The Underworld(battle fix) Season 2 - Episode 45


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Then The Elf Man who was asked to strike erik to death advanced to action raising his sword above Erik while other creatures kept waiting for it to go ahead. when the elf-man tried striking Erik to death. being unlucky as i called it in previous episode., strange arrow was seen flying on the air which founds its way into its body and sending everybody into confused state. . Imidiately there was a heavy landing with high thud on the ground and the sound of fallen metal, the elf- man saged on the floor. . Erik turned to the arrow's direction but saw nothing, but nothing explained it more than the heavy wind that came from the same direction and forced everyone down to the ground, killing and getting some injured. The monsters who were still alive stood up and picked their weapons and were ready for anything trying to happen, but could't stand the next wind that came flying them away from the mountain . ......... At this point erik was getting more flabbergasted, which came to a sudden halt when he sighted white hood, black hood and curt advancing close from nobody knows where, imidiately Erik smiled for the first time in the enchanted forest, when the trio got to him curt bend to the wood and untied him making him to have his best breath since they left the rycan's kingdom. Without wasting time they ran off the scene heading into the special/separate hut at the middle of the mountain

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. . . . . . . . . .* .**** 2018 COPYRIGHTS*CHRISTIAN ANACHRIST STORIES**ALL RIGHS RESERVED.* * * *LOP-PRODUCTION. ******* When they got into the was a well designed and arranged apartment,but the strange thing is that nobody was inside , . the walls Were decorated with bones,both of human and animal,dried skins,which can easily tell how long it has been hanging. . . The men who found themselves in the strange room ,turned to each other with confused faces and brought out their swords as the tried making close moves.. . . At a point they all stoped as a suprising wind started forming round them.and tried trapping them in the middle. White hood shouted for them to move back, but before they could responed, they've been attacked by the wind, which held Them at their nakes, hanging them on the air and denied their foot a single touch on the floor. . after hanging them on the air. The wind released them and smashed them against the wall, and they all droped on the floor showing how weak they are, after smashing them against the wall, it came settling before them, and behold, it turned to two headed, fire vomiting monster. . the monster roared and roared, then advanced near to them, where they were laying helplessly on the floor and started picking them, one after the other, with a smash against the wall which follows any pick, it continued that for a while and has done it to them several times.

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. after a while, the fire vomiting monster turned its back to them and started sending fire to the whole wall. . Meanwhile as it was busy doing that white-hood on the other side has picked up some little strenght and picked up his sword from the floor, then he stood on his feet, as soon as the monster Has set the place burnning it turned to them, but was amazed to see the white-hood standing behind him,with a sword.....Angrily it ran down to him, white-hood took his breath and jump off the ground, suspending himself on the air, then sent a quick strike while the monster was approaching, which caught it's neck and white-hood landed on the ground, while the monster stoped due to the cut, then before white-hood could turn to face the monster, fire came flying to his face, with a quick response, he blocked it with his sword, but another came hitting him on the right shoulder and he lost his ground and was carried away going to the wall whicg the moster has allready set ablaze, but here he decided to make use of his magic. . .

White-hood: latzuuunda!!!.

After casting the spell, the same air which was about throwing him into the fire, changed it's direction and carrie him back and he fell on the ground face-down and also lost hold of his sword.

Feeling some heavy pains on his body especially on his head, he tried turning to the monster's direction knowing he is in danger, but a heavy blow on the back of his head sent him back to the ground. .. the monster left him and went to the centre of The room, and started roaring ,a heavy wind came sweeping the floor before it and after started forming human shape. . .

** *** **** ***** ** .


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