Love Letter Part 2

“I have always heard of butterflies in the stomach, but have never had one. I have seen goose bumps in the skin of men caused by cold, but never by words. I have seen the height that love and passion can lead people to, but not the depth.”

“Aigbe Johnson, Mr. Your letter kept me in deep thought. Your letter made me realize how much pain we can cause to ourselves due to taciturn and lack of words . But moving forward, I have some questions for you.” 

“Some questions that may need answers and others that may not. Some questions that would make you think and others that would make you sink. Some questions that would make you laugh, and others that might end up bringing you tears.”

“I hope you don't really cry anyways. The Johnson I know is strong. Hope you are not surprised that I know you? Otherwise, you may end up having more surprises today. Surprises that mght bring you tears.”

“Going further, let me bring this to your knowledge. Knowledge of the fact that there is a truth that you know not yet. Knowledge of the mutuality that exist in the love you proclaimed for me in your last epistle.” 

“How I wish you know how long I have waited. How I wish you know how I stared at you from afar hoping that you will walk up to me and just say even if it's a "Hi" or "Hey" 

“I kept on peeping. I kept on gazing. I kept on making enquiry on everything about you that would give me comfort for the time being. But the more I enquired about you, the less I knew. The more I took steps to draw myself closer to you, the farther you seem to go.”

“My first question is Johnson Why?”

“Why did you not tell me that you loved me too? Why did you take this long to proclaim a mere statement of "I have seen you around all this while, and I think I like you"

“Do you think I would have rejected? Do you think I was that mean? Do you think I looked like one of the like actresses you watch on the TV that treated men abnormally?”

“I am different. I mean I was. Situations met me that seem to turn me around.”

“But now am here. Here stuck without love. Here stuck in a relationship that really sucks. Here stuck with a person that has failed to exhibit even the minutest attribute of fun. I waited for your words. I saw it in your eyes, but never came through your tongue. Johnson why were you this dumb?”

“Should I just leave him for you? Should I now tell him the man I have always been in love with just had the guts to tell me he loves me too? Should I just walk away like that? What do I do? What would you have done?”

“Is going after a man who took months to tell me he loves me really worth it? Is staying with another who proclaims he loves me but have never shown it?”

“Now you have kept me in a dilemma. Am literally in between the devil and the deep blue sea. He acts devilish as he never smiles and is without fun, you sound too cold and calm exactly like the deep blue sea.”

“Who should I choose? What do I do?”


From Your Unrealistic Love,


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