My name is Jane. Ever since I was a little girl all I wanted was a happy life with my parents. My mum, Mrs Sarah David is always so caring, she made sure I was given all I wanted even though I never got her time and attention. She was always tied up with work, she was hardly ever around since she was promoted to the post of the senior manager at the other branch of the bank she worked for, situated at Ibadan. Since we were living in Lagos, I got to see her only during weekends . Dad worked in a restaurant he owes, so he was always around. Since mummy refused the idea of having a maid, dad was the one taking care of me. He gets me ready for school during weekdays, drops me in school and then returns in the noon to pick me up. 

Things were moving on fine for about a year after mummy relocated to Ibadan until dad came back home drank on night. 

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    • Broken - Episode 1

    • I woke up this morning and quickly ran to mum and dad's room. Mum was already dressed for work, since today is Monday and she has to leave Lagos very early so as to get to Ibad...
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    • Broken - Episode 2

    • He didn't let me go until he finally fell asleep. I wished mummy was at home coz I really need her right now. The space between my legs is hurting real bad. I couldn't stop...
      • Views (6,742)
      • Comments (2)
    • Broken - Episode 3

    • "Welcome dear, how was your journey" dad said and gave mummy a kiss.  He turned to me and gave me an angry look. I was so scared that my words choked me. I co...
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    • Broken - Episode 4

    • I felt relieved. "Has mummy finally seen dad's true nature. Has she finally discovered what he has been doing to me?" All these and many more were the thoughts runnin...
      • Views (5,865)
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    • Broken - Episode 5

    • I jumped up sweating profusely, thank God it was all a dream. I heard a knock on the door. "Who could it be at this hour of the night, I just hope it is mummy."&nb...
      • Views (6,764)
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