Sonia The Eye Of The Goddess

Story about a kingdom where a female child was born through the legs,which caused her mother the queen's death,and put a big hole in the heart of her father the king,she later became a very powerful young woman who lead and fought for  people against enemies of her father.

A story of pains,regert and dissapointment but at the end victory.

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    • Sonia The Eye Of The Goddess - Episode 1

    •       "Push it one more time my queen" said the mid wife to the queen of akuna kingdom!!! "Yes yes haaaaa,(pushing with all her stre...
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    • Sonia The Eye Of The Goddess - Episode 2

    • SONIA THE EYE OF THE GODDESS      Sonia told monie that it the gods that is on her sides,and she herself don't know how she did that,monie then...
      • Views (1,336)
      • Comments (4)
    • Sonia The Eye Of The Goddess - Episode 3

    •     "Monie how did you come inside, cause I remembered locking the door",Sonia said ,"Sonia I don't know how it happened,when I tried opening the door ...
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    • Sonia The Eye Of The Goddess - Episode 4

    •   The girls enjoyed the cool breeze that blew peace to them,but that doesn't change what their eyes had seen,the killings,the shouting and wailing,the screaming of the you...
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    • Sonia The Eye Of The Goddess - Episode 5

    •    On getting into the palace,Sonia looked around the hall and saw no one,she then decided to go further into the palace to check from rooms to rooms,if anyone was in the...
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    • Sonia The Eye Of The Goddess - Episode 6

    •      The next day,the people woke up in the early hours of the morning, preparing to start the search of the remaining villagers who might have survive the attack fr...
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    • Sonia The Eye Of The Goddess - Episode 7

    • FINAL "My people as you all can see of the big gathering  here,in this evening,I called and assemble you all to witness the event that will happen this very mom...
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