Lost But Satisfied - Episode 14

The Beginning of Woes

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Pastor Matthew stopped in the dark tunnel and switched on a torchlight. They had been walking in the underground tunnel for a long time that Jerry had even lost count of time. Although he informed Jerry that he had worked on the underground, he never expected it to be so equipped for such thing like they were about to do. Jerry seemed to remember being in a place like this when he was younger but he knew it would be one of his memory and hoped to get it soon.

‘Oh! Lest I forget, Merry Christmas’, Pastor Matthew said when the light came on.

 Jerry couldn’t bring himself to reply to Pastor Matthew . If he gave him a definite response, then Pastor Matthew would be in trouble because he would tell him the truth that would make anybody cry.

 There was nothing interesting about the place. They kept moving with the light as their guide until they finally came out of another bush. Pastor Matthew climbed out of a tunnel and Jerry did so.

They soon began to move in a bush path that made Jerry hate the little life he had. Pastor Matthew led the way until they got out into a street that soon led to Agric bus stop.

Luckily, for them it was Christmas. People wandered the street; the vigilantes were absent to question people’s movement; instead, they were in a corner at one of the dry gin seller’s shop.

 ‘How do we leave this place’, Jerry asked, irritated

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. He himself didn’t know why he allowed one situation to be the propellant of his belief in Pastor’s Matthew visions. Why had he released the Pastor and hadn't allowed him to be in the psychiatric home? In fact, that would have saved him from the trouble he was having now.

‘We didn’t take the plan for the ship’, Pastor lamented and raised his hands.

‘How do we get away, Pastor?’

‘Don’t worry, brother Jeremiah, the Lord himself has provided a car for the easy movement of our natural body out of Greencity’.

Jerry was tired of everything that had been happening. He needed a sound rest and, probably, a cold drink.

The beautiful night thief told him that there was an impending evil and that he needed to leave town. And here was the most wanted Pastor in town telling him that they had to leave too. He believed a water doom was coming. Where would the water come from? It had not been raining for a long time now. The cloud kept gathering everywhere; yet, the rain refused to fall. Thunder rumbled in the distant again like it had been doing since the beginning of the time Jerry woke; yet, the rain didn’t drop.

 A black Toyota parked in front of them and a young woman scrambled out of it, acknowledged Jerry and faced the Pastor.

'I knew you were right. And this is a confirmation that I must start what the Lord had been telling me'.

‘So far you're sure it's God, then you don't need any more trouble’, Pastor Matthew said, holding the woman’s hand firmly.

'Bro. Jerry, meet Chloe Kings Obaigbanwen. She is…'

Jerry's eyes opened in surprise. 'She was the one that was said to have escaped the asylum after kidnapping and killing some women that saw visions of heaven. I read her story in the news'.

She looked sideways towards Jerry and her eyes caught his doubting look, and she quickly turned to the Pastor again.

‘I will … I know where to meet you’.

‘Please, make it fast before it starts’.

The woman bent as Pastor Matthew gave her a side hug and opened the door to enter the car.

‘Bro. Jerry, please enter’, Pastor Matthew called from the other side. 'Time speeds on.’

The woman pulled Jerry aside.

‘You seems afraid of me because of the half-baked news you heard about me. I saw doubt in your eyes; yet, you are following him…’

‘That’s because I myself have no place to go…’

‘You have to believe everything he says’, the woman said and squeezed Jerry’s hand very well, ‘he told me to meet him here last year. We were in the asylum together before he was released and we've not been in contact ever since. But here we're today. And I also the vision of God. The rapture is coming.

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. I'm to prepare the world for that. God would destroy the world after he had taken some selected few away’.

‘But how…. the Lord says he wouldn’t destroy man with rain again’, Jerry said as Pastor Matthew honked.

‘Yes. However, it’s men that are causing it this time, not God. His only job is to give the final say. How will God not allow the spiritual causes to have its effect when some people are already sacrificing humans to Devil the god of this world and had made him the master of their life? How will God not accept when the blood of men is a power to invoke anything in the heavenlies’? And Christians are not praying- for the drought or to know what will happen in the future. They are not trying to know the mysteries of the spirit'.

‘What mysteries of the spirit?'

'There’s always more and more of God that can be tapped. The secret of God is so much that it takes closer relationship with him to know a lot.’

She squeezed his hands harder and the car honked thrice this time. Jerry let go of her hand and felt the pain the woman must be feeling at that time.  At the same time, someone drove past and the music that blasted from his car was ‘Story for the gods’ by Olamide. Jerry smiled and headed for the car.

‘Pastor Matthew, I will tell as many people as I can’, she said.

‘May the Lord strengthen you’, Pastor Matthew said and drove off.

‘Where are we going now?’ Jerry asked after thirty minutes of their journey.

‘Brown valley’.

 Jerry sighed. A least, they would leave Greencity for the people giving him trouble.

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