Each time I logged into my social media account. I feel so much bad by the number of post or write-up on suicide attempt. The word suicide is just a seven lettered word you think. This is outrageous. It is in fact disheartening.

Depression is just a key factor in suicide attempt. It is in fact a case study.

Have you ever been depressed before?

Have you ever think this world is just too messy for you?

Have you ever been so unfortunate in life that you think you shouldn't have existed?

Come to think of it, society blame people for commiting suicide, little do they know when he/she was so much depressed and frustrated. Little had they wondered what they should have helped with in such a situation . It's bad!

That moment, you feel so bad, your life took another turn. Whatever you laid your hands on is never successful, you took part in a competition for a period of four times and you lost. You felt bad. Or maybe, you fail so much in your studies and you wanted to give up. Never give in for suicide.

Should you give up. No!

Then what do you need, you need someone. Yes, someone. Ofcourse , an individual, a godly person, an humble person, a distinguished personality. Someone you could talk to and wish to listen to you and help you out in the particular situation.

Commiting suicide is not the next thing to do on the list. I have been depressed before, I have felt the world turned it back against me. I have cried my eyes out, I have regretted being on planet earth. I have felt bad, I have felt lonely, I have felt out of the earth before. I have thought life was just a waste of time.

During this period of depression. I have asked myself questions, "Who is God?", " How was he created!", "How did I became into existence." A depressed person is never the same. He/she will be imbalanced psychologically. 

And I have thought of suicide. Well, I took it never to think of the seven lettered word again. Why!

This is because I have a mission to fulfill.

There are people out there who cares to be like me.

I have a vision

I have trusted people in my life and never wished to let them down.

I will become successful in life.

I will write my story, and this becomes interesting when we are successful.

To curb depression, be jovial with people. Try to talk with your loved one's, or a counsellor, or someone you trust. I repeat, cheer up and talk out your mind. Laugh, yes laugh out loud, let them think you are not okay. Never stay alone, a lonely mind would start thinking of something else. Make good friends, and never be moody or alone.

Always remember, when we eventually become successful, we surely have a story to tell. And, never condemn people when you don't have an iota of what they go through.

Thanks for reading!?

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