Destiny Revealed - Episode 42

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The first one week went as smooth as possible, I tried every best to avoid precious troubles, thank God tola has gone back to her parent house, and as for melvin I hardly hardly see him these days.. He leaves early and comes back at night …
The house has been in a bit of peace since tola left to assist her dad in controlling thier multimillion company since she is the only daughter.
Though I could not still fathom why I haven’t been seeing melvin and what has been keeping him busy, but I saw it as an opportunity to ease my crush in him…..
Not until that faithful Friday, I knew why melvin has really not been around…
We were in the kitchen as usual when chief called all the workers for an announcement ..
Senator: Jude call the attention of all the workers.. He said referring to one of the bodyguards….
Joke: Did you just hear that… . She asked mama femi anxiously….
Me: Confused… What could be so important that senator wants to announce ..
Mama femi: That I really can’t say…. She said standing akimbo….
Nkechi: What else could it be if not the wedding between tola and melvin…
Me: So soon.. I shouted.
No that can’t be

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. I said to myself…. As melvin given up that easily…
I was lost in my thought when jude knocked at the kitchen door…
Jude: Your attentions are needed please…
Mama femi responded, we removed our apron and marched outside and met a full gathering….
I was surprised to see melvin, precious and even tola, together with chief Mrs…
What could this be all about…
Could it really be what nkechi said
No way!!!
Senator: Good afternoon to you all
Afternoon sir… We all responded.
Senator: Am really happy to be in your midst today… It been a while and am sure most of you would be surprised why this meeting us being called… But it’s for the best. . he said smiling. .
There was confusion on every workers face, even me myself was expecting the worst…
Senator: I want to announce to you all that my son melvin would be launching his company at ikoyi tomorrow… He said graciously….. .
On hearing that everyone screamed happily… I was the happiest, not because of the launching, but because it was not what I was expecting, everyone was happy at the announcement… I could see tola holding melvin who was busy smiling.. I felt jealous, but I have made up my mind about melvin, yet am still not finding it easy…..
I was lost in my thought not until mama femi tapped me….
Mama femi: I guess you are happy now… She said smiling…
I just nod my head and smile….
Senator: Thank you, and we will also be opening his mansion at admiralty next week Saturday …
Wow… This is serious, I said to myself….
So melvin already own a company and house at his young age….
Hmmmm money is good ooo
There was noise everywhere cus of the good news… I was very much happy to him, but at the same time am seriously gonna miss him when he’s gone…
Every worker took turn in congratulating him..
Mama femi hugged him tightly…. Hmmm she is the only one that have the right to do so… I just stood watching the merriment……
Mama femi pinched me… Won’t you congratulate melvin.
Me: Is that necessary… I asked
Mama femi: Of course… Or arent you happy for such success …
Me: Haba, why would you say such. Ofcourse i am.
Mama femi: Then do the right thing ….
I sluggishly head to where melvin and tola stood hands in hands ..
Me: Congratulations sir.
Melvin: Thanks keji… Hope you are good….. He smiled. .
Me: Yes sir…..
Melvin: You sure .. He asked looking straight into my eyes….
Me: yes I am. .I smiled …
I turned back and left like someone that won lottery… Hehehe… Melvin smiled at me…
Mama femi: And what’s making her smile o…
Me: Mama guess what…. I said happily
Mama femi: Like you don’t know am not good at guessing..
Me: Smiling.. Melvin smiled at me……
Mama femi: Hahahahahahahha….. She laughed…
Me: Confused. . why are you laughing nah….. I asked….
Mama femi: Is that why you are blushing, didn’t you say you have forgotten about melvin…. She folded her arms …
Me: Hmmmm….. Yes, but it’s not easy ooo
We both laughed……
It was as if I won lotto thorough out that day…. We had less work to do in the kitchen..
And the company lauching would be covered by event planners, we are just going there to eat and merry that’s all.
Nkechi: Tomorrow go bad gan oo… She shouted happily..
Joke: No be small bad… I don dey plan the cloth wey I go wear….
Cloth!! Ah I don’t have what to wear oo
Me: Confused… Aren’t we wearing wearing uniforms?
Nkechi: So they go know say we be maid Abi…. She laughed..
Mama femi: We can’t wear uniform, we are going there to party not work… She said jokingly…
Me: Sad……. But u don’t have anything to wear o, I said in a low tone..
Nkechi: That one no be problem nah, I get cloth wey go size you and sandal…
Ah I felt a bit relieved… Thank God…
Joke: Chai my makeup tomorrow ehn, them go gree… Hehehe…..
Me: Confused… Must we makeup..
Mama femi interrupted…
Keji you better don’t mind them, you are beautiful as you are, so you don’t need it.. Just loose this your all back and style your hair that’s all….
I felt relieved…
Me: Thank you ma…
Nkechi: Shey we self no go call makeup artist like this… She said jokingly …
Joke: Like them your sisters wey go call makeup artist tomorrow….
We all laughed
Since we had less work to do, we quickly retired to bed..
Anticipating for tomorrow……
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  • Jacob Toluwanimi picture
    Jacob Toluwanimi
    Nice write up babe... We are going to episode 50 Bah...? Let's do this thing quick quick Abeg Sister. Na beg I dey beg ooo
  • Oluwadare Mojisola picture
    Oluwadare Mojisola
    Tomorrow will badt gaaan
  • Olaleye Adedamola picture
    Olaleye Adedamola
    Hmmmn,keji is like ur time for new dawn is coming soon....I guess something will happen in d party Melvin and keji,,,,,, Thank you Funmi more grease to ur elbow.....
  • Abigail Amande picture
    Abigail Amande
    Gan, gan...I going for the party too o...nice one.
  • olynelly picture
    Where is that my blue gown sewn with french lace material? Funmi did you see it? Thats what i want to wear tomorrow and i cant find it. Tell me where you hid it or else.. Hehe Oluwafunmilayo
  • Judith Ankomah picture
    Judith Ankomah
    Can't wait for tomorow oooo
  • Popoola Elizabeth picture
    Popoola Elizabeth
    Can't wait,abeg make me self go arrange my cloth
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    Pls send me d address I ve to b there. Nice one
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    Abeg lets go and parry joor, cant wait for tommorrow to come, Keji just be urself and let them see natural beauty!
  • Precious jewel picture
    Precious jewel
    Tomorrow go hot oooo! Keji must look so beautiful oooo
  • MissEl picture
    Am the first to wake up..let me kukuma get ready for the party b4 keji wakes up as she don't know am crushing on Melvin too.
  • MissEl picture
    thanks Funmi
  • Judith Ankomah picture
    Judith Ankomah
    Please wen is the party starting?cnt waitoo ,nxt episose
  • Kelly C. Philp picture
    Kelly C. Philp
    Jeni this may be a break through for you
  • Kelly C. Philp picture
    Kelly C. Philp
    Keji I meant this may be break through for you
  • Preciousmercy picture
    Well-done funmi Hope I'm invited I wish it will be the beginning of a new dawn in keji's life though it won't be easy for her with Tola and precious on her neck Can't wait for the next episode pleaseeeeee
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