike has to have someone in his life, he's an attorney for Christ sake. He..."

"I think what Miss Olubankole is trying to say is that, we are not..."

"Never." she interjected.

"We are never going to be compatible. Come on guys, I'm sure she has a rich dude somewhere silently supporting her," he pretended not to see the dirty look she gave him. Only one way to find out. "and the fact that bro wants to be out of the picture doesn't mean she can jump rides. You might get shocked when you see her wed..."

"I am not seeing anyone Max."

He remained calm as she glared daggers at him. If he remembered correctly Belinda had done same to him; jumped rides while still with him and he had been a fool to be blind to see the obvious signs. 

"For clarity sake," she blared into the microphone, "I am not seeing anyone presently. This decision of mine is to clear my head for the future." She cast another look at him to which he shrugged off. 

"Okay people, she has clarified herself on her status. Well as you know once beaten twice shy but twice beaten... So we'll be taking our last call for the day and hopefully read a message or two for you all. The lines are open again." He gave a silent yawn.

"Hello and welcome." She added no introduction this time, she was sizzling in anger. How dare he embarrass her on air. She was going to speak to his boss on that issue, the last thing she wanted was a newspaper headline on her marital status. 

"I'm Mobolaji and will just go straight to the point. I think Victor was right. You guys advise on relationship and others. You Tania are a great marriage counselor and Barr. Max, all men give credit to you. Why don't you two put your advice to work on each other. I ship Maxia, thank you."

They gave loud grunts at the beep. The #stickwithmyflaws was definitely biting back on them. Tania wished she never started it, Maxwell wished he never accepted it. 

Twenty minutes later and they were rounding up. The first tweet had been read and now the second. 

"Will you do us the honour?" He passed the tablet to her to read the second message. 

She scrolled through the whatsapp messages and finally settled on one. 
"This is from Someonewhocares:

So Maxia it is, I was actually thinking of Tanwell.

Her eyebrows were pushed together as she read, she knew what was coming. 

How about a thirty days challenge. You guys hit it off for the next thirty days. You succeed and you've won our hearts for life. You don't, then we conclude that you've been feeding us lies all along. It's time to see if your advice really works or you're both living a facade with the so called relationship coach thing. Comment with 'challenge accepted' if you're in. Millions of people are waiting as we speak. 

She managed to read all with shaky hands and quivering lips. She should really had never started the series, now everything was going to bounce on her. 

Beside her Max rubbed his head, if he had any hair it would have been in knots by now. 

"So..." He switched off his microphone and turned to her. His show meant nothing to him but it could tell on his personality as a man of the law. His integrity was on the line now. 

"I... I... I don't know okay." Her eyes watered. Victor had brought up a topic that could ruin her career. And someonewhocares obviously did so wrongly. 

Seizing control he switched on his microphone again. "Okay, to someonewhocares and our listeners." He swallowed, never been in a situation where his hands were tied. Any mistake would mar his reputation and spoil his plans. Until he ticked the last agenda off his list, he was going to play cool. "Challenge accepted." The crew memebers jumped up, hugging each other exictedly. Even Mr Jubril had a wide grin on his face. 

"But on one condition." All activities froze as she spoke. "You'll give us till next week Monday before embarking on this...this...whatever." She shut her mic off. 

As Max concluded the show, she bursted out of the booth without a closing remark. 

Whatt!!!  What would you do if you were in their shoes?

Maxia or Tanwell, which do you ship?

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