Chains That Bind Us

Customs and traditions, tribal differences, love, betrayal, fear, fate, destiny, disappointment are all combined in this novel. 
Chidinma Bankola married Debo Bankole and after years of trying, they still are unable to produce a child. Adunni, Debo’s mother would not listen to the excuse of her son being the reason of their childlessness because of his low sperm count . Finally his sperm count increased but they are still unable to conceive.
Nelson and Eunice are couples who are ill fated for one another. Eunice used to be Chidinma’s best friend while Nelson was someone Chidinma was in love with while in the university. Eunice is pregnant and is long overdue to deliver but the baby would not come so they consulted a prophet. Eunice delivered the baby but it was still born. The prophet told them that Nelson and Eunice cannot have living children together while Chidinma can only have a child with Nelson. Will Chidinma and Nelson leave the love of their lives in their quest to have a child?

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    • Chains That Bind Us - Episode 1

    • Chidinma stood in front of the full length mirror in the room she shared with her husband Debo. Just like every other day, she had the top of her well sewn Ankara pulled up to reve...
      • Views (1,470)
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    • Chains That Bind Us - Episode 2

    • Chidinma has never thought of the day she would leave her husband; it was definitely not an option she was considering. What would she ever do without him? Apart from the child iss...
      • Views (1,092)
      • Comments (6)
    • Chains That Bind Us - Episode 3

    • The pain was getting too much for Eunice to bear. Carrying a child for nine months is a huge job to bear so one can just imagine what she was going through being pregnant for the p...
      • Views (1,070)
      • Comments (2)
    • Chains That Bind Us - Episode 4

    • Chidinma wondered what she has done wrong this time. Are they accusing her of not making Eunice deliver because she does not understand why they are all here in her house with a pa...
      • Views (1,064)
      • Comments (4)
    • Chains That Bind Us - Episode 5

    • Chidinma does think she would ever be able to survive the constant fight with my mother-in-law. Well she was always the one doing the fighting and yelling while she merely stand as...
      • Views (1,170)
      • Comments (8)
    • Chains That Bind Us - Episode 6

    • Eunice laid on her bed in her parent’s house weeping her eyes out. She couldn’t believe she was back home with them and staying in her old room once again on an empty w...
      • Views (1,150)
      • Comments (2)
    • Chains That Bind Us - Episode 7

    • Chidinma heard the noise outside. It woke her up from her occasional afternoon siesta. She  recognise the voice of her gateman anywhere anytime and she knew trouble when she h...
      • Views (1,018)
      • Comments (2)
    • Chains That Bind Us - Episode 8

    • Saturday arrived slowly. Chidinma was too excited and anxious of its arrival that the pace of its arrival was too slow for her. “This week is too long. When would it be weeke...
      • Views (1,247)
      • Comments (6)
    • Chains That Bind Us - Episode 9

    • They decided to try science which meant they would have to go to America for at least two years while they go through all the procedures. Raymond and his family would be travelling...
      • Views (956)
      • Comments (9)
    • Chains That Bind Us - Episode 10

    • Chidinma was getting fed up with Nelson always coming to her shop wanting to talk to her. Her employees now have a standing order to make sure he does not get into the premises but...
      • Views (905)
      • Comments (3)
    • Chains That Bind Us - Episode 11

    • Sometimes life happens but you still got to move on. After several attempts to reach Chidinma failed, Nelson was starting to give up. He decided to refocus his energy on something ...
      • Views (921)
      • Comments (5)
    • Chains That Bind Us - Episode 12

    • Adunni has been relatively calm since the visit with the pastor and the visit from her son. Things have been relatively peaceful in the house and she has ended her fake hunger stri...
      • Views (1,128)
      • Comments (5)
    • Chains That Bind Us - Episode 13

    • Sorry it's been a very long time since I uploaded. Been really busy and too distracted to write...   The next day after Nelson's mother visited her...
      • Views (700)
      • Comments (0)
    • Chains That Bind Us - Episode 14

    • Debo was worried. Something is wrong with Chidinma. She has been acting strange lately. Always distracted, irritated and going out unexpectedly without telling him where she is goi...
      • Views (866)
      • Comments (8)
    • Chains That Bind Us - Episode 15

    • Chidinma drove straight home from the restaurant. She was angry. 'How dare Debo follow her?' She angrily headed towards her room, not acknowledging her mother-in-law on the...
      • Views (827)
      • Comments (6)
    • Chains That Bind Us - Episode 16

    • Chidinma woke up feeling confused. She was not in her own bed. She woke up alarmed, looked around her, confused. 'Where am I? This is not my room'. All of a sudden she reme...
      • Views (855)
      • Comments (13)
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