Eve - Episode 4

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Previously on Eve

He took a step forward in search of Eve but what he didn’t expect happen

“Are you looking for me?”

Eve stood behind him smiling.


Ogun ran forward quick drawing his cutlass facing her in a threatening stance.

Eve laughed, laughed hard like some kind of joke had been displayed funny enough to bring tears to her eyes. Ogun felt insulted but couldn’t move . There was no opening, she wasn’t giving any opening for him to attack. She took steps forward cleaning the tears that escaped her eyes looking at him like a child when she was indeed the one who looked like a child; fragile and slim with an average height while he stood tall with muscles.

Quickly he materialized another cutlass from iron in his other hand hoping to at least get one in even when his godly instinct told him to run.

“Are you planning on killing me?” Eve asked still smiling as she cocked her head to the side “you are brave” she finished, but before he could take a defensive stance she was in front of him with the ends of both cutlass in-between her fingers. “Good quality but I am sure this isn’t your best”

Ogun slid backwards letting go of the cutlass she hand in her hands and materializing another on both hands while the one Eve held turned to dust with just a little of her power

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. Fear was starting to kick in and also something he couldn’t quiet comprehend yet. “Make this fun for me, show me all you have” Eve smiled some more and in that moment he thought she was beautiful and didn’t see the monster they saw but it was certainly foolish for him to think that.

Her hair stood at the sides flowing with the wind, bloodlust seeping through her. Eve had made sure to only let a little ooze out of her so she wouldn’t frighten him too much just jolt him enough to be eager to fight. She needed to let loose in this body of hers. She was wrong, the amount of red fumes that Ogun saw made him shake in extreme fear but his pride was definitely stronger.

He dismissed the two cutlass knowing it would not even graze her skin or even cause her any difficulty to finish him off but started a chant

“Iron is blood

Red is life

Mix with the mud

Cut like a knife”

As soon as his chant was over the wind circled around him. Eve was impressed. The lights sparked close to his body igniting a strong fire; red like blood. His body burned but his hands more. The flames burned brighter from his elbow down his fingertips.

“Good” Eve smiled.

Now Ogun understood what it meant to feel excited about a fight, it was always boring. He had never had to reach this stage for anyone not even the gods because this technique was a final oath. Once used there is a high chance you will lose your powers. He had nothing to lose since he knew he was going to die. He should have listened but his pride was definitely his downfall.

The fog cleared and standing there was Ogun who was once dark colored now a man who looked like he was painted white from the crown of his head to the sole of his feet. His fingers replaced by massive claws with large spikes of Iron on his elbow down. The tattoo on his forehead shone like burning fire. He looked like a monster.

“Oh my!” Eve exclaimed playfully as Ogun attacked. His left claw outstretched to strike her right in the chest but she moved away effortlessly tilting to the opposite side.

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. He pulled back quickly and struck with his elbow which she dodged again.

She was yet to move from the spot she stood waiting on an attack like childs play smiling at his efforts to take her down. She ducked the upcoming blow and with a twist to his body his arms shot straight up aiming for her jaw from below she had no choice but to move back a step. He made her move. She was happy. She decided to attack back.

It almost felt like she was training him to Ogun. He couldn't comprehend why. She would have killed him several times but each time she would point at a critical area and childlishly shout 'bang' so he had time to escape. 

The god was just toying with him and he knew it. He was surely doomed and his power was weakening he couldn't hold out any longer. His skin was back to its deep chocolate color and the metal on his arm shattered like dust. Maybe he had lost all his powers he thought with a sad smile as his knees found the floor. He acknowledged her, no, he reverenced her as he looked up in his kneeling position at the power that stood in front of him.

"Eve, goddess of all" he took a bow

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