Lost But Satisfied - Episode 26

The Recruit

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Chioma, like an empress, turned to Mike and gave him a heart-warming smile. She had killed the third best assassin in Fortune City. She would make sure she changed the opportunity every one of them got. Henceforth, she would make sure the assassins were equal and were treated so. Nobody would be better than anybody else. Nobody would have more skills than anybody else . All equality would remain even after her death. She wouldn’t leave Chief’s place. She had a new plan and would ensure it was implemented.
 Bidemi’s statue would be carved into the centre of the new community Chief’s men were building. Although, the plan wasn’t in the plan Rachael wrote at first.
‘You’ll be my P.A’, she said as she turned to Mike. She placed her hand on him, dragged him nearer and sucked his lips.
What happened was tragic, all right, but Chioma and Mike couldn’t think about it because something began to come through the bush, towards them.
 They separated. Chioma took aim of the spot the noise was coming from.
‘Once, the hole wey baba talk sey mey we close don dey…’ a male voice echoed in the dam as the bushes kept rumbling as if they were being stomped by a hippopotamus. The fat guy stopped at the sight of the gun pointed at him.
‘You … You are not dead….’ the guy said

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. His round face became void of expression as he saw Once and Stone tied to the tree, dead.
‘Yes, I’m not dead, now, get on your knee’.
‘I told them I’m not part of it ooo. I told them it’s not part of the plan…’ the short guy said. His knees dug into the sand. 
‘What plan? And who are you?’ Chioma said, moving nearer,’ erm...Mike, dump those fools into the dam. Use the chain to tie them before throwing them. I don’t want the stench of their dead bodies to pollute the air. Mike left her side and started working on her orders. Her mother's body could remain there until she was in control.
‘Yes, you what’s the plan? Who are you?’
‘I’m Don’.
‘Your real name before I blow off your head’.
‘I’m Precious. I’m a recruit. My job is to make sure nobody discovers this dam’.
Chioma’s eyes hovered past the guy’s head and traced the wall, which stood at the far end of the water. The wall went around the dam and went past the bushes to a place she couldn’t see.
‘So, you are saying there is …. This is part of Chief Ajanaku’s project’.
 The guy nodded.
‘Do you know me?’
 The guy shook his head, his body doing the same.
‘I’m Chioma, I’m Chief’s P.A. I’ll soon be in charge and I want you to work for me’. She paused and watched his eyes widen in its socket. She smiled.
‘You … you are not killing me’.  
She nodded and dropped her hand. ‘The fight was between Once and me. Now we are even. Rise up. I want you to work with and for me’, she said as she fiddled with the gun. The guy nodded.
‘Be here… I’ll send a message to you on what to do next. Mike will bring a means of communication to you’.
 Mike came out of the river and came towards them, his eyes fixed on the short fat guy. He was proud of himself.

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. Chioma slowly changed her expression to conform to his, playing with his subconscious. She turned and pecked Don, whose face brightened. She turned to Mike and pecked him. The pain of the chain and the r*pe got to her again. She bent, shut her eyes, and allowed the pain to relieve itself.
‘Are you alright?’ Mike said.
 She raised her hand and nodded.
 ‘Mike, meet Don. Mike, I’ll fill you in later but you are my vice in the plan I would be relaying to you on the way home'.
 Mike blinked severally as he watched her turn towards the bush.
‘Where’s the way?’ She said.
‘That way’, Mike and Don said at once.
 Don rushed to the path. Mike went back to pick his weapon bag and when he met her, she handed the gun to him. Then, she told him the plan, making sure Don heard her.
 When they got where the fence met, she and Mike went out of a small door and proceeded through another set of bushes, from where they took Mike’s car to chief’s abode.
 When they got home, Chioma told Chief what Once did to her, making sure she expressed her anger at Chief about keeping her in the dark concerning the dam.
 Chief told her Once talked him into keeping the Dam and five other places from Chioma. He handed over the information concerning those places. And he told her he wouldn’t worry about Once’s death but she shouldn't have been the one to kill him. She didn't understand him and wouldn't stress herself about it.
 Now, her next mission was to kill Once’s alibi, whoever she was, and she would eliminate Chief's priest and then proceed to Jessica.

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