Look into your childhood, days when you could only crawl.

Remember the first time you understood that you were getting older and needed to stop breast-sucking.

Remember the first time you got injured and gazed at the injury with tears filled eyes.

Remember how you waited and watched it heal.

Remember when you got angry, that rage that was boiling like hot sulphur and forming like an hazardous gas.

Remember when you earned your first achievement, that smile on everyone face towards you, that joy that made you keep rolling on the bed without sleeping at night.

Remember the first day you had an encounter with your phobia.The terror that made your eyes bloody red.

Remember when you felt you were guilty of an offence but couldn't just go straight to the person to apologize so you played and forgot it all.

Remember when she became your girlfriend,her yes was like you are the lucky one out of a billion men to have the chance seeing the 7th heaven.

Remember your first kiss,the way it first looked crazy,you wondered if it was a dream,you didn't want to stop,you didn't want to breath,you wished you could pause the time and continue all day.

Remember when she got you angry but you still looked away like you didn't care.

Remember when you wore your matriculation gown,you aspired of having nothing lesser than a first class.

Remember your convocation,you knew you couldn't get your initial aim but knew you had tried.

Remember when you finished your service.You felt education had end and its time to make more money but not to later find out that you haven't even achieved anything so far compared to the country you are staying requirements.

Remember your wedding, now you are slipping that golden ring into her middle finger, knowing that you've finally made the  first achievement of your life. You've brought that dream girl from imagination into reality.

Remember the kids you gave birth to,those little fingers grasping your middle finger with those eyes looking exactly like yours.

Remember that joy you felt inside you when you knew you got that dream wife and perfect kids you've always wished for.

Remember when you know you've achieved all in life and the only hands you hold and kiss are those of the woman you've always loved.

Remember that moment when you laid still and you couldn't control your closing eyes, you knew this is the end of it all. Now you know life's worth living.

In life, you feel you've gotten to the end,but I tell you,there is no end,neither is there a beginning. But there is always a beginning of an end. Just make sure the end of your beginning is meaningful and worth it!.

©Ojo Kolawole and his random thoughts 2017.

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