The Lioness




The church was silent as Lola picked up her purse and walked out of her own wedding. Nobody believe such will happen, not even her parent. As she walked out she made a turn around, entered the church again, stood at the altar in the presence of Madu and the priest. In anger she said,

"Father I want the wedding cancelled."

"But why our bride? " Said the priest with a curious mind.

"I can't marry a cheat."

Everyone looked at her in awe . A loud voice came from the back row of the congregation. Shouting...

"Why now? She is bewitched, a great day as such and the bride cancelling her own wedding."

"She is not normal." Said another in the Deaconess section. Lola didn't care about what they were saying.

"I wish I had said it earlier, but no! I wanted to pay back for all those years you deserted me." Madu knelt down pleading but she insisted.

"You deserted me only to return when I stand fully on the ground." Immediately after she said that, she walked out violently never set her eyes on her parents, friends nor Madu.

Lola saw pains and cried a river when Madu impregnated her at the time she was still growing. At the age of fourteen, Lola gave birth to a baby girl. Madu been a young boy who never knew the family way denied the pregnancy and ran away. Those rejected period were night for Lola. A heavy pain fills her heart. Her father, a Professor of Philosophy in the University of Ibadan felt so disappointed in her. The parent denied knowing her. Lola's mother felt embarrassed being a grandmother, not when her mate were celebrating the Call To Bar of their wards and being a proud mother of a Doctor. The shame was too much. This made her mother decline some public functions since everyone heard the news. Lola was almost disowned by her father if not for some loving family members who pleaded on her behalf. After one year of nurturing her baby, she went back to school but this time as a mother. It wasn't easy for Lola when she came back to face school. Going to classes and taking care of her daughter; Enwongo. Later on, her mum been compassionate got Enwongo, took care of her while her mother goes to school. Since the baby fat was still on her. One day, she had a little misunderstanding with her mates. They quarrelled, suddenly one of her classmate left the discussion and attacked her.

 She said, "Mama of the class, you should be at home giving birth to some of us, why are you still in school?" These words made Lola feel so bad of herself. Since that day, she stopped making noise in class. All she did was to answer questions asked by the teacher in the class. Each time Lola fails an examination, these words rings like a bell in her ears," Mama of the class, you should be giving birth to some of us, why are you still in school?" Lola felt like giving up, stopping school and just staying at home taking care of her baby. Due to her failing too much, her classmate withdrew from her and clique with the brilliant ones in the class." Her favourite name is dummy", said one of her classmate. Lola felt stupid the day she failed her quiz and her twelve years old classmate had it all right. She wasn't satisfied with her performance.

She met the school counselor and made complaint to her.

"Good Morning Madam", Lola greeted the counselor

"Good Morning Miss Lola", she replied

"How may I help you?", She asked

"Madam, I am having some challenges with my studies." Lola answered

"Challenges like what so I know how to fix the problem?"

"I am performing badly Ma, my grades are poor."

"Then work on yourself, stop thinking and work harder." These were the words of the counselor. As Lola was going closer to the door. The counselor called her back." 

"What is your name? " The counselor inquired

"I am Lola Adeyemi " Lola said

"You know what? " Lola looking so uncertain and confused.

"From today, I will set my eyes on you but first, I want you to take it will get there gradually." She said. Lola was so excited that day, she felt like a burden was just taken away from her, so free and motivated. She left her office and went to her class. She stoped seeing herself as the "Mama of the Class" whose duty was to birth babies. She studied harder and as at her FORM THREE, she won an award as the best student in her school.

Life made Lola so strong that no circumstance sets her gloomy even though some did. Gradually she became a strong woman. She sat for her SSCE and excelled excellently. She graduated and went to the Nigerian Law School, Nsukka. She met Nsemeke during her days in the University. Nsemeke showed her love for the five years they have been together. Lola was almost planning for her wedding to Nsemeke before the bomb exploded. Amina being so jealous of Lola's relationship with Nsemeke made her disclose things to her. Amina was also interested in Nsemeke but never had the opportunity of expressing her love to him. As Amina was scrolling through Lola's phone, she saw a photo of Lola and Nsemeke standing together, she gave a frown. She tapped on Lola's shoulder. Lola turn around.

"Yes what is it? " Lola asked yawning with her hands enclosed to her mouth.

"I think Nsemeke is hiding something from you babe." She said

"Really " replied Lola

"Why do you think so, are you smelling something bad?" 

"Yes, actually I don't really know your man though", she said looking so unconcern as if to buckle everything all up. 

"Someone that knows somebody related to him said he is married."

"Hmmm... If your plan is to give me hypertension this morning, it won't work o. I know my Nsemeke, he is not what you think."

"Okay if you say so, maybe we should find out to know the truth." Said Amina

"Maybe what? For five years I have been with Nsemeke and I don't know this...Babe, it is not true." Lola started crying.

"You know men they can deceive alot, who knows if he used charm on you." Amina talks seriously as if she has known all the men in the world.

"Oh God! What a bad trap..."

When Nsemeke arrived nobody told him what was going on. Amina and Lola sat together in the Palo with his phone while he slept in the room. They took out a number, it was "My Sister" saved on the phone. They call her and requested to see her. In a week time, Lola met her, Ima-Obong.

"Good Afternoon Madam", Lola greeted her

"Good Afternoon Miss Lola", she replied

"You are welcome." A light skinned lady with hefty legs and a pointed nose welcomed her in. Lola's attention was on her nose.

"Please come in and have a seat." She lead the way through the veranda to the sitting room.

"What can I offer you Madam? " She asked moving forward to the freezer to bring out some soft drinks.

"Never bother Ma, I won't stay long, I am only here for an official duty." Lola said this to her.

"So tell me, who is Nsemeke to you? I am Nsemeke's Manager, he is my Junior Staff" Asked Lola

"I hope there is no problem" Ima-Obong asked

"No, no problem, we are just on a tour to know our Staffs better" Lola answered

"Well, Nsemeke is my brother, same father, same mother." She replied looking so Innocent as if she was to be declared guilty for a crime.

"We spent all our live here in Lagos, until he was transferred to Enugu, he is happily married with four lovely children." As she was talking, Lola was listening carefully to get the essential part she wanted. Though she felt sober, she pretend as if all was well. She stayed in Lagos the whole day and returned in the morning. In her hotel room where she stayed, she wept bitterly and soak the white pillows.

"So Nsemeke is truly married and all this years, he never let me know, there is really hell on earth." She thought aloud. That night she took some hot drinks inorder to sleep. Since then, Nsemeke never met or called her again. She ended the relationship.

Due to the pains she experienced from love, she decided to stay single until she is able to love again. After her Law School and her call as a Barrister. She devoted most of her time to her work and in improving herself. Along the line, she met Etido and fell in love with him. Etido prophesed his love for her and dates her. Etido is Librarian in one of the Government Secondary School close to Lola's Office. He is tall, has round face shape and a protruding stomach. Lola was madly in love with Etido that she often gives Etido money each time he is financially challenged. This kept one until Etido one day ran away with her money and other valuables. Few weeks later, Lola had of Etido's marriage to Mr Tope's daughter, a top Politician in the city.

Just when Lola thought it was over, her long time friend sent her wedding invitation to her. This made her very depressed. She attended the wedding and at the wedding reception, she met Madu, the biological father of her daughter. He reconcile with her and exchange contact. He went to Lola's house to publicly apologize to her parent.

"I am sorry Lola, in fact I deserve to be crucified but please forgive me." Madu begged for forgiveness

Lola nodded calmly. She didn't want to say a word.

"I am sorry for those days I rejected and denied you."

"You know that was a long time ago Madu" Lola said to him.

"I had forgiven you a long time a ago not for you but for my daughter any peace." Tears rolled down Lola's face and she brushed it out with the back of her fingers. Lola forgave Madu.

Madu and Lola came back together They stay happily with their daughter Enwongo but Madu was still seeing his Ex and making love to her. Not only his Ex, he sleeps with various girls and sends them nude pictures. This provoked Lola, she recalled her past pains and think about the future which she is yet to face. She didn't say it out neither did Madu know about it. She kept it to herself for an appointed time, to manifest and save her life from more pains.

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