I'm Getting Married

Marriage in Nigeria is a very dramatic ceremony, this story showcases the drama from proposal to introduction to the wedding and to life after marriage of an average Nigerian couple.

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    • I'm Getting Married - Episode 1

    • "Ahhh!!" Nneka let out that feminine scream, the one a girl makes when she's super excited about something and uses her palms to fan herself. She has been holding it ...
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    • I'm Getting Married - Episode 2

    • Saturday came sooner than expected and my girls were hurrying me to meet Nonso in the car. "Now remember all I taught you", Amaka said, "When you greet his father en...
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    • I'm Getting Married - Episode 3

    • "Excuse me ma!..." I tried to defend myself, I was no where near being a gold digger, I didn't even know Nonso was rich till today. "Excuse yourself young lady! ...
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    • I'm Getting Married - Episode 4

    • Fear gripped me, what better way to publicly humiliate a lady if not at an impromptu fancy dinner party. "Don't be tardy dear, ensure you glow", her voice k...
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    • I'm Getting Married - Episode 5

    • I was NOT a virgin and Nonso knew, he was cool with it but we haven't done anything serious besides kissing. "Mom! Can you please let Diana be?!", Nonso stood ...
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    • I'm Getting Married - Episode 6

    • I couldn't feel my legs, my chest felt heavy and my head was burning. My gaze was still blurry but I managed to look round, I saw Uju sitting close to my bed, her eyes were swo...
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    • I'm Getting Married - Episode 7

    • I needed no one to tell me the wedding was going to be put on hold. In Nigeria, these sort of marriages almost never happen, I got scared, what if the operation is not successful, ...
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    • I'm Getting Married - Episode 8

    • Everything happened as planned, Nonso was back the next day and although I didn't get to see him because I was still in the hospital and he went home, I got his love through th...
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    • I'm Getting Married - Episode 9

    • "Good morning sunshine", I recognized the voice, he called me sunshine because according to him, I was bright as the sun. "Nonso?" I asked pretending I didn'...
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    • I'm Getting Married - Episode 10

    • We returned to the hospital and few days later, I was discharged after passing multiple tests. We went to my apartment and had a party with my girls, they knew how to thr...
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    • I'm Getting Married - Episode 11

    • I had a thousand thoughts running through my head, I feel like this was where my hatred for Nonso started, or was it my hatred for men? I couldn't quite remember but what I rem...
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