A story of a young man, Kenneth, who struggles to face out all the challenges that came his way as he tries to find his feet in a city that is fraught with social and economic challenges. His adventures brought him into a fraternity with a friend who piled up his agonies but eventually he was able to triumph over all the obstacles that came his way.  

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    • Triumph - Episode 1

    • The sun was setting on another bleak day for Kenneth Duromola, with a glum face, he had trotted Lagos Mainland.  A morning that had shown a glimmer of hope had fast ...
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    • Triumph - Episode 2

    •       A few hours later - a little after twilight- sounds of a revving engine from across the road filled the air. Kenneth looked out o...
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    • Triumph - Episode 3

    • As early as seven the next morning Kenneth, Marcus and Mathias headed for City College of Technology, just on the city’s fringes- a destination of about twenty minutes drive ...
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    • Triumph - Episode 4

    • Much later, two dark, swarthy men emerged through the dense crowd from an opposite direction with a metallic stepladder- about twenty yards away from the acacia tree - th...
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    • Triumph - Episode 5

    • The rabble, at once, cast their scathing eyes up at the man as if he was a monster, their indignation found expression in a long murmur which rippled through the atmosphe...
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    • Triumph - Episode 6

    • The mid-day sun was slowly rising by the time Kenneth returned to the Gully. And as he limped down the street that led home in agony, he bitterly rued his fate. He could not figure...
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    • Triumph - Episode 7

    • ‘’Boy,’’ Alfred said,’’ they arrived with their equipment shortly after the three of you left home and wasted no time in pulling down houses, sh...
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    • Triumph - Episode 8

    • Long after the couple had gone, Kenneth and Alfred sat in silence, their thoughts muddled up. Kenneth’s eyes were surveying the skies which were tranquil and covered in ...
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    • Triumph - Episode 9

    • It was approaching dusk by the time Kenneth limped into Atitebi Street with Alfred and their heavy burden. And as they entered it, they made straight for the house which Alfred had...
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    • Triumph - Episode 10

    • ‘’That was really a hard-luck stuff,’’ Kunle Adeife said in a hoarse voice. He coolly studied Kenneth, in the worn, grey short-sleeved shirt he put on, and ...
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    • Triumph - Episode 11

    • Kenneth literarily limped out of Kunle’s office with joy and as he stepped out, he headed for a small restaurant with joy, there, he dreamily sat at a lone table and ordered ...
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    • Triumph - Episode 12

    • The afternoon sun was torrid and there were brisk movements of humans and vehicles along the busy streets that surrounded the high rise plaza, just beside Kunle Adeife’s offi...
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    • Triumph - Episode 13

    • Following his fruitful discussions with Dele Delani, Kenneth Duromola returned to Atitebi Street, later in the evening. Before he parted ways with Kunle Adeife for the day, the lat...
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    • Triumph - Episode 14

    • The next day Kenneth went to see Kunle Adeife and he began by expressing his gratitude for all the assistance Kunle had so far rendered.  ‘’Never mind,&l...
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    • Triumph - Episode 15

    • Even though Kenneth had heard lots of amazing stuff about Magodo GRA, several times since his arrival in Lagos, he had essentially dismissed the bulk of what he had heard as mere e...
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    • Triumph - Episode 16

    • Xenon Leisure centre was well over twenty kilometers from Magodo, GRA, and Kenneth was obliged to cover it daily to get to work. It was now exactly two months since he came to...
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    • Triumph - Episode 17

    • Kenneth sat coolly in the reception of Dele Delani’s office as he waited for the manger to finish up his meeting so that he could see him.  Ten minutes ago, he had recei...
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    • Triumph - Episode 18

    • Later in the day, after rounding off his work for the day, Kenneth decided to take yet another glance at the auditorium which Dele Delani had spoken of earlier. After taking a look...
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    • Triumph - Episode 19

    • Kenneth took a cab to the city mall, from where he bought rolls of brand new brocade, two gold-plated wristwatches and five pairs of footwear which he parked in an orange sac and t...
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    • Triumph - Episode 20

    • Kunle Adeife’s birthday was already in full swing by the time Kenneth and Marcus arrived, and as against their expectations, only a handful of guests were in attendance. As s...
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    • Triumph - Episode 21

    • The Saturday afternoon sun was burning mildly and Kenneth stood by on the verandah savouring the rather still scenery- he kept his own company on most Saturdays because Marcus neve...
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    • Triumph - Episode 22

    • Kenneth sat back in his office to carefully study the file document that contained the modus operandi of operations of Xenon Leisure Centre’s account department. The document...
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