Conquering Love

"Mr emmmm....."

"Frank Doc, my name's Frank"

"yeah, Frank, your fiancee has stage 4 cancer, we fear she has a short time to live"

"Doc, you can't be serious, she's just ill, the last Doctor said she just had fever" 

"things like this happen, we've redone the test, it show's the same thing, stage 4 cancer, and it has eaten deep into her"


"Mr Frank, what she needs now is support from loved ones and friends, support from you especially"

"but Doc our wedding is in a few weeks"

"I'm sorry Mr Frank, there's nothing we can do" 


"Mr Frank, we'll make sure she has a painless death, that's the much we can do" 


"I have rounds to run Mr Frank, you'll show yourself out"

Mr Frank's fiancee was his heaven on earth, everything and more to him. He was devastated, his family feared he would take his life, they followed him to the bathroom, didn't let him come across any sharp object . He was under surveillance 24/7. He thought and thought. His life literally revolved around his to be wife. He couldn't wait for them to get married, then this tragedy. 

He had little to clung unto. His fiancee laid there in the hospital with tubes running in and out of her with limited time to live on Earth. 
He couldn't do much than to seat by her and count minutes, it felt awkward watching the one he loved slip away and he did nothing. He was powerless, looking at her he was lost, all the memories, the thoughts of her not being in his life.

He couldn't take it no more. He stopped coming to the hospital. His fiancee's family understood. Who would stick around to watch his love die? He had sacrificed much they reasoned. They let him be, he had his life to live. 

Mr Frank snuck in one night, sat on her bed. He took her hands.

"Darling, listen I'm here, I have no where else to be, forgive me for the days I didn't come to see you, I'm sure you understand, I feel powerless anytime I see you lying here, I feel less of a man knowing that I can do nothing to save the one I say I love. It's difficult knowing that you would soon be no more, I shudder to imagine my life without you but it's a sad reality that you have to go" 

"You know all the things we said we would do on our honeymoon, the names our kids would bear, the dreams we would fulfill, It's sad that you won't be here". 

"we are humans and being sick is one of our traits, what must befall every mortal, I'm sorry you have to go through this pain, if I could take the pain away I would, I would do everything to have you on your feet" 

"most times we lose, most times we win, but with you I win every time, your company soothing, in you I found myself, since you came into my life, my story hasn't been the same, I've changed for the better, I've learnt to love. Thank you for everything" 

Mr Frank had other ideas. His fiancee was his mortal partner, that one he couldn't do without. 
No terminal illness would take her away from him. He had an obligation to fulfill to her. Before coming had told his friends, his fiancee's friends, his family, her family, he had a pastor friend which he told. 

His fiancee's sister stood in her stead as his fiancee couldn't speak, her sister said her vows substituting her name for her sisters. In the presence of everyone, some were crying, some applauded, they were proclaimed husband and wife. 
"You can kiss the bride"
Mr Frank bent down with tears in his eyes kissed his fiancee, he whispered "I told you I'll marry you, no matter what, I love you even till certain death" 

His fiancee was pronounced dead two days later. Mr Frank was only married for some hours. His honeymoon was in the hospital. All through the weeding ceremony and honeymoon his fiancee was in coma. 

"Death is but a thing. It's no real obstacle" 

I am.... 

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