Beautiful Mess - Episode 24

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Smile For Me




I feel soft hands in my hair, it's soothing so I continue to close my eyes as I savor this moment of silence. 

I try to remember what happened but I can't, I just remember that I was close to her. 

To my Kismet. 

My eyes flies open and I groan  silently at the harsh light, I am In my room. 

Wait? My room? 

I turn slowly and my eyes blur at the pounding headache in my head. 

It's Kismet, she's the one stroking my head. 

I watch her as she unconsciously does it, I don't want to make a noise, I don't want to loose this moment. 

She hums a tune, it's a familiar tune, I close my eyes to savor it. 

"Maman, I think the man is awake" 

I freeze and so does the hand in my hair. 

So it's true, my Kismet actually got married and had a child. 

I sit up slowly and she watches me the way a sheep would watch a lion. 

With a lot of fear and a mix of fire. 

I groan when I feel my head bang and she reaches out to touch me but I pull away. 

Hurt flashes through her eyes and it kills me but I can't let her, she is someone else's. 

My fist clench around the sheets and venomous thoughts pass through my head. 

If it was another time I would have killed off the man and make her love me again. 

"You don't have to look like you've seen a ghost Garrett" 

Her voice immediately soothes the beast in me burn her words gets me riled again. 

"What are you doing here?" 

I ask her, albeit a little harshly. 

"So you didn't switch apartments? You still live here?, thank God, it came in handy when I decided not to call your brothers, I knew you would hate that" 

She says ignoring my question so ask my question again. 

"What are you doing here?" 

"I know you don't want to see me but you don't have to be so rude" 

I raise a brow and although it costs me a little bit of my strength I don't let it show. 

"What's that supposed to mean?" 

She rolls her eyes and I stiffen, immediately going into gage mode. 

"Did you just roll your eyes at me?" 

She freezes, she knows how much I hate it. 

"I don't know, did I?" 

She responds and I vaguely see her child looking from me to her almost comically. 

"Kismet, behave" 

That seems to get into her brain because she drops her sassy behavior and immediately adopts her ice cold persona. 

I don't like that very much. 

"How have you been Garrett?" 

"What do you think?" 

"You look good, you look more than ok" 

"Well that makes one of us" 

I say leaning to extend my hand to the little girl, Kismet holds her back when she steps forward.

"What's that supposed to mean?" 

She asked, clearly in a tizz. 

"Do you really want to do this?" 

"I don't care if you are sick, I want you to explain what you meant by that" 

"I am not sick" 

I deny, with conviction. 

"Yes you are, the doctor said you had an high fever, Maman had an high fever too recently" 

The kid says and my eyes goes to hers, it's as green as her mother's. 

"The ambulance gave you an emergency procedure and brought you home, they say you should be better in a while" 

She continues and I reply. 

"If you say so then baby cheeks" 

I see Kismet look between us before turning to me. 

"Explain Garrett" 

"Don't you think we should say this without your child present?" 

"Jazz, go to the sitting room and wait for me, don't touch anything" 


"Now, jasmine" 

"Don't talk to her like that" 

I state, she was being too harsh on the little kid, wait. 

When did I loose my man card and started caring about kids? 

Kismet doesn't say anything just throw the kid a look who exits the room quite quickly if you ask me. 

"Are you a cruel mom? Does your husband know?" 

I ask and she stiffens. 

"I don't think you have the right to ask that Garrett, considering you didn't care seven years ago, I see no reason why you should be now" 

"What do you mean?" 

"I don't care to repeat my self" 

"I didn't peg you for a flake hazel eyes" 

"Don't call me that" 

"Why? Do you miss it?" 

She tenses and take a deep breath. 

"I absolutely despise you" 

She says and my hand goes to my chest where a pain suddenly develops, her eyes follow the gesture and I make an effort to drop my hand. 

"Thanks for bringing me home Kismet, thank you for being here and not calling my brothers, I hope we don't meet like this again" 

I say and she tenses. 

"Are you asking me to leave your house?" 

I don't reply, just concentrate on trying to stand. 

She stands and picks up her bag from the floor. 

The farther she gets away the harder it is to breath, I didn't think she would call my bluff. 

But she is someone else's, I should let her go. 

I walk behind her until she gets to the door of my bedroom where she stops. 




I ask. 

"You are an a-hole" 

She says and I can hear the tears in her voice. 

"Hazel eyes...." 

Her tears totally kills me. 

"I waited for you, you promised me you would always come back, I waited, I even tried to make it easier on you so I tried to find you and still you didn't want me" 

"What are you talking about Kismet.."

She turns and I can see the rage in her eyes. 

"You didn't want me, you threw me away, I needed you but I couldn't have you, you didn't let me have you 

You were mine Garrett! Mine!" 

"I was all yours Kismet, but when I really needed you to trust me you threw me away first, I really need you Kis, I needed you like I needed my next breath" 

"I was young, I was being threatened!"


I ask? Calming down even as the headache in my head fights to take me down. 

"It's all in the past now" 

She says, cleaning her face, drying her tears. 


"Good bye Garrett, let's never meet again" 

She says, her hand going to the door knob. 

"Hazel eyes, won't you stay?" 

I ask, using the line from her favorite telenovela. 

"You don't get to use that line Garrett, I miss you and I still love you but you don't get to use that line". 

"You miss me? You love me?" 

Finally the ache in my head recedes. 


"I missed you too, I missed you very much, so much that my heart ached when I was away from you" 

"Mine too" 

She admits, finally turning fully to take a step towards me. 

I close the distance. 

"Please Kismet, for the sake of my sanity, please tell me I made a mistake the other night and you are not actually married" 

"Other night?" 

She asks in confusion. 


"What ever gave you the thought that I was ma...." 

I didn't let her finish before I bend down to kiss her. 

For the first time in 7 years I feel at peace. 


This woman is my home. 

I break the kiss, resting my head on hers. 

"I missed you, I f-cking missed you so much baby girl" 

"I missed you too big guy" 

I kiss her head, placing it on my chest and she wraps her hand around me. 

We stay like that for a while before I ask. 

"Who is Jasmin?". 

She tenses and I  think that I won't like her answer. 



Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes yesterday, although I spent my day writing my other books but I really enjoyed doing what I Iove most. 

Shout out to oluwa gbemisola, it was her birthday yesterday too. 

Thank you so much Jennifer for your ever constant mild constructive criticism, it's really helpful. 

Thank you every one for this gift of your attention, it's an high that I can't get even if I smoke cheep weed. 

Thank you so much again. 

And also I have a new book on wattpad that I am writing, it's a fantasy with lots of erotica mixed in, it's about wolves. 

I didn't post here because I think it's not going to be appropriate and appreciated because of the genre and also am kind of shy because of the erotica. 

But if you want to give it a read just search my name Bebe Ernest on Google and the wattpad app. 

It's called howl (for the moon) 

You don't have to have the app to read the book. 

I really want you guys to enjoy it and because you are all my family I know I would get nice responses from all of you. 

Remember to tell me what you think. 

Thank you again. 

Much love. 

- Blessing Best Ernest
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