Ada is stuck with Cleo or the other way round. This two affects each others life in varying ways.


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    • Ada - Episode 1

    • Hey! Let's write this one together again. If you are yet to read SCARS you should...... Thank you for all the love you showed towards the first write up... ...
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    • Ada - Episode 2

    • I woke up to a low battery. Seems I'd be having light issues. I hope this appeases us while I find ways to charge my phone. ***************** “Good mo...
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    • Ada - Episode 3

    • ....the light has come!!!!! Let's continue! ****************** Cleo was tired of waiting. She just couldn't phantom why rich famous people find it diffi...
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    • Ada - Episode 4

    • “Mummy! Mummy!!” Cleo called. She met her mum sitting in front of the dressing mirror in her room. “Ah, my daughter, it is a pleasure to see you”...
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    • Ada - Episode 5

    • “You should put on this dress.” Cleo had after lots of arguments allowed her mum help her choose a dress. This was supposed to be a family dinner and her mum is ...
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    • Ada - Episode 6

    • Cleo had been acting all up since she returned from the family dinner two weeks ago. Her mum had since after the dinner, developed the habit of sending her tones of messages, remin...
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    • Ada - Episode 7

    • “This is a job well done. Cleo, we should take pictures at every nook and cranny for your site.” “We should.” Cleo replied turning around as thoug...
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    • Ada - Episode 8

    • Tunde held the staring with so much strength, his veins shot out as vivid as the petiole of any leave.....he cursed under his breathe....he remembered he was yet to start his car. ...
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    • Ada - Episode 9

    •   Tunde continued his frantic driving. He rubbed his head with the palm of his right hand. He still felt guilty for that night. Ada had cheated on him too, he s...
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    • Ada - Episode 10

    • Ada sat beside him, with his left palm looked in hers. She had been here three weeks and he was still in coma, sometimes she read him stories or sang him songs. She was losing fait...
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    • Ada - Episode 11

    • "I asked for a glass of wine and you bring me lemon juice" Tunde barked at Ada. "The last thing you need is alcohol. You will have to make do with the juic...
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    • Ada - Episode 12

    • I am so so glad to be back. It feels good to know people were watching out for me. I will try as much as possible not to go MIA. Right now, I feel so loved my heart wants to bursts...
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