How sugarcane lost it sugar in the rain

How sugarcane lost it sugar in the rain.

It is true anything compromised has lost it originality but then, it can either get better or worse.
September 30, 1960 was a Friday and it was the 274th day of the year 1960 the eve of independence day, Nigerians and other Africans were delighted just as slaves who could feel freedom coming, but there sat Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe with the likes of Remilekun Fani-Kayode, Anthony Eromosele Enahoro with sad faces. Unhappy was the man who In July 1958 successfully moved the motion for Nigeria's independence in the Federal House of Assembly and argued that independence should take place on 2 April 1960, only to see in 1959 a further motion moved asking for a slight amendment to his motion of July 1958 . This new motion, which was moved by Sir Tafawa Balewa, asked that the 2 April 1960 date for independence which had already been accepted by Parliament and which had been acquiesced to by the British colonial authorities, should be adjusted to 1 October of the same year. This was the beginning of Nigeria's ruin.

Sugar in the rain.

This nation before 1901 was a place filled with promise. It’s no secret that the world has embraced all sort of unsavoury  things, for example, colonization, which after slave trade could be argued a more brutal phase for humanity, a phase that illustrates the mischievousness of man and his failure as a thinking animal.
How can man go so low and think himself a superior to another man just because of racial, religious and cultural differences? He called himself white and others coloured to paint himself bright and pure. Some of our brothers accepted that because they were too lazy to think. They'd rather accept the position of being a slave and let their master do the thinking -which to them was the most difficult task on earth- after all they knew their imaginations to be short and limited to only basic human needs.
"A day under colonial power is like ten years of freedom infringed. How can he come up with such proposition? An addition of six months just to achieve the position of Prime Minister." Fani-Kayode thought. He stared at his lamp with a puzzled expression as if he was trying to figure out how the lamp works by giving out the right amount of fluid to maintain the fire, his gaze at the smouldering flame intense, he could see and feel it grow into a burning flame consuming the nation. He saw the coup, the killings and the war. "Humans are savages" he exclaimed in defeat. But then he thought of the remedy, he thought of a truely Democratic policy that could change Nigeria.

Enahoro has been regarded by academics and many Nigerians as the "Father of Nigeria State" He was the first to move the motion in 1953.  
However, his motion for Nigeria's Independence suffered setbacks in parliament on several occasions with the northern members of parliament staging a walkout as a consequence of the motion. Notwithstanding the defeat in parliament, a popular movement was started on account of this motion and the pressure was now built up against colonialism and there was agitations for independence for Nigeria, or at least self governance. 

To be continued...


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