It's a story of a teenager who crave for growth— mentally and spiritually. Did she later grow? If you want to know the answer to this question, join me as we ride through the journey—Growth.

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    • Growth - Episode 1

    • Yes, growth. I'm a teenager; why shouldn't I aspire to grow, especially spiritually and mentally? I mean first class growth. As an eager beaver, I was so excited ...
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    • Growth - Episode 2

    • Today happened to be the awaited day. The programme was to start by 10:00am, but I was done dressing up and was set to leave my hostel for the venue by 8:00am. Funny enough, the ev...
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    • Growth - Episode 3

    • As I walked down to my hostel, thoughts of the response given by the speaker recapped continuously in my memory. Could it be true? Is it possible? Que...
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    • Growth - Episode 4

    • The toilet soon became the best place for me to polish the pearl; it had space and privacy. I lived on campus and the room allocated to me was a four-person bedroom which eventuall...
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    • Growth - Episode 5

    • I was consumed in my pleasure of the act. The next thing I heard was a shocking scream. " What's this!" The door behind her was widely opened. I w...
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    • Growth - Episode 6

    • After a week, I had a dream: I was having intercourse with a dark complexioned man. He was about 6 feet, 5 inches tall. His face I couldn't recognize. I work up tired and sweat...
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    • Growth - Episode 7

    • I was on my way down to fellowship for the prayer meeting. I had my turban firmly tied. My turban was so steady that it had the likeness of a local market rice—measuring Kong...
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    • Growth - Episode 8

    • I had a neighbour screaming. It was 1:00am. Everyone in our house was startled out of sleep. It was a robbery operation. A part of me was happy because it was, well, a chance for m...
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