Best friend

Am happy to have you as my friend ayomide said to his friend when they were going for a trip to the nearest village to there's 

I was happy too ayobami reply assuming I do not have you as my friend who will be my twins brother ?

Or you don't know that you are like twins brother to me ?

This is the conversation between two friends 

After all sweet words they started chatting about something else

And they had an argument and this lead to quarrel to the extent that ayomide slap ayobami on his cheek, ayobami felt hurt but he stay calm but he wrote it on The Sand that (TODAY MY BEST FRIEND SLAP ME)and they continue their journey until they reach an oasis and they decide to bath in the water

As they got into the water

Suddenly Ayobami became drawn because he didn't perfect in swimming

But ayomide do

Ayomide saw his friend  drawn he rushed to save him

He pull him out of the water And Take care of him 

Ayobami come to normal as he recover he wrote it on the stone (TODAY MY BEST FRIEND SAVE MY LIFE)

But why? When I slap you,you wrote it on the sand and now in stone, why? Ayomide ask then ayobami now reply that

If someone hurt you write it on the sand where the wings of forgiveness will erase it but if someone make you happy write it on the stone where no wings can erase it

Please Dear readers 

Write your anger on the sand where you will easily forget it and carve your blessings on the stone


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