A story about 6 childhood friends, who got torn apart on an adventurous but fateful escapade which will change their destinies forever.

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    • Separated - Episode 1

    • Amantu village was located on the outskirt of Erelu forest which was a source of resources for almost all occupations in the village. The king’s palace was situated...
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    • Separated - Episode 2

    • It was a bright, sunny Saturday in the village of Amantu. Obi turned one last time on his bed; fully awake but fantasizing how his day would be like. Jumping from his bed with an u...
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    • Separated - Episode 3

    • “Come on, let’s continue with the ones available”, Ifeanyi said as he picked up a trap. “Will he be okay?” Ada asked sadly. &ldquo...
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    • Separated - Episode 4

    • “Help!!!” They all continued screaming until they all became tired. Ada started crying uncontrollably, “What’s going to happen now?” ...
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    • Separated - Episode 5

    • Darkness had completely fallen on Amantu Village by the time Sule and Anayo were in the thick forest. It was getting cold as harmattan season was approaching. Sule feared th...
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    • Separated - Episode 6

    • Sule and Anayo headed back to the village with sorrowful faces. Anayo was ignorant of what had happened to his friends while Sule knew exactly what had happened to them but ...
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    • Separated - Episode 7

    • As daylight filtered into the room where Obi was, he began to take in sights of the room; he realised he wasn’t the only one there and he didn’t know any of the strange...
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    • Separated - Episode 8

    • Obi, Chika, Ifeanyi and Nkechi all came out of the crowd. Fear was all written all over their faces. Four white men came forward and started accessing them one after the ...
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    • Separated - Episode 9

    • The lorry taking Mr, Tony and Obi stopped and Obi was dragged out by two men immediately. He could barely stand on his two feet. This was because of the tight corner he was at the ...
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    • Separated - Episode 10

    • The lorry stopped near a river and Robin and the other young guys stepped down. Chika was woken with a hard tap on his back; he had been sleeping throughout the journey. ...
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    • Separated - Episode 11

    • Everyone in the van had slept off except the driver who was engrossed with the driving already. Bob was fast asleep with the cigar in his mouth. The men at the back of the lorry we...
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    • Separated - Episode 12

    • The men came closer to the tree until a squirrel jumped from the tree to another. “That’s just a squirrel … come on let’s get out of here” Bob...
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    • Separated - Episode 13

    • “Wake up girl”, a deep voice said as Ada received a tap on her back. She sat up and rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand. She then managed to stand up to...
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    • Separated - Episode 14

    • Ada and the other girls were taken to a very large building where they saw various people lurking around and managing their businesses. “Raheem, take them upstairs ...
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    • Separated - Episode 15

    • Conversations started between the woman and Ada immediately the engine started. “What’s your name dear”? The woman asked. Ada told her her name and the ...
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    • Separated - Episode 16

    • Nkechi’s Dilemma Nkechi was been punished by Sylvester as she always refused to have sexual intercourse with him or any of his men. She was been pu...
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    • Separated - Episode 17

    • Nkechi woke up the next morning and ran downstairs. She went out of the hotel into the streets and saw a shop selling clothes. She bought herself a new set of clothes. She bought a...
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    • Separated - Episode 18

    • Obi and Steve had worked effortlessly for three months so that they might gain Mr. Tony’s trust. HE noticed their hard work and decided to promote them to captains. He then c...
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    • Separated - Episode 19

    • Ifeanyi on the other side found the girl that was staring at him during the game. She was picking beans when he saw her some metres away. He gathered up confidence and went to meet...
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    • Separated - Episode 20

    • All hope was lost for the search of the missing children.  The king and the parent had given up and accepted their fate.  The king had bound everyone from going to Erelu ...
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    • Separated - Episode 21

    • It was celebration galore in Amantu Village as everyone celebrated the return of the missing children in their own special ways. Many people kept on organising parties according to...
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