The Love and regrets that never ends

For this thing that you’ve done,I’ll
make sure you spend the rest of your life in jail says Mr Orji. Take him
back to the cell. The DPO Ordered the Sergeant to take me back to the cell
I have been in for over 2 weeks now. How did this happen? Flashback…I met
Lilian on the 8th of January when we met at the NYSC secretariat in Oyo
state during the registration. We were both re-deployed Corp members from
Kangere orientation camp in Bauchi state . Throughout my stay in camp,our
paths never crossed but meeting her that day was the turning point in my
life. Have never been so engrossed in a girl like this in my life. Lilian
was fair, tall and she has this killer smile that brings out the dimples on
her cheeks. I got her details when we were signing the book of life and
since then, we’ve been friends. I’ve never for once stopped thinking about
her because I believed we would make a perfect couple and build a
relationship that would last, at least for the first time in my life. In a
matter of months after the posting was out, Lilian and I started dating.
Even thou we came from two different worlds (World between the rich and
the poor), Lilian never allowed it be a barrier between us and we vowed
never to leave each other no matter what comes our way. In a twinkle of an
eye, service year was gone. I got an immediate employment where I served
while Lilian got a job waiting for her already in one of her Father’s
company. Luck was shining on me all through as I got promoted twice within
the space of two years in my organisation due to my hard work and
dedication. The love between Lilian and I was waxing stronger everyday and
we never gave space for any intruder to come between us. The only problem
we had was her father. Lilian’s father never supported our relationship
and he had already warned me several times to leave his daughter alone.
Lilian on her own part vowed never to yield to her Dad’s threat who wants
her to marry one of his friend’s son Dafe but all in all, her mother was
supportive. 3 years later, Lilian and I had a secret wedding which was
against the wish of her Dad. We were blessed with a set of twins but we
never had joy over them. It has been from one hospital to the other. I
spent almost all I had on them but at the end,one of them died. In the
space of two days, the other one followed suite. What could be the cause
of all these? Lilian got sick soon after the twins died and was
hospitalised. I was speaking with the Doctor during my visits when he
asked; Mr Eze, I’ll like to ask, did you and your wife check your genotype
or blood group before getting married? My answer was no. He said during
the sickness of the twins, he discovered they were SS. I was shocked! He
said we were the cause of all our problems. He said Lilian’s Genotype was
SS while I was AS and by any chance,we shouldn’t have gotten married in
the first place. Few days later, Lilian died. My woes compounded when Mr
Orji, Lilian’s Dad who didn’t want me to marry his daughter in the first
place got me arrested saying I killed his Daughter. Here I am, thinking
about how my life turned out this way. The love of my life is gone! My two
lovely kids gone. What am I still waiting for in this wicked world? I was
blinded by the undying love Lilian and I had for each other not knowing
there are somethings we ought to have known even before taking our
relationship to the next level. What’s your Genotype? Don’t be blinded by
love. Once bitten, twice wise.

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