All For Love - Episode 65

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Anita: hey i don't know you, so you better don't disturb me!

Caller: hey did you really mean what you are saying?

Anita: why not

Caller: so Anita you have forgotten about Godson?

Anita: surprised) Godson? WHAT!?


Anita: but... But i thought you were dead?

Godson: so you are among the foolish people that believed that rumor? I am coming to your place tomorrow just wait for me

Anita: i still don't believe you, let me wait till tomorrow

- Then the connection went dead.

Anita's eyes looked heavy and her soul was troubled.

- Edward: so sweetheart who was that . Ap

Anita: its an old friend lets go back to what we were talking before the interruption.


The following day as planned, Anita cancelled all the appoint ment she had in order to find out if the caller was saying the truth or just playing a prank with her.

At about mid day, a huge car entered the compound with huge excults.

She just stood out side staring as they approach nearer.

When the cars has packed, Godson jumped down from the car and making his way toward her as his guys followed behind.

- Godson: hello Baby, it has been a very long time.

Anita: filled with surprises) i can't believe this, is this really you!

Godson: Yes it is , I'm not dead.

- Immediately, she ran to him happily with tears and hugged him tightly

- Anita: i thought you were dead.

Godson: i am still alive i will explain every thing to you later.

Anita: okay you are welcomed, come inside.

- The both went inside the house and after she had entertained him they started a discussion

-- Godson: i heard that your wedding is coming up two weeks from now

Anita: that is right. So tell me what really happened.

- Seen, in the next episode

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