Blood And Water

How does it feel when you are rejected by the people whom you love the most? All because you are physically deformed. This the story of Adewale, a child who had all odds against him, in all aspects of life but refused to be a victim of circumstances as he fought death hands down. Join me and let take this ride together and find out more. .. Enjoy!.

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    • Blood And Water - Episode 1

    • My people! my people !! It's your girl Nnenna once again. How have you all been? It's just few days ago i left, but it feels as if I had gone for months. Shey e na miss me ...
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    • Blood And Water - Episode 2

    • Thanks my friends for your warm welcome. I very much appreciate.  * However, afraid of what burden Adewale may be to her and other children, she cleverly l...
      • Views (2,612)
      • Comments (9)
    • Blood And Water - Episode 3

    • Nothing for this episode .  Previously,    He sat under an Iroko tree in the dark forest and committed his life into the hands of his ancestors.&nbs...
      • Views (2,469)
      • Comments (11)
    • Blood And Water - Episode 4

    •  Dear friends am sure you maybe convinced at this point but you don't have to be for all of this is just a dream Adewale is having in the forest. So enjoy.... **...
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    • Blood And Water - Episode 5

    • One of the hunter's daughters was bitten by a snake on her way from the stream. The dangerous snake's venom almost killed the young girl. Adewale, calmly, but in sympathy w...
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    • Blood And Water - Episode 6

    •  Hey there guys, did anyone of you miss me? For I sure did over hear. Am so sorry for the delay I have been so busy with work but am back now to pick up the pen where I left i...
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    • Blood And Water - Episode 7

    •   Hey there guys hope you  all enjoyed the last episode, for here is another one.  Dedicated specially for those who have been waiting in suspense for the continuati...
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    • Blood And Water - Episode 8

    •    He gazed at a wall gecko on the wall above the throne and chanted Ifa songs. Then he took two steps to the door and turned to his right. He looked at all the people in...
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    • Blood And Water - Episode 9

    •  Hello guys can I ever be forgiven, from the bottom of my heart, I  sincerely apologize for this long delay due to my kind of work but I promise to end it soon and put an...
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    • Blood And Water - Episode 10

    • Before the appointed day of coronation Adewale was located.   To his amazement, he was to become a king in a strange land.  A land where he had no relation...
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    • Blood And Water - Episode 11

    •  PEN  DOWN. . . . .     The new king put his right hand on Olanike's shoulder while conversing with his second wife who was a princess to the...
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