Don't! Look Closer

The lives of the George turned as circumstantial events make them realize a truth that has been buried in the family for years.

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    • Don't! Look Closer - Episode 1

    • Whatsapp Groups are great especially when they are instrumental in the money-making process. That particular Saturday morning, a Whatsapp group that started five months before had ...
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    • Don't! Look Closer - Episode 2

    • Everyone deserves a good and shocking experience once in a while, Ireti thought as she sneaked through the little steps that led to Ayo’s flat. Unlike Ayo, though, t...
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    • Don't! Look Closer - Episode 3

    • Her mind razed every idea that popped out for help in her head. She had no option than to call Kike again. The innocent girl would be her savior again. Different scenarios played i...
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    • Don't! Look Closer - Episode 4

    • Their journey took them a while but she wasn’t in the least concerned. Her heart was too broken to fiddle with the idea of knowing where they were. No matter where they were,...
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    • Don't! Look Closer - Episode 5

    • She sat in silence and waited for Bayode to berate her as if she brought the kidnappers upon them. But he didn’t talk and that roused her curiosity. She glanced at him only t...
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    • Don't! Look Closer - Episode 6

    • Their journey away from their kidnappers became a wearisome one after they had driven for a while. They weren’t been followed any more but they kept travelling at a high spee...
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    • Don't! Look Closer - Episode 7

    • They travelled for a while in silence and Ireti adored the moment until Bayode began his rants about her mischievousness. She refused to take the bait to have another squabble with...
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    • Don't! Look Closer - Episode 8

    • Bayode drove on and she couldn't even remember if they travelled that far when they were kidnapped. After what seemed like forever, they drove into their street. She had never ...
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    • Don't! Look Closer - Episode 9

    •  The moment Ireti pointed the toilet to him and left, Bayode brought out his phone and checked out for the map Insider gave to him. Despite studying it for days, he still foun...
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    • Don't! Look Closer - Episode 10

    • 8 hours before, Bayode tailed Ireti after he had typed ‘Cake has arrived’. Their journey took a while but he had to stick to following her from afar. Luckily for him, h...
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    • Don't! Look Closer - Episode 11

    • Kikelomo George swung between ensuring everyone in the parlour got what they needed, and taking care of Ireti. Living with the family had its perk but they were her best chance of ...
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