My name is Jane. Ever since I was a little girl all I wanted was a happy life with my parents. My mum, Mrs Sarah David is always so caring, she made sure I was given all I wanted even though I never got her time and attention. She was always tied up with work, she was hardly ever around since she was promoted to the post of the senior manager at the other branch of the bank she worked for, situated at Ibadan. Since we were living in Lagos, I got to see her only during weekends. Dad worked in a restaurant he owes, so he was always around. Since mummy refused the idea of having a maid, dad was the one taking care of me. He gets me ready for school during weekdays, drops me in school and then returns in the noon to pick me up. 

Things were moving on fine for about a year after mummy relocated to Ibadan until dad came back home drank on night. 

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