A long time ago, in an Ancient Town called Kpite, there was a woman name Akoresi(Mirror). She had a daughter name Lesi,  that was her only child therefore, she decided to keep her at home to bear her children according to the Ogoni Sira custom. Her daughter was pretty so getting a suitable concubine to do the job wasn't much of a problem.
In this period,  fairies had their forest amongst humans and the coexisted normally. Lesi eventually got a Man and her journey into pregnancy and motherhood began . One day on her way to farm, she met a little girl that asked her for water but she refused because she had just a keg of water. She didn't know that the little girl was a fairy and an evil one.
Lesi continued in her pregnancy journey, till the day she was suppose to have her baby. She was delivered of a cute and fair baby boy, quite different from her and his father. He was named Sampson.
She nursed her child with the joy every mother would feel but something was not right about the child. He never grew beyond the size of a day old child even at six months. She continued nursing him til he became a year old. Then one day she decided to return to her normal life. Each day she'd leave home, prepare food that her Mother and her would eat after farm but would never meet the food when the return.
This went on for years, by this time Sampson was 3 years old yet look like a day old baby. One day Akoresi decided to find out what or who was responsible for the missing food, so she and Les prepared food for dinner and left the house as usual.  Lesi told her daughter to go on,then she returned and hid herself on the local cabinet that was made with rafia palm.
This cabinet had the layers, directly on the fire place. The lowest was used to dry fishes, the second one for soup and food items, then the third layer was used to store unused clay pots. So Lesi hid on the third layer that was very high.
At exactly 12noon when the village was dry, farmers were have swell time in their farms, birds and animal were the only residents of the village, she felt a mighty wind blow into her hut. She saw two beautiful girls in her hut laughing and cracking joke.
Suddenly Never growing baby Sampson metamorphosed into a grown man with thick beards and voice. Akoresi almost screamed but controlled herself because she seriously needed to know what happens to her food everyday. The girls laughed and hugged him. One asked " hey Sampson why didn't come for my party na? My father the king was so angry" Sampson laughed and told he had a show that he had been booked and paid to perform so he couldn't make hers.
They kept discussing till other guys came in, exchanged pleasantrie continued discussing Sampson's absence from the party. To appease them, Sampson offered to perform for them in his Mother's house but first they must eat. 
That was how they went on to eat all the food Akoresi and her daughter made then the show began. Sampson brought out his drums from the back of his rafia palm bed and sang his hit track.
      " Sampson Wii kpotebari"
        " éna bééra tú hian"
This means 
"Sampson From Kpotebari"
" Has gone to Beera to take fire"
He sang and they danced. While the dancing was going on, Akoresi realized that Sampson's guest were changing form, some became horrible creatures, others became extremely beautiful, more musical instruments arrived and the voices grew louder and more melodious.
At this point, she was thinking of what to do, suddenly one of the creatures, became very tall. His eyes were bulging out, his teeth became bigger and terrifying then she knew she had to do something to save herself from the creatures. 
Immediately, she shouted " loloooo!!!! Kpite lu ooo!!!!! ( Kpite come ooo)Everything went still. Creatures disappeared, Sampson returned to his baby size.
When people came and heard what happened, baby Sampson was immediately returned to his fairy home in a forest called Kpotebari.

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