In the space of time

Adaugo is the typical igbo housewife,  beautiful and hardworking,  she finished from UNN with a degree in English literature and dreams of being the editor of a big news company or even owning a news company of her own,  however she is married to Odogwu,  who detests the idea of her working.  Odogwu is a commander in the Nigerian Navy,  a fine young man who is also wealthy,  but filled with scars from his past... Adaugo and Odogwu fell deeply in love before they got married,  but along the line,  misunderstings and disagreements pop up,  will love prevail? will their trust in God stand?  or will they give up on chasing the love that was burning at first site.  Join me on this exciting journey,  let's see what happens in the space of time! 

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    • In the space of time - Episode 1

    • 1st February, 2019 Adaugo  bent down to pick pieces of  the broken ceramic plate on the floor. She wondered why she was so tense. Perhaps it was because she knew t...
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    • In the space of time - Episode 2

    • '’Mummy I don’t want to eat porridge na’’, Adaugo looked down, it was Tabitha. She was holding her left leg and whining, faking tears. Ada knew her daug...
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    • In the space of time - Episode 3

    • 5th july 2006 Chuma looked at his wristwatch, it was past 8pm already. He knew with the way he was going, if he didn’t hurry up, it would get really late and he won&rs...
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    • In the space of time - Episode 4

    • 3rd February, 2019 It was a Sunday morning. Odogwu had turned severally on the bed before opening his eyes to see his queen standing right there in front of him, looking as ...
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    • In the space of time - Episode 5

    • 6th July, 2006 Adaugo stretched her arms as she got up from her bed. She was so tired, she felt like sleeping back, but the word, Examinations soon! kept ringing in her ears...
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    • In the space of time - Episode 6

    • 14th February, 2019 It was valentines day, also the day that Odogwu was going back to Abuja. His flight was for 3pm that day but Adaugo woke up early anyways, to get Tabitha...
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    • In the space of time - Episode 7

    • 6th July, 2006 Odinaka had been talking for a long time now. Odogwu just sat there, on his bed staring at the ceiling. He was thinking of the girl he saw last night, or t...
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    • In the space of time - Episode 8

    • 14th July 2006 It was Sunday.  Odogwu was in church.  Christ church chapel. Service was over already.  He waited for the the youth leader,  Mr Paul.&n...
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    • In the space of time - Episode 9

    • 1st March, 2019 Adaugo washed her hands and carried the now empty plates to the kitchen. She had just finished having lunch with Mama and Odogwu. Mama had come to spend some...
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    • In the space of time - Episode 10

    • When Ada got home, she found Odogwu in the living room, sitting and looking so helplessly sad. He sat on the floor of the living room, on the rouge actually, but she knew something...
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    • In the space of time - Episode 11

    • EPILOGUE  10th October 2029 Somtochukwu was at the cafeteria waiting for Amanda. They had agreed the night before to meet there by 2pm, he checked his wrist watc...
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