All For What! - Episode 6

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I'm sorry for hiring Nafisa without telling you first," Maryam apologized in the evening when they  both returned from work.

"I forgive you, but I still don't want her working here." Saeed said, seriously. He didn't like the idea of Nafisa staying in their house one bit due to the bad vibes he was getting from her.

Maryam furrowed her brows and asked; "why are you so against her working here?"

"You should have hired someone older, someone who is matured enough to take care of a kid and not a kid herself. She cannot take care of Manal the way we want." Saeed voiced out.

"Her age doesn't matter, habibi . Nafisa is really a nice girl, she will be like an elder sister to Manal. Please allow her work here. Please habibi," she pleaded earnestly.

Saeed didn't want to agree, but he knew Maryam would continue begging until he eventually agreed and besides she hadn't done anything. He was giving her a chance to prove herself.

"Alright," he answered, hesitatingly.

"Thank you habibi. I love you," she hugged him.

"I love you too habibty," he kissed her hair.

Maryam suddenly remembered, Saeed's mother was coming to visit and released him from the hug."Why isn't mom here yet?" She asked.

"Oh...about that, she called in the afternoon and informed me her driver is sick, so she has to postponed the visit." Saeed answered.

"May Allah grant him quick recovery," Maryam said and Saeed muttered 'Ameen'

"Do you know anything about the girl you hired? I mean the new maid." Saeed asked and Maryam shook her head. She didn't know much about her, except the little she was told.

"For all we know, she could be a thief, a kidnapper or -"

"Say Astagafurillah! How could you even think that of someone's daughter! What harm can a girl of seventeen do?" She asked, shaking her head in disbelief

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. She didn't understand why Saeed was so against the innocent girl. Why he hated her so much already.

"I just have a  really bad feeling about her." Saeed voiced out. Why couldn't Maryam see what he was seeing?

"I get why you don't like her. It's because she mistakenly made Manal fall, right? You should give the girl a chance to prove herself and besides, she needs money for her brother's medical bills." Maryam explained.

"Why don't we just help her for Allah's sake and after that, she can leave?" Saeed asked.

"You need to understand this habibi, she doesn't just need money, she needs a job to take care of her family back in the village." Maryam said and heaved a sigh.

"Fine. Goodnight." he said and lay down on the bed, his back facing Maryam. He didn't like the girl for some reasons, an inexplicable one.

"Goodnight habibi, I love you," she said and lay down beside him.

"I love you more," Saeed muttered, before drifting off to sleep.


In the morning, Maryam instructed Nafisa on what her chores would be. She was to do everything at home, including babysitting Manal, but excluding cooking. She was only allowed to cook for Manal in the afternoon.

"Go and get Manal ready for school," Maryam smiled.

"Alright ma," she said.

"You can call me aunt." Maryam smiled.

"Alright aunt." Nafisa returned the smile and left for Manal's room. She met her still sleeping peacefully on her bed. She gently tapped her, but she didn't budge. She did it again and got the same reaction from her.

"Wake up, wake up," she yelled.

Manal woke up, rubbing her eyes with both her hands.

"What are you doing in my room?" She asked.

"I'm here to get you ready for school, so get up," she said.

"I can do it myself, I'm a big girl, abee said that himself," Manal said.

"Big girl indeed," she said, sarcastically. "Please don't waste my time and get up. I have so many chores to do."

"I said no," Manal shouted.

"Stop throwing a tantrum and do as I say. Come here." Nafisa motioned.

"Leave me alone." Manal shouted.

Nafisa was about to say something, when she glanced back and saw Maryam approaching them.

"Please baby..." She cooed.

"Don't give Nafisa a hard time Manal and do as she says," Maryam said, when she approached them and witnessed Nafisa begging Manal for something.

"Okay ummi." Manal said, nodding her head.

"Come on, let's go to the bathroom," she said and carried Manal.

"Put me down, put me down," she shouted.

Maryam laughed and Nafisa glared at Manal, she was really getting irritated by the little girl's attitude. She found her very disrespectful. "She doesn't like being carried by anyone, except for her abee sometimes," Maryam explained. Nafisa smiled and put her down, she held her hand and they went into the bathroom together.


After Nafisa had finished bathing and helping her in brushing her teeth, they emerged from the bathroom. She helped her in wearing her school uniform and they went to the dining room together.

Manal saw her dad and ran to him.

"SalamAlaykum baby," he picked her up.

"Waalaikumsalam," Manal replied.

"Good morning sir," Nafisa greeted.

"Good morning," he greeted back, curtly. He sat Manal down on her chair and also sat down, waiting for Maryam to bring in their breakfast.

Maryam came in, minutes later with fried plantain and fried egg and placed it on the dining table. She poured some hot water in Saeed's tea cup and made tea for Manal.

"Join us," Maryam said and motioned for her to take a sit with them.

"I...I will just eat in the kitchen and-" she started, but was cut off by Maryam.

"It's perfectly fine Nafisa, right habibi?" she assured, looking at Saeed for approval.

He nodded once and continued with his breakfast.

"Alright," Nafisa said and took a sit, beside Manal and served herself some breakfast.

When they were done with breakfast, Saeed offered to drop Manal off at school.

"Sir...I..I'm sorry I didn't see-" Nafisa attempted to apologize for her mistake.

"Its fine," Saeed cut her off and carried Manal in his arms.

"Habibty," he kissed her on the forehead, before leaving with Manal.
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