The Underworld(battle fix) Season 2 - Episode 27

Cara And Selicus Vs Queen Janesy

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Favour that said she is at the palace this one is for you and TEE MJ, am sure after reading this episode una go run comot for palace.

. ******. my NEXT STORY IS TITTLED>BLOODPOOL. *****-. .

After curt regained his conscious inside the dungeon where he was locked, he became nervous, he quickly turned to reach to his sword but couldn't see it again, he rolled his eyes in suprise of how he managed to end up into a dungeon in the enchanted forest by unknown enchantress'. .-.

Curt:: . What da hell is here?, how did i end up here?, all i recalled was fighting with two deerwomen, so who brought me here, where is my sword?. .-.

A boney object which his boot steped on jerked him back to reality, when he bent down to know what he had his boot on ,what he saw made him almost shout out loud which may alert the people that locked him, but he use his hand to cover his mouth. .-.

Curt::. *bent down to check what he has steped on-.* What!!!, human skull? Skeletons!!!, no ooooo!(he tried covering his mouth). .-.

A lot of thoughts started swimming in his heart. What is here?, who are these people that there bones are here?, wait, does it mean they brought white hood here and killed him?, and they came for me? oh my bad' i would've stayed with jmmy and never ran away , who know their situation with those elves, shit, this why i never wanted embarking on this quest. .-

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. curt thought about lots of thing, even about jimmy or even the white hood, as if he was expecting any of the four corner fence of the dungeon or any of the skeletons to give him any answers, but that was a lie, he went at the edge of the two fence and sat down waiting for miracle to happen or his end time to come. .-.



Selicus, Felix and Cara was inside the kings chamber, while cara was examining the half life king's body laying on the bed. .-.

Felix::. But what about the knights in the enchanted forest?. .-.

Selicus::. Well, the last time i checked they were all alive and strong. .-.

Cara::. (turning to face selicus) This is the second day, they left, and today is almost gone, hope they are gona make it ?. .-.

Selicus::. Wait let me know how they are doing. .-.

Cara and Felix adjusted back to allow her start her rites or whatever she was about doing. .-. She closed her eyes while she streched forth her hands on the air. .-.

Felix::. What da hell is she up to ? . . She asked Cara who gave her sign to be still. .-. 2018 COPYRIGHT CHRISTIAN ANACHRIST STORIES.-.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.-..

SELICUS continued with her whatever she call it, and was sweating same time, and stoped after what fits to 2 minutes,with frowned face. .-.

Cara::. What? What happened?, what is it talk to me!!. .-.

Felix::. Are they dead?,what happened ?. .-.

Selicus kept quite without any answer,but cara forced her to say somethin. Whch she tried to hold herself while she speak. .-.

Selicus::. Am afraid. .-.

Cara::. *she came close and hold her tight to her shoulders* now tell me what happened to them, now!!. .-.

Selicus::. Am sorry, but i think they are attacke by someone who knows them, now they are divided into 3 ,(one-3-1), please am afraid of the worst. .-. The door slugishly opened and the asumed queen janesy came into view,and bursted into laughter. .-.

Queen janesy::. Hahahaha, hahaha,. . .-. Others became suprise in what could be amusing her. Cara left the king and went to meet her at the door to know why she was laughing thus. .-.

Cara::. Mother, why are you laughing?,she said our knights are in trouble-*pointing out to the door *. .-.

Janesy::. Haha, so you three think you can control what happens to my own kingdom?. .-.

Felix::. Mother!!. .-.

Cara::. Mother, what do you mean ?.^ .-.

Janesy::. Hahaha, and for you*pointing at selicus* be ready to give to me what i want. .-.

Cara::. Mother what are you up to ?. .-.

Queen janesy::. Haha, those knights must all die today, and for the allready dead man on that bed, he has no hope, and you must give me the omega's crown so i can go back to my kingdom. .-.

Selicus::. *she pushed foward and stand infront of janesy*IMPOSSIBLE!!, .-.

Janesy::. Hey*pointing at selicus* stay off these, cos ama need you later. .-.

Cara::*. Mother what are you trying to do ?. .-.

Selicus::.` "she turned to Cara and Felix", this isn't your mother neither the queen of Rycan nor a Rycan*pointing at janesy*.^.-.

Janesy::. Hahaha, its too late to explain. .-.

Felix::. You are not mother?. .-.

Janesy::. Did i just hear you say mother? O'.am krish ray, the queen of suka, and you people killed my king,while i do not know about my son,now ama kill you all and go with the omega's crown. .-.

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. Krish lifted her two hands to her neck and removed the glue holding the face mask and pulled the mask off her face. .-.

Krish::. Hahahaha, now stage one completed. .-.

Cara::. What dafuck are you doing in this kingdom, and where is my mother?. .-.

Krish::. That a useless question anyway, cos she is dead. .-.

Krish took he balance imidiately and thrusted a lightning to the 3 women without wasting time, but selicus blocked it and her eyes turned white while that of krish turned black and Felix went to take the king into an inner room while Cara rushed to selicus to back selicus up.

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  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    Am still right there at the palace, no shaking. Nice one dear
  • Victoria j picture
    Victoria j
    Anachrist am on my way to the palace to assist, pls tell favour to Wait for me...
    Wait o. . . look at this people, so una no dey feas okwa ya, shebi una no da fear. . . ok na . . una go run comot for there. . . .i don do go o
  • Tee MJ picture
    Tee MJ
    Smiles....Thanks mahn....
  • Ola Hormolar picture
    Ola Hormolar
    At this stage all man for himself oo, on your own(OYO) tinz on point.... Nice one bro
    Hahahaha. . . fear fear @hormolar. @tee mj. . thank you sir
  • Tee MJ picture
    Tee MJ
    Anytym sire
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