Agony Of The Heart

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Back in the 80s,in David's bedroom, his wife Maigret was in pain,she was about giving birth.David sat outside an old house with some of his friends on a wooden bench with a bottle of gin on a small table in front of them.There was a small glass cut beside the bottle.He was waiting anxiously for the arrival of the new family member. His four children were also sitting on a bench in front of their mother's bedroom.The first child Sarah was standing beside her younger ones. Sarah laid on a mat on the floor two midwives and some friends were helping her deliver the baby. The baby is coming,you have to push harder said the first midwife. The other midwife used a wet clothe to clean off the sweat from Maigret's face,one of her friends held the bowl of water for the midwife while her other friend held her hands. Maigret pushed harder and at last the baby was out. It's a boy shouted one of her friends. While the midwife was trying to cut the umbilical cord,Maigret passed out.

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