The Longest Night

Sinach has a great value for family, God and love. When things start to take a different turn, she still hold on to God and believe that her fears won't come to pass. She continues to love even when it isn't reciprocated. Everything soon changed in a way she never expected. The downtrodden of her life worsened in one night which was the longest of her life.

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    • The Longest Night - Episode 1

    • It was 8.00pm as I checked the wall clock again for the umpteenth time. Uzor wasn’t home yet. This is unlike him but it was a recent habit adopted by him. Thank God Ada was s...
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    • The Longest Night - Episode 2

    • ​I zoomed off into the night oblivious of what it held for me but determined to succeed this night. I sat straight with my head almost peering  through the wind shield,...
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    • The Longest Night - Episode 3

    • Sitting on a bench in the corridor of the hospital, alone with my thoughts and fears. My emotions was mixed as I was thankful for my sister’s safe delivery. Her daughter was ...
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    • The Longest Night - Episode 4

    • It was some minutes past when Ada woke me up. She mentioned she was hungry and also tired of the hospital environment. She was asked by the doctor to stay overnight so they co...
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    • The Longest Night - Episode 5

    • Is this heaven ? So still and quiet but dark. I know it isn’t because the Bible gave a picturesque description of it being so beautiful. Is this hell?  I couldn’t ...
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    • The Longest Night - Episode 6

    • There I stood transfixed, I looked up at Uzor to see his face, maybe he was joking I thought to myself , maybe he just wants to see my reaction. He was serious and could barely mai...
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    • The Longest Night - Episode 7

    • Few weeks on, Uzor and I were merely housemates as I had moved into Ada’s room and he brought that girl into the house occasionally . That didn’t stop me from being a g...
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    • The Longest Night - Episode 8

    • A month later, with the divorce almost finalised and with my business booming, I made up my mind to secure a befitting accommodation for myself and Ada. Yemi had turned to a consta...
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    • The Longest Night - Episode 9

    • Before 5am, I was up, I had to vent my anger or get busy. I chose the later. I mopped every nook and cranny of the house. By 7am, Uzor and Ada were awake. “Good mor...
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    • The Longest Night - Episode 10

    • ​We drove into the hospital premises and went straight into the Accident and Emergency ward. I ran straight for the reception. “Where’s my hus.. . Uzor...
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    • The Longest Night - Episode 11

    • I walked into Uzor’s room oblivious of what to say and how to react.  “Chioma is that you”? I heard him say Immediately he saw me, he mad...
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    • The Longest Night - Episode 12

    • I sat in my car for what seem like an eternity. I cried my eyes out and then I began to question everything. Was life playing tricks on me or was I was a bundle of ridicule. I wipe...
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    • The Longest Night - Episode 13

    • Welcome guys to the episode finale. Let's see who guessed right..  We got home and during the drive in, my heart beat was on a different frequency. How do I put ...
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