Holy Sinners

The members of Deliverance Zion were dancing victoriously as Daddy Paul mounted the pulpit he said,
          "we are all happy to be in His presence today. Deliverance Zion is a place of victory, prosperity, success and blessings. You can't come here and remain childless, husband less and moneyless, all good things will be yours only when you do what is right and sow a seed to Zion. Your problems will be over, Hallelujah Somebody!"
After his ministration, the Zion choir sang praises. Mummy Gina led the song for offering and the members danced and passed round to give their offerings. Since it was my first time being there, I pondered and felt a little uncomfortable, I knew no one there. I heard of the church and just wanted to give a try. The service was getting to its end, Daddy Paul made an altar call, "if you want to be a member of us just come forward" His words were playing back at my head. I sat eallyr firm on my chair and feeling shy. I just didn't want people to know that I am new here. I made a decision on going to see Daddy after the service. Still, Daddy Paul was on the altar rendering songs so new people can come forward. Immediately my phone rang and I left to pick the call outside. 
          "The phone call saved me, gush! I just couldn't imagine myself moving to the altar with that kind of large crowd" I talked to myself. 
After the service, I met Daddy Paul, a tall huge man with curly hairs. Just seeing him, he became my crush and I was wondering the numbers of women crushing on him already. He welcomes me into the church and never all that was going on in my mind. I left and waited for the next service. The members of Deliverance Zion were so kind and generous that I Didn't miss any activities in church. I joined the choir and became a soloist. I loved soloing songs because Daddy Paul praises my voice and I sometimes sing aloud so he can notice me. To many I was a committed member but to myself, I did it for me crush.
Mummy Gina, Daddy Paul's wife, the leader of women fellowship, a fat gallant woman who dresses so expensive to church. She never repeat her dresses and this made some choir members talk. They said," she uses the church seed money to buy the latest lace and gele" 
the gossip flew, nobody knew who said that, some people pretend they never heard it. Mummy Gina is a very nice mother but never knew I was crushing on her husband. I usually act very nice to her so she could make me her friend and get to visit them at home. She do say to me, 
     " God bless you Nne for keeping the church clean and singing to Him. You are really a committed member. You are not like others who are just Sunday Sunday members" Her words made my head swell and I knew that soon I will win her heart fully.
I became so devoted in church that Mummy was closed to me, she became my spiritual mother. I tell her my problems and she discusses hers with me too. I do visit her, do some house chores and help take care of her kids and she was very cool with that. One morning, my phone rang, it was Mummy and I picked up the phone immediately.
           She said," Vera, please I won't be around for like two months, my sister's marriage is going soon. I need to go help them for the preparation of the wedding. Will you help me? I hope you aren't busy?" I stayed mute for a moment then I replied, "I will help mummy, you are not a stranger to me" As I was saying this, so many thought came to my mind, 
        "will Daddy go with you too?" I asked her as my fingers run through my hair. "No dear,he will only come on the wedding day, probably with the kids" "Okay Mummy, I will see you soon'' after the conversation, she hang off the call.
Throughout that day, I couldn't rest, I couldn't even sleep for all that was in my mind was how to get Daddy. I prayed and waited patiently for that day. Around 6:30am Mummy called and told me to prepare that her driver would be coming to pick me up. I went to my wardrobe, selected my nice dresses and clothes, I hurryily packed clothes, shoes and everything into my bag. My cheeks was full and booming with joy preparing for a mission of forever. Mummy sent her personal driver to come pick me up in my house. He came, the car was so good and looking like my dream car, a pink colour 2018 Hyundai Kona model. Wowing the car with my mouth open, the driver came out and opened the front door of the car and I entered inside. I put on my sit belt and felt so elevated. I felt like Mummy already. 
      " So this is how I am going to be treated when I finally become Mummy...it feels good though" I said to myself.
The road was congested and we reached there quite late. When we entered Mummy was about moving to the airport. "Good morning Mummy" I greeted bending my knees down. "Good morning dear" she replies back as she patted my back. " You too so long to come, what was the problem". Nothing Mummy it was just a little congestion on the road" I said to her.
Mummy took me inside the house and introduced me to her children, " hello babies, this is Aunty Vera, she would be taking care of you all till I am back, behave well and don't give her headache " She said to her children. "We will behave well mummy'' they all chorus together coming towards me to give me a hug. Mummy felt to the airport. The house was well arranged, tidy and neat especially the kitchen and this made things so easy for me. I did things myself and didn't want to involve the kids in any house chores. I didn't ask Mummy much about Daddy Paul so she won't suspect me. Even if I didn't see him at home then, I didn't ask. He went out and I knew he will come back soon before we sleep. That night, after everything was done and the children were sleeping, I heard a loud knock on my door and I wondered who was there... I thought it was one of the children I felt so frightened, then my second thought told me that it is Daddy Paul and I felt relieved.
I went slowly to the door, held the handle and push it open as Daddy Paul walked into my room and sat on my bed. I was shy and had to put my face down.
 "Don't tell me you are shy young lady" he said to me. Hmm...hmm...l couldn't speak up
 "Come and sit with me, you have to feel free the kids have all gone to bed and my wife is not around, feel free please" he said, I didn't want to sit down so I was still standing, he stood up and hugged me tightly before he moved to the kitchen to get a bottle of wine and a glass. I didn't hug him back, it made me so foolish. He called me over to the dinning room. The dinning table was decorated with a plate of roasted chicken, a red wine and some curtail glasses. I sat on the right-hand cushion chair while Daddy Paul sat on the left. "Feel free with me, if this is not enough I will bring some more" my eyes went straight to the plate and I saw four chicken laps.
I exclaim, "Sir! all the chicken for me? I won't finish all these please" he eyed me and said to me," you know you are a darling, just eat the ones you can so your small stomach won't burst" I smiled at him.
He opened the wine and poured it into my glass. I began to eat the chicken. I drank over four glasses, I felt so drunk and didn't know myself again. Daddy Paul carried me into his room. I felt it as he removed my gown and panties. His mouth touched mine and he kissed me softly. Immediately, I opened my eyes wide,
  "But Daddy, this is not right nah" I said to him shaking my head.
 "You don't have to worry, just keep calm and enjoy yourself" he said. I wanted to revolt and shout but he held my hands with his, kissed me deeply and shut me up. I was so powerless and had to succumb. He hands went through my bo-bs mass-ging them gently. He took my right n-pple into his mouth and s-cked it. I felt the pleasure, I never knew Daddy Paul could know how to romance a lady with the innocent face he keeps in church. He mass-ged my bo-bs again and s-cked on my n-pple but this time it was my left n-pple. I couldn't take it anymore, I gave myself to him and he made love to me. The night was blissfull and we slept off.
Sunlight woked me up, it brightness entered my eyes and I had to sleep no more knowing it was morning. Daddy Paul was no where to be found, I moved to the children's room to clean up and prepare them for school, I left the room to the Parlour and on top of the table I noticed a white paper envelope filled with money and a note was written on it, "For the children's welfare today" I opened it, it was fifty thousand naira. I took the money, put it inside my box and closed it. I only used the money Mummy Paul gave to me. On the evening of the day, Daddy Paul came again wearing a pijamas. I was vexed though I opened the door for him. "Not again" I said murmuring some meaningless words. "Just demand anything you want, I will give you only if you allow me for just this time... I promise it is the last" he said all this to me. I kept my eyes down and avoided eye contact with him. "I want to go to school" I said to him, that was all I want from him. "Only that, don't you want something else" I was mute and didn't want to reply again. He hugged me tightly as his lips came to join with mine, immediately his cellphone rang it was Mummy Paul. "Good morning darling" he said. "I am with the children in their room, they all slept off after playing games ". I heard him saying this to his wife. After the call with Daddy Paul, she called me too. I knew Mummy Paul will come back soon I had to adjust a bit. After that night with him, I noticed some changes in my body. I started vomiting and was so full... could it be a baby, I said to myself. I was so quite and didn't know how to disclose this to Daddy Paul.
The next day, Mummy Paul came back from her traveling. After few month staying with them, she noticed some changes in me and asked,
"Anny, is anything wrong with you? Your stomach is protruding day by day".
Looking so innocent as if nothing was wrong, I said,
"I ate enough food madam, it is my normal stomach" she was looking at me awfully.
"Oh..... I see" she replied me
After six months of hiding the pregnancy, my stomach got bigger and bigger. I couldn't hide it anymore, with the shame in me I told Mummy Paul. She felt disappointed in me and drove me out of the house. Three months later, I gave birth to a baby boy but unfortunately it was a stillbirth. I stopped seeing Daddy Paul and moved on with my life.

Beware of wolf in sheep clothing. Be wise.

Do you think Mummy Paul was to be blamed for telling her church member to take care of her home while she was away?

Your comment please

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