Merry Haven

One curse shall kill them all. One killer, One survival. In a bid to free their family from a curse, the Jacobs journeyed through vile adventures; of sorrow, woe and tribulations. They must unite to free their family from Unkur's curse. Will they triumph? Find out.

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    • Merry Haven - Episode 1

    •  As he opened his eyes, Tettes knew that heads would roll. It was strange, but he felt it coming.    The fluffy bed embraced Tettes slim body, letting him lin...
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    • Merry Haven - Episode 2

    • Annas body ached him, the cruel jail gave him the creeps. It had been a week and four days, still, he hoped to flee from the lonely life in the jail. He was the boisterous type. A ...
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    • Merry Haven - Episode 3

    • South Road was slowly recovering from its shock, the street was springing with life again. This was what Annas missed, he was glad it was burbling again. Benjamin and his da...
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    • Merry Haven - Episode 4

    • The lady was adorned with colorful head beads, her bracelet was made from bronze. She had a dark blue eyes with seven thick gold spots on it - like Annas's eyes. It (the eyes) ...
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    • Merry Haven - Episode 5

    • Annas was under an enormous tree, it's big roots were exposed, giving it a grotesque look, a young man sat on the roots. Annas was across the man, listening to him. The young m...
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    • Merry Haven - Episode 6

    • Annas was beginning to freak out, Faruq was a man he couldn't comprehend. Faruq walked out, and appeared back with whiskey and two glass cups. He filled the two glass cups with...
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    • Merry Haven - Episode 7

    • The road seemed all new and alien to Annas, he hadn't had such tiresome hike for a very long time.   They meandered through paths, leaving civilization behind....
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    • Merry Haven - Episode 8

    • "Annas you haven't observed your prayers since you came, don't vex Allah." Miraj was advising Annas. Miraj, Regina, and Aaron were dressed in a dark Jersey. They ...
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    • Merry Haven - Episode 9

    • Dream upon dreams, the lessons went on, the tests were accurate, he was becoming a great healer. Tettes and Nal test had worked, they brewed the herb in the South...
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    • Merry Haven - Episode 10

    • His dream dissapointed him. It was a dire moment, he needed to see the old man.   He had a sour feeling about doctor Bitrus. Tettes had a plan, it was simple but t...
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    • Merry Haven - Episode 11

    • He was having a hard time, he couldn't think straight. His findings were strange and odd, he wondered what Annas was doing with such queer company.   Tettes an...
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    • Merry Haven - Episode 12

    •   The tale of the foolish duck and her eggs kept on reverberating in his head, now he knew he was damned to suffer.  "Yes! Yes you will have only one survi...
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    • Merry Haven - Episode 13

    • Reginald beheld a sight that got her thinking back at the worst day of her life - the day she lost her parents to the cold hands of death. She sat beside him, watching the eyes of ...
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    • Merry Haven - Episode 14

    • Annas often hanged out with Kashees at the Brilla hotel. It was their favourite spot now.   Juliet loathed seeing them together, she wanted Annas to be away from Kashee...
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    • Merry Haven - Episode 15

    •  Sydney ran, he ran as quick as his legs could take him, running along a narrow path, Sandwiched between tall bushes. He stopped at a tall tree. He leaned against its trunk, w...
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    • Merry Haven - Episode 16

    • They were all like thespians, acting in a theatre. It was a life of sorrow. Unkur announced the starting of the show.  But Annas wanted to die knowing that he killed hi...
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