With lips wine red;

and face white-skinned,

and bosom perfectly fitted,

alongside curvy graced hips

And a lavender scent to match...

Her beauty doth glows

Like that of a new born

Brought into the world

So innocent and meek

But yet ravishing 

In the most sweetest way I'd ever seen


For even in the shadows,

Her beauty is never concealed

And even when darkness prevails,

it overcomes every bits


Like the roses blooming in the meadow,

and the sun shining from whence it's placed;

So shall my love for you be

Never ending,

and forever eternal

For as long as I've always got you with me,

I wouldn't ask for anything else,

My sweet sweet Amor.





For you my love,

I shall sing in delight,

and with the sweet wonders of my voice;

Will capture your heart 

As you lay lost in my charms


For you my love,

I shall waltz out in the open

And side by side we shall dance

With the candle-light burning aglow,

and the moonlight gleaming in our path


For you my love,

I shall trample on every scorpions and snakes,

and climb every mountains

Just so I can be with you


For you my love,

I'll sail across the seven seas

And seek every corners of the earth

No matter how much it'll cost


For you my love,

I'll conquer demons,

and shall slay dragons at your feet

So no danger can lurk in your way


And for you my love,

I'll do anything

Anything just to be your side,

and remain yours...

For the rest of eternity





Her smile,

that smile

Her beauty that yonder shines,

and her love which doth strengthens me

Like the wind blowing unceasingly

Across the White Eastern sea

Shall it forever be?

Oh,I wish...

If only wishes do come true


I feel the longing pile up 

With each day that goes by,

Shall it ever pass?

Oh,I doubt

Love is really hard like they say


Everything seems so broken

Even from afar,

One could still see

Can it ever be fixed?

Oh,I know not...

Nor the royal empress herself

For the rust will forever go on...





When I'm with you,

I feel happier than I ever felt

When you're not here,

I feel all sad and down,

and tearful and sore

I know...

I know I promised 

That I was never letting a tear 

Roll down my face

But I just couldn't hold on to that

Could I?!


You said you were...

That you were never going to leave

But you did!

And let go of everything...

Everything we ever shared!

Now my heart is saddened...

Saddened from the damage you caused!

And all that is left are memories;

Memories I vowed never to forget

Memories that keep me going


Even though it hurts 

That I'm never going to see you again

But I'm certain...

I'm certain that I'll heal

From the aching that make my heart throb

And though summer may pass,

and all the seasons as well

Still,my love for you won't

Just like I'd promised


Hate me!

Ignore me!

And push me all away....!

But that will never get the best of me

For my strength has grown over the years,

and I'm stronger...

Stronger than the ferocious lion

That roams the wild!

And firmer...

Firmer than the tallest tree 

That stands on the forest grounds

Not even the mighty wind can blow me down


Not even that!


You may let go of every memories...

Every memories we once shared,

and every feelings...

Every feelings we once had for each other,

But mine will always be there

For as long as I shall remain on this earth

With the breath of life still in me,

I'll never forget you,

My dearest Aurora....





Her cries echoed aloud in the still of the night

A cry of pain

A cry that will never cease to flow

For as long as her heart is wounded,

and bitterness still lingers inside,

it will always remain a part of her

If only she knew what laid in wait

If only she knew...

But like they say;

One can't really tell what's going to happen next 

Even if he tries

No one could have guessed...

No one!

If only she could turn back the hands of time,

and make everything right again...


Evil like they say

Never reveals itself

It's always concealed,

and rather lurks in the shadows Like some petty coward!

Once the sun goes down,

and the moon takes its peak,

it slowly crawls out,

hence begetting the dark,

and impregnating the silent tranquil scene thus

There,evil lurks


Out on the streets,

trudging footsteps can be heard,

and masked figures seen, 

hovering on every corners, 

lying in wait for their prey 

To wander out in the dark,cold night

Alas,she walks,


With body badly bruised,

and face swollen in a puff,

The tattered skinny figure walks down Trolton lane

Arms crossed,

and sadness imprinted in her almond sunken eyes,

She plods;

With her haggard looks shimmering in the light,

and the tears in her eyes glistening

Yet,they didn't care

Their deep gray eyes shone with lust,

and they readied themselves,

encircling her

Each brutally taking turns, 

stripping her off the one thing she cherished most


Her pride,

Her innocence,

Her comfort!

All gone in the twinkle of an eye

She had nothing left

Nothing at all!

Oh,what a selfish and wicked world we live in!

How shall the heartless pay?



I doubt this evil that has befallen the world will ever pass

I doubt it will...

Now it's time I joined my creator,

and rest perfectly in his bosom

This she said,

breathing her last



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