I begin to write this book in the month of March 2017. I am glad I found a bigger platform to share it.

This is centered on guilt, love, forgiveness, molestation.

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    • Scars - Episode 1

    • Why are we so quick to see memory as unreliable in other people but never in ourselves.  I could be guilty of editing.  I think we all are,if we are honest ...
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    • Scars - Episode 2

    • DAY 1 (evening) “Baby! Anyone home? Baby!” He called out more and more. He was at a lost where she could have gone to.  Fifteen years ago s...
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    • Scars - Episode 3

    • Day 2. Work and pressure, always synonymous! “Madam, how was your health?” “Sani! I was never sick. I just had a bad day at work”...
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    • Scars - Episode 4

    • Day 2 (evening) She was going to spoil him silly. It was their anniversary, anything was allowed, anything positive of course.  She made his favorit...
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    • Scars - Episode 5

    • Day 3 She called in sick! She knew she would be a mess at the office. She needed a break from life. Thank God George did not wake her up. She needed rest. ...
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    • Scars - Episode 6

    • Day 3 (Afternoon) She needed more !!! It been five months of not fellowshipping with brethren. She had to see God. She needed penance and probably, restitution....
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    • Scars - Episode 7

    • Day 4 She had an appointment. “Varicocele. Like I said the last time, most varicoceles develop over time. Fortunately, most varicoceles are easy to diagno...
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    • Scars - Episode 8

    • DAY 4 (CONTINUES) Nicolette was shocked. She was the last person, she expected. It was just typical of her to be late for all her appointments. Nicolette was both friend ...
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    • Scars - Episode 9

    • DAY 5 She walked the length and breadth of the street under the hot sun. She left the car with George, she did not deserve it. She was hunting for her son. She ...
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    • Scars - Episode 10

    • Esmeralda walked briskly. She knew she was better off dead. What was the point of living. SUICIDE, she would take her life.  She would be free of shame, pain and loneliness. B...
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    • Scars - Episode 11

    • DAY 26. Am so sorry, I have been MIA, school been happening around me, and am grateful I could steal time to write this. CHIKA APEH, this is for you….. N...
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    • Scars - Episode 12

    • DAY 27 “George, what brings you to my humble abode, I have tried severally to reach you and it’s been futile”. Phil said coming down the stair. ...
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    • Scars - Episode 13

    • Day 28 Esmeralda woke up rather happy. She couldn't say why she was singing. She was to be brooding her life out, no love,  no family. But then this joy, joy une...
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    • Scars - Episode 14

    • Looking a the massive edifice, Esmeralda couldn't het herself to believe Mama had accumulated so much wealth, her mum has always been a hustler, of course life couldn't hol...
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    • Scars - Episode 15

    • Mama was suddenly joyful. Which mother wouldn't be, she was meeting her son-in-law. Elda wasn't pleased at all. "How are your children?" Mama asked....
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    • Scars - Episode 16

    • Let me know the lesson learnt in the comment section... Elda was convinced George was sorry for hurting her, but she wasn't certain they'd be like they were befor...
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