Finding Love

There’s so much I want to say, so much I want to explain and so much I want to pour out but can’t because, I feel no one can properly understand the intent of my heart. True love is a treasure that can’t be easily found or received. Count yourself one of the blessed persons on earth, if you ever get to spend the rest of your life with someone your heart truly beats for. Brace yourselves because this story is going to be one of a kind.

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    • Finding Love - Episode 1

    • Growing up, I was the perfect definition of a ‘reserved person’. I hardly kept friends and my whole world was like a cage; with me being the prisoner. Life was good wit...
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      • Comments (6)
    • Finding Love - Episode 2

    • Love is not a respecter of person, place or circumstance, as it can completely take you unaware. Alex's little heartfelt confession took me off guard and threw me out of balanc...
      • Views (9,228)
      • Comments (5)
    • Finding Love - Episode 3

    • When someone you truly have feelings for confesses their love to you, the emotions that overtakes your whole being can't be properly explained or comprehended. Should I start b...
      • Views (11,375)
      • Comments (4)
    • Finding Love - Episode 4

    • The worst thing that can ever happen to anyone; is being cheated on by the one person you trust and love with all your heart. Nobody deserves to go through that sort of torture bec...
      • Views (8,329)
      • Comments (1)
    • Finding Love - Episode 5

    • If there's anything that kills a promising relationship faster; it would definitely be the act of jumping into conclusion without evidential facts. My inability to give Alex a ...
      • Views (8,308)
      • Comments (3)
    • Finding Love - Episode 6

    • One beautiful thing about genuine love is that; you can't fake it, force it or break it. I guess God made 'Love' that way so that people wouldn't manipulate or abus...
      • Views (10,371)
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    • Finding Love - Episode 7

    • You have never truly experienced emotional pain until you are in a situation whereby you are unable to feel, touch and see the person you love, for a long period of time. On hearin...
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    • Finding Love - Episode 8

    • A hurting person is likely vulnerable when faced with the opposite of what triggers their pain. Seeing Tjay at that point in time was a bad decision and I wouldn't have stepped...
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    • Finding Love - Episode 9

    • Any relationship that isn't built on the foundation of Love might never work or last. It takes two people who are truly in love, in order for a relationship to look realistic. ...
      • Views (7,476)
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    • Finding Love - Episode 10

    • There's no mountain too high, ocean too wide and depths too deep, that two people in love can't reach; provided with the fact that their love is genuine and pure. This worl...
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