Rejected But Not Disqualified

SUMMARY Uzochukwuwalu, (meaning "The door God has opened") is the second child and only surviving son in a family of Five' which comprised Father (Nwora),Mother, and three children. Uzochukwu"s father, ( Nwora) lost his own Father(Ngene) at an early stage of his life when he could barely capture in his mind how his father looks like. All he could remember was that, he was a native doctor that practices divination or (igba- afa) . After the fathers burial, a paternal cousin who work with Nigeria Railway and lives in Jos, Plateau state then, took it up with him to train him because he was too tender to languish in the village under the care of an un-educated mother. My story centers around the survival of Nwaora,his family life and the evil enchantments,that he envisaged under the care of his cousin and the real reason why he was taken away from the mother, the negative effects of the divination powers his father wielded on him,his siblings and his own family. The rejection and spiteful hatred his only son Uzochukwu encountered at birth from uncles,cousins,siblings and outside world and how the God in heaven that protects did not disqualify the poor boy. EPISODE 1 Once upon a time in the small Town of Umuaku a great diviner exist by name Ngene. Umuaku was a village in Okiri and was outstanding and revered because they were gifted with supernatural powers and wealth. Pagans were controlling the affairs and everything they mostly achieve was through pagan beliefs. Ngene the father of Nwaora was the second son and last surviving male child and was among the great diviners as at the time. Through divination intervention knew his children's Destinies or what the god's have in stock for them. Having observed among the children that Nwaora was the most gifted, talented and the ORDAINED LIGHT of the family, he wasted no time in showering so much love him to the envy of his elder male siblings. He took Nwaora as his only son and had great feast to celebrate his birthday yearly thus causing stir around to the the envious hatred among neighbours. He wasted no time when he feels he can understands his profession to give him elementary coaching in divination. Because of his natural brilliance and intelligence. Nwora never forgets easily what he was taught as much as his little brain can carry. Ngene and his most endeared son eats together. They sleeps together in the fathers hut a place revered by women, children and reserved for elders. It was at the hut that Ngene called his elder brother to intimate him that the gods had brought light to their family. The Elder brother who is not gifted in supernatural powers sought to know how he knew about that and what sign did he observed that bestowed such blessings on the child. Ngene smiled and cleared his throat and explained to his brother what the divination means and besides an Idol called "NKWU "in their town has that day as its feast day. And as it symbolizes, any child born on that day is a blessed and remarkable child. These, his elder brother took with a pinch of salt. Nwora grew up with the belief that paganism was the only means to communicate and get everything you need and want in life A time came Ngene who was the last son hosted a feast for Nwora and pronounced him as the most blessed of his siblings. It raised another stir which raised Ngene unknown enemies within and outside. Ngene had on many occasions told his wife (UCHENDU) to address Nwora as "HIS RIGHT HAND" to the amazement of the mother. His loving Wife has no option than love and cherish his husband and son. Nwora could not be given a proper education because of the ignorance of the father. The father believes that education from the colonial masters was a deceit and there was no parental orientation within the family to boost the children's ego. His elder brother have to pick quarrels with him because he spends his wealth on feeding for the family and enjoyment with friends and mates. Consequent upon that he could not erect an edifice for himself and family. He was able to use labour to construct a thatched house for his them instead a mud house. In the playing ground with mates Nwora was a magical being, sometimes he attempts practicing at a tender age what he learned from his father. Those include using leaves to treat ailments and his friends do love him playing around their compound to benefit from his experience. Though not perfect. He was so gifted with vision that he can read books from friends with the moon at night. Though Nwora did not attend western education, he was extra-ordinary gifted to the awe and amazement of siblings and neighbors. His intelligence was extra-ordinary. He learns very fast from what others are doing and A have learnt in school. His zeal was to learn was tremendous. Any errand he was asked to deliver, he tries a much as possible to learn one or more from that environment and exhibits his knowledge to his siblings. This gladdens the mother. In his father�s occupation he was a very fast leaner and thus compelled the father to teach him more about his field. These does not go down well with the elder siblings. So Nwora was secretly hated and jealoused by his brothers. The gifted Nwora was well known by mates, neighbors and environ that some referred to him as the Idol that was celebrated the day he was born and addressed him as "NKWU". A time came when the heat of resilient colonial era, pagans later accepted the value of Christian Religious practice, the teachings of the missionaries overwhelmed Ngene and in his naivety he embraced the Christian religion with dilemma. He was enrolled and baptized and was enlisted as financial member to the amazement of the wife and children. It was an unknown ailment that cut Ngene's life short, Friends and some family member pagans believes that he must have offended the god of paganism. Some concluded that the ailments he cured and heals are returning back to him so there was no cure. In his sick bed he prayed for the little boy (Nwora) to live long and become the light the gods made him in the family. During his internment Nwora could only remember he was tied a rapper around his waist with his siblings and few cousins to dance to beating and his childish memory could not recollect how his father looks like and the reason for the dance. After the burial, emergency kinsmen meeting was convened to discuss the fate of Ngene's family. The Kinsmen had to recognize that Nwora was a rare child that every family will love have and must be preserved and protected. The head of kinsmen then was NGENE's elder brother who channeled his wealth to training his children with western education. It was in that meeting that a paternal good cousin (Son of Nwora's Uncle) who was unmarried but works with the Nigeria railway at that time adopted Nwora as his first son. He swore an Oat to protect and train the child to the level he can reach in life before leaving with him to Jos Plateau state Nigeria where he lives and works. Nwora's mother cried bitterly and uncontrollably that his last child has been taken away from him to an unknown destination but was consoled by the female children. But the unknown was lurking bitterly among the male siblings, Uncles and cousins.

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