Make A Difference.

If only I had such a gift in singing
I would sing with such melodies as making ears tingling
Try to make heart sweety with my sweet melody
And make merry many hearts made moody

If I had those outstanding writing ability
Oh! those write ups ending in marvellous credibility
I will joyfully make billions of copies round this world
And many weakened heart would whoop at my word

If I was half as handsome as Absalom
I would like like a king in Rome
Put to fleets people's fear by my poisonous smile
With my face make good without a dim

If I had such gifted Artistic hands
That could make gods move in rhythmic bands
I will draw accurately all no-merry faces
To prove effect of smiles on such faces

If only I wasn't totally lazy
Neither caught up in a mesmerising reverie
Probably by now would have made a difference
To smiles and sadness of many a race

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