Ruth Vicissitudes

Still in our modern contemporary society, some parents are still left with the ultimate decision to choose a partner they deem is right for their children especially daughters against their preference. Is it right for parents to continue to meddle in the decisions of their children who are ripe for marriage? In this story, it focuses on a final year University student Ruth, the compromises she took, the problems  and the unhappiness that surrounded her prior to her marriage to a wealthy man, a man she utterly disliked. Can she still make her marriage work despite the negativity  in her mind? Or would it end up been a disaster? 

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    • Ruth Vicissitudes - Introduction

    • The rain had reduced to a slight drizzle, the strong wind still causing a little uproar, sounding like an erupted volcano, though the stars and the full moon could be visibly seen,...
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    • Ruth Vicissitudes - Episode 1

    • Dolapo arrived from the U.S last week and was happy in being accompanied by his wealthy family to the Eruwahere family. The idea of marriage seems to escape him and always sought f...
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    • Ruth Vicissitudes - Episode 2

    • University of Abuja was in a festive mood as every student both male and female were clad in different cultural attires, attributing to their respective culture and ethnic groups. ...
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    • Ruth Vicissitudes - Episode 3

    • Ruth’s silence attributed to the date she had with Dolapo the other day. The answers she received to the questions she asked him about the why and wherefore he was still livi...
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    • Ruth Vicissitudes - Episode 4

    • It was a tense atmosphere at the office. Several documents and files piled up on the desk of Dolapo when he got to the office at about 9 am. Going home early the other day amounted...
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    • Ruth Vicissitudes - Episode 5

    • The harsh rays took no pity on anyone that it touched, razing his or her skin like a hot burning coal. No one was seen without holding an umbrella to shield him or her from the eff...
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    • Ruth Vicissitudes - Episode 6

    • Maureen returned the next day very early against her plans of staying there for the weekend at her boyfriends. It was 11 am and Ruth was getting prepared for an emergency Saturday ...
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    • Ruth Vicissitudes - Episode 7

    • “Cynthia, why the glooming face?” asked Charles who went on a visit to her small apartment after closure from work. Cynthia had just finished eating a meal prepared by ...
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    • Ruth Vicissitudes - Episode 8

    • Since the previous night, Ruth had been in panic about the whereabouts of Ericks. For the umpteenth time that she dialed his phone in the morning, she got negative response. They a...
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    • Ruth Vicissitudes - Episode 9

    • Rex and some other friends of Charles decided to organize a bachelor’s eve party prior to his wedding due to the congested events. The venue was a night club they agreed on t...
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    • Ruth Vicissitudes - Episode 10

    • Two days passed and Ruth didn’t hear a word from Ericks nor Josh. She became fed up and decided to go to his room again after the closure of lectures. After she knocked, Josh...
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    • Ruth Vicissitudes - Episode 11

    • The disastrous break up with Ericks left nothing but misery and pain for Ruth who still considered the break up unfathomable. Death took away Samuel and now, something to similar t...
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    • Ruth Vicissitudes - Episode 12

    • It was a beautiful and an indelible moment in the lives of the graduating students of the University of Abuja on their convocation day. Professors, deans, VC and other top staff at...
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    • Ruth Vicissitudes - Episode 13

    • Dolapo never kept his promise of not keeping secrets away from his wife, he kept hiding things about his past. One day, he took a break from the office to come home early, almost a...
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    • Ruth Vicissitudes - Episode 14

    • Dolapo improved significantly in coming days, going from one therapy session to the other every day before going to work. This act particularly pleased his wife who thought her mar...
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    • Ruth Vicissitudes - Episode 15

    • Dolapo arrived home after having some drinks with his friends at the bar. He drove home at night intoxicated by the hard liquor he held in his hand while he still drank and sang si...
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    • Ruth Vicissitudes - Episode 16

    • Charles got a call from Cynthia that her water had broken, he hurriedly left the office for home and took her to the hospital. She was having a contraction of five minutes apart, t...
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    • Ruth Vicissitudes - Episode 17

    • Ruth continued to flourish under her aunt’s watch, even after giving birth to her child. She had put the misery of her marriage behind her to bed. Her days so far had been sm...
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    • Ruth Vicissitudes - Episode 18

    • Finale She stopped speaking and starred glumly at the darkness as she finished the story she told halfway. Charles felt really sorry for her after learning what she passe...
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