The Reunion

Who doesn't love a good reunion?

Mariah is a drama free freelance writer, but when the freelancing isn't working out, you get a job. Suddenly , a planned high school reunion came out of nowhere. She had no job, no love life, just one friend, a cat and 10 years of her unsuccessful life after highschool to account for.Faced with different choices , she decides to go for the reunion and rip it off like a band aid , but how much drama can a drama free Maria stand.

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    • The Reunion - Episode 1

    •  Reunions are as good as the people who organize them, on one hand you have those who use them as an opportunity to rub their success story in everyone’s face, then ther...
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    • The Reunion - Episode 2

    • It was shaping out to be one of those weekends when Mariah wondered why she decided not to go for the reunion, on one hand, it could be fun, she thought to herself …but then...
      • Views (2,839)
      • Comments (16)
    • The Reunion - Episode 3

    • Over the next two weeks, Mariah had become an expert in all things shopping, she quit her job and that was a step up for her wardrobe and style and, with the help of Lisa, she offi...
      • Views (2,592)
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    • The Reunion - Episode 4

    • Mariah had been staring at this handsome figure for what seemed like forever, he had changed, the years past made him taller and even more handsome, but those eyes …there wa...
      • Views (2,727)
      • Comments (8)
    • The Reunion - Episode 5

    • Background music… lights…cameras. All the things Mariah thought of as she sat at the bar with Michael, it was a surreal feeling .sitting with the guy she had loved fo...
      • Views (2,809)
      • Comments (10)
    • The Reunion - Episode 6

    • Lisa had everything figured out, at least she thought she did …after two drinks of whatever she was having, and she already felt a tad bit tipsy. She had been standing alone...
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    • The Reunion - Episode 7

    • For a tiny second, Mariah forgot where she was, as she tossed and turned on the hotel room queen sized bed, she sleepily bumped into Lisa who lay beside her. “Why a...
      • Views (2,617)
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    • The Reunion - Episode 8

    • From her spot beside Michael ,Mariah felt a mild spasm around her jaw area because she was literally smiling from ear to ear ,she mentally gave herself a slap as she muttered &lsqu...
      • Views (2,437)
      • Comments (3)
    • The Reunion - Episode 9

    • ‘The night is young’, a popular phrase that keeps on giving, but not for Mariah …she was tired AF, but if given the chance to hang out with Michael again that sa...
      • Views (2,461)
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    • The Reunion - Episode 10

    • With nothing short of comfortable silence and an air that they both knew, Dayo and Mariah sat there, feeling nothing but like for each other, they knew it, they felt it, but most i...
      • Views (2,702)
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    • The Reunion - Episode 11

    • What makes the world go round? Some would say money, some …would say people, and some would say some scientific load of crap. Mariah would say love. She had been with a coup...
      • Views (2,594)
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    • The Reunion - Episode 12

    • The bar was just what Mariah needed ,as she sat there debating whether she was going to take a sip out of the glass of gin and tonic placed before her ,her mind drifted to the fact...
      • Views (2,764)
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  • Sussnarlison Mat picture
    Sussnarlison Mat
    Please I have been waiting for update so long.please update
  • Mandy-princess picture
    Please what happened to The Reunion? I have almost forgotten the storyline. Kindly post next episode or update us
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    Popoola Elizabeth
    I tire ooo, since all this days
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