She Wants Revenge

"Revenge has never tasted so bitter sweet!" 


"so we meet again little bitch" Blacky spoke harshly interrupting her. 

Scarlett clapped her hands "enough of this tragic farewell" she said coldly. 

"you killed my mama, I thought you were my friend" she screamed and cried at the same time. 

"friend?" she asked laughing deeply she turned to look at Blacky till laughing "she said I was her friend" she stopped laughing and squatted gripped the girl jaw tightly "well darling I'm glad you thought me to be your friend but in my book you irritate me being close to you is disgusting" she spat in her face. 

Tears slipped down her face "you were never my friend? What did I ever do to you to deserve this pain" she shouted angrily. 

"alot my dear, much more than you'll ever know. Now love" she purred standing up "quit that pitiful act and let's get this show together . Venom, Austin grab her" she said coldly Walking to the door "and oh also I want that knife to tag along, smoky is she dead?" 

He smirked "as cold as ice" 

"good, let's make it fast I've a funeral service and party to plan". 


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