The Visitor

Pastor Joshua and his wife seem to be keeping a secret from everyone. To the outside world they are perfect but only the two of them know what they did that day or are they really the only ones? 
What happens when they receive an unlikely visitor? 
Does the visitor know about them? 
What is the visitor's agenda? 
Find out in this short story

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    • The Visitor - Introduction

    • She lit up her cigarette as she watched them enter the building one by one, with their perfect faces and well ironed rather expensive outfits, looking like they had no problems in ...
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    • The Visitor - Episode 1

    • “So you are really not going to talk to me” Mrs. Adetutu James heard  her husband, Joshua say. She was looking at herself through her  compact m...
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    • The Visitor - Episode 2

    • Joshua did not understand why his wife was acting the way she was or maybe he did he just didn't want to think that that was the reason she was avoiding him. They were both in ...
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    • The Visitor - Episode 3

    • Joshua started preaching about God's forgiveness and how the people should learn to forgive those who have hurt and disappointed them, there was a lot of "mmhmms" and...
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    • The Visitor - Episode 4

    • "Please put the gun down" Pastor Tobi said calmly with his palms to her. She could see that people were already trying to run out. "EVERYONE STAY...
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    • The Visitor - Episode 5

    • 3 MONTHS AGO "Ada, you overwork yourself" Ada's coworker Kristen said as she entered Ada's office Ada, who was focused on her work look...
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    • The Visitor - Episode 6

    • Tutu did not want to look up because she could feel her husband's eyes bore into her. She knew that their visitor had come to wreak havoc but she just wasn't expecting it t...
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    • The Visitor - Episode 7

    • "What do you mean by my child is not here?" Ada asked as she jacked the school teacher of her child by the collar aggressively but didn't mean to, her motherly instin...
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    • The Visitor - Episode 8

    • This is getting fun" The visitor said "Do you know what will make it more fun. It will be if I kill one of the children. You know? To show how serious I am" ...
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    • The Visitor - Episode 9

    • "Hello?" a voice at the other end of the phone said. "Hello, it's me Ada" "Of course I know it's you, what do you want?" t...
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    • The Visitor - Episode 10

    • The whole church gasped and people started murmuring about the statement that Ada had made, sweat started dripping down Joshua's face and Titi just stared down at her fingers r...
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    • The Visitor - Episode 11

    • Doctor, please tell us is everything okay?" pastor Tobi asked the doctor who was in charge of those shot in the church. He was in the office with the doctor who had ...
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    • The Visitor - Episode 12

    •  Pastor, they are ready for you now" Pastor Tobi's secretary said to him as she opened the door to leave his office " I would be right there. Just give...
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