The Colors Of Love - Episode 4

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I think this is the most dynamic day I've had in ages. The happenings of the day keep replaying in my head as I make my way back to the hostel. I halt in my stride seeing a gossip seat and i sit. The seat is under a tree shade, so it'll give me the privacy I need to sort out my feelings. I don't even know what I'm supposed to feel. Relief? Anger? Happiness? Peace? 

I just know that I have this hollow feeling in my chest . I feel empty and lifeless_like a zombie. I look around me and notice people going about their lives. I notice a guy and a girl walking towards me_they're holding hands, walking over to the seat adjacent to mine and he leans over and whispers something in her ears. Her face lights up and she throws her head back in obvious joy. All the people around me look so vibrant and normal. And everyone here has a partner. I look around again and realize I'm in the school's love garden. The irony of it. A wistful feeling washes over me and I burst into tears. I cover my face with my palms and try to muffle my sobs in an attempt not to draw attention to myself. But then we all know I'm an attention magnet when it comes to um 'non positive' situations.

Enter on cue_Omniscient Mar-Mus. Aliyah and i gave her that name

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. Her real name is Maryam. The 'Mus' in the middle stands for muscle. You ever seen Glory Alozie? The Nigerian sprint athlete? Very toned with bulging protruding thigh muscles and forearms. Yap, Maryam is a very fair version of Glory Alozie. Her face is another story though_wallah she's one of the prettiest women I've ever seen or read about. Honey colored orbs that glisten like they really are honey, a cute pointed nose and high pretty cheekbones_ from afar she even looks like Beyonce. I totally want to look like her_when she's not b-tching around of course. She wears very big hijabs_VERY Big to hide her muscles_not that I have a thing against muscles but then on a lady, please. No can do_Its so not attractive. But on a guy, I'd pour ice cream and totally lick it off his biceps. I know_I'm a freak. But don't worry I don't bite.

But then the main reason why we (Aliyah and I) don't like Marmus was because of her b-tchy attitude. She was a b-tch of the highest order. If she doesn't like you, you're in for it because she sets out to tarnish whatever good reputation you have. What she does is repulsive and outright amoral, so it amazes me the way people believe her and even look up to her. Like, are they crazy or something?

Apparently most of them are more foolish than I thought.

Have I mentioned that MarMus is all knowing? I believe I have. And her omniscience has nothing to do with academics, I assure you. She's is the school's gossip monger. Every piece of rumor_whether true or not must have originated from her and her 'alleged sources' whom I personally think are jinns. Don't mind me_You get the picture of Marmus now, right? 

She's already seen me so it's no use hiding my face again. I don't even bother to wipe away my tears. I can already see the twinkle in her eyes as she approaches me. I'm very sure information about my unfortunate mishap has reached her_just as I'm sure I'll be the TOD(Topic of discussion) tomorrow. I can literally hear the wheels in her head turning_ the headlines will be...

Headlines: Ugly Bch nerd_the four eyed Aarfa Hakim got verbally bitch-slapped by unknown fellow.

"Hey Aarfa Hakeem, fancy seeing you here. Heard you had a little show earlier today. What was that about?" She questions with a mischievous smile. She is chewing gum in a loud manner that i want to snatch the gum away and tape her mouth with it. 

"My sources tell me you had an encounter with the new guy in your class. Who is he by the way?"

So she doesn't know who he is? Very nice_because I'd never be the one to tell her that piece of information.

I look up at her and wipe my tears.

"If only you'd be this concerned and observant towards your lectures, not the lecturers and sticking your nose in other people's business, you'd have graduated school by now".

With that i smile weakly and stand, giving her a small pat on the back before I leave. I turn back to see her jaw dropped. She's stunned_ I'm sure she expected an angry retort or a fresh outburst. The urge to dig my claws into her pretty face is very strong but I resist, refusing to let her get the satisfaction of making me the headlines with good reason. That alone gives me satisfaction. It makes me feel good_less miserable than I was feeling a few minutes ago.

I make my way to our room quietly, still thinking of 'TheNabeel'. Don't get me wrong. Its just that I'm still puzzled over his behavior.

I enter the room muttering "Who is this guy? I have to find out" under my breath.

"Waalaykumus salaam to you too dearest Aarfa. Where have you been? And where the Jahannam is your phone?" Aliyah asks jumping down from her bed. Her face looks murderous and I take a step back as I remember vaguely seeing her call_I let it ring and now she's going to kill me.

"I'm so sorry Aliyah" I quickly chirp in, engulfing her in a hug. She breaks away and glares at me.

"Have I ever told you you have such pretty eyes?" I ask sighing dramatically, and giving her my sweetest smile.

"Dishing out compliments won't distract me Aarfa. And in answer to your question_yes you have. And thank you for mentioning that little fact again. Where have you been? I just finished listening to MarMus going on and on about you getting slapped by a guy and all... What happened?"

"Don't you dare run away, Aarfa_don't even think about it" she warns,holding my shoulders. 

Uh uh, Busted. I was thinking about running. Aliyah is psychotic really. And see what I said about MarMus? I thought we just parted ways with her _like a minute ago, right? See the jinn- something I was saying..

"Wait, MarMus? We just parted ways outside_like a minute ago. Where did you see her?"

"You're so dumb sometimes I wonder how you manage to maintain your 4.7 GPA. Dumbo, she called me, obvio."

"Ssshhh Aliyah, don't say that out loud please. Its nothing really. Nothing happened_just the embarrassing afternoon episode I had".

"Fine, but you could start by explaining what you were doing in Love garden and why you ignored my calls."

I don't want to tell Aliyah about Nabeel but then she has me cornered. Let's see if I can wiggle out of this one.

"Um.. I was in the love garden and I didn't notice your call" I try in my best normal voice.

"Please Aarfa_stop it. You know you can't lie to me. You're looking at everything in this room but me_you're crossing and uncrossing your fingers. You only do that when you're lying". She raises one eyebrow and I sigh in resignation.

"Okay, fine". I answer, gritting my teeth.

"Where is Ilhaam?" 

"She's gone out with SadyViutton to see 'Nabeel's' supposed friend. Why are you suddenly interested in Ilhaam's whereabouts?"

"I just want to make sure she's fine_ the thing is, um... Remember the stupid guy whose eyebrows you were going to shave? And Ilhaam's Nabeel was going to deal with?

"Yes, what does he have to do with your being in the love garden?" She questions exasperatedly.

"Well, we met again in Prof Bukar's class and he apologized. I was confused, so on my way back I decided to get some air and I swear I didn't even notice I was in the love garden_its just that everyone there was in love and so happy and I just looked back to how miserable and mundane my life is. I eat, read, attend lectures and laugh with you girls. That's all I do. I want to have someone that I'll look forward to seeing. You know? Someone I can walk with_ share comfortable silences with. Someone I can laugh with and he wouldn't look at me like I'm nuts. I want to have something as beautiful as what you have with Jaafar." I say in a melancholic way.

Jaafar is Aliyah's boyfriend and family friend. They've been dating for five years now_since she was in Ss2 and he in hundred level. He's presently working with NAFDAC as a nutritionist or something. He's one of the sweetest guys I know. He's so down to earth and adores Aliyah like she's the only moon in his sky. Well _his words not mine.

Aliyah's eyes begin to tear up and she pulls me into a hug so tight I can barely breathe.

"Oh Aarfa, your Prince Charming is coming soon_I'm sure he's sifting through the crowds looking for you as well. And when he's here you'll take one look at each other and you'll know he's the one. You just have to wait a little.. Who knows you might meet him today or tomorrow or the next" she says as she releases me.

I let put a heavy sigh and roll my eyes.

"Great, as if prince charming exists... I'm going to be princess charming and he'll be a lad in distress and I'll be the one to sweeep him off his feet" I say taking a broom and demonstrating how I intend to sweep him off_literally.

"Wait, what? Aladdin distress? WTJ is that?"

"Oh my God Aliyah, you're too much. I meant A Lad In Distress not Aladdin distress" I explain saying each word separately.

We fall to my bed laughing and repeating Aladdin distress. A comfortable silence falls over for like fifteen minutes till Aliyah finally breaks the silence when she asks

"So tell me...what's this guy like?

"Um...lets see. He's cocky, outright rude, a controlling a-hole who's too smooth for his own good and has better hair and eyelashes than I do"

"Wow, sounds like you like him"

"Oh please, he's ego is already too big for his head. I don't need to stroke it by liking him. Besides he already likes himself too much for that. Trust me"

"Riiiight. And you know all this in two meetings that probably didn't last up to an hour when combined?"

"Yap. I'm a very good judge of character" I answer innocently.

"What's the a-hole's name by the way?"

"Um... I'm not sure he shared that particular intimate detail with me" I say as I stand to unlace my sneakers.

Ooh, just in case you're wondering why I omitted that little detail, its because I don't want Aliyah telling Ilhaam that I met Nabeel and that he's in fact my classmate. Ilhaam would just hound me to be friends with him to get him to notice her.

Yap, she's that desperate. And I'm so not interested in being friend's with an a-hole. So, sorry to interrupt your flow of inappropriate thoughts. Its not what you think.

"By the way Aliyah, if you're done interrogating me_ its your turn to cook today" I tell her after glancing at the roaster pasted on the wall.

She opens her mouth to talk but I cut her short.

"FYI darling, cheesecake isn't food. I'm starving so much I can probably eat your soul right now".

She stands up and smacks my head, glaring and scrunching her lips before she goes on to start cooking. Aliyah can cook_Ya ilahi, her hands have magic_everything she cooks is downright delicious_heaven even. She's a sous chef_she took after her Mom. Even hot water boiled by her tastes different. And in case you're wondering, I'm a foodie_ a big eater. Ilhaam always teases me, asking me how I would behave if a guy took me a date in a fancy restaurant.

Tsk tsk.. As if I would ever go on a date.

Aliyah finishes cooking just as Ilhaam returns with a solemn face. We don't ask her but its obvious it has to do with Nabeel.

Wallah I'm tired of hearing and thinking about this fellow.

After eating we crash as it's already past Ten pm. Aliyah kisses Ilhaam and I goodnight and tucks us in our respective nets. This thing she does makes me feel so cherished like a newborn and I smile foolishly at her until she smacks me and tells me to sleep.

See, Mother hen? I love her though.

She goes on her bed to call Jaafar_its a tradition that they talk for atlest two hours before they sleep.

Isn't that a bit extreme_like what would you say for two hours? But again, who am I to judge?

I drift off reading "The thing about Love" by Julie James and I dream of me being Jessica Harlow and Nabeel, John Shepherd. The funny part is we didn't kill each other and ended up falling in love.

The good part is I probably won't remember this by the time I wake up. 

Lights out.

Hello Beautiful People...
Who missed Us (Aarfa and I?)

A load of thank yous to my new-found friend Indo Ayshatou__. Thanks for the amazing cover. Allah bar min Ke 

If you don't know Glory Alozie_you can google her. And there's no offense to her wallah. I actually respect her very much

Shower with Love and Comments_honest opinions biko
And Share Share and Share.

PS. Who knows what Murguda baki means in English? 

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