The wife - Episode 8

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"The tree never forgets what the axe did"

The heavy breathing on Nathan's neck awakened him.

His eyes opened to see a very exposed Bianca.

He himself was naked. Her black lingerie was trapped in his hands and his boxer I

n a far corner.


He silently whispered. She didn't seem a bit dazed nor where her eye glazed as proof that he has forced himself on her.

He felt drained, another sign that something stupid had happened last night.

His alarm rang as if on cue and Nathan rushed to put the damn thing off.

How would she look at him now? Nathan had no time to dwell on such.

He was late for work, since it was almost seven in the morning and he was early riser.

He picked up his undies and strapped them on.

His head was pulsing heavily.

He had to leave before Bianca woke up and began to question what happened yesterday.

He was without the answers himself and he cursed that he went against his principles last night.

Nathan walked casually to his wardrobe and selected a black suit.

He turned briefly at the still sleeping Bianca and made a mental note that he would dress her.

She was just too.. . appetizing

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. Shut up! Having cautioned his devilish mind he dressed in his bathrobe and rushed into the bathroom.

Nathan raced down the stairs un a hurry, taking a cup of coffee and that the maid had made for him.

The hot liquid gave his tongue a burn and he quickly dropped it to tend to his now sore tongue.

"Someone's in a hurry."

Nathan faced his mother who was doing nothing but watching a soap opera and snacking. Typical!

"Yes! I have..."

"You always have something to do."

His mother retorted, unintentionally cutting him off.

She always had something to say no matter the occasion.

"Yes mother."

He said just as sarcastic and took another sip of his morning coffee to be sure tge content had cooled down.

"How was your night?"

His mother asked, mischief plastered to her face.

Nathan recoiled, flashes of Bianca's naked body embedded graphically in his mind.

He ignored his mother and kept on sipping his drink in a rushed manner.

He hoped Bianca would not wake up. It was already awkward that he could not make out what they did the night before not to add that he dressed her in his shirt.

That would surely arouse questions.

"I have to go mother."

His mother nodded, a cup of tea on her lips.

He had expected a response which had become a daily occurrence and her silence surprised him.


Nathan picked up his key from the counter and walked out.

"It going to be a hard day."


Someone knocked at the door and Adriana obliged.

It was the nosy maid.

She could already feel her huge chestnut eyes examining her surrounding and trying to make out what had happened last night.

Adriana was glad she had cleared up the room as soon as Nathan stepped out.

There was no reason to give the tattletale a story to gossip around with her friends.


The maid asked stretching a brown tray almost at Adriana's nose.


The maid dropped the tray carefully on the bed and made her way to the door but not before saying,

"Nice shirt."

Adriana took a look at the item she was wearing.

That was where that scent was coming from! Adriana hadn't realized Nathan had dressed her.

She would surely give that maid a piece of her tongue.

"Thanks! Hope you focus more on what you are paid to do here!"

Adriana witnessed the frown on the maid which gave her brief satisfaction just as the woman exited the room.

Nathan would really be messed up now. Adriana pondered on.

It reminded her to call Claire just in case the latter wanted to chicken out.

She glanced the her phone looking for her one way ticket to destroy Nathan's number.

Aye! She voiced inaudibly what she found it.

She then dialed the number and waited for Claire to pick up her line.

Her patience was waning out and she was sick of staying and sleeping so close to the enemy.

She remembered countless of times how she had fought hard not to smother Nathan with a pillow.

Like her father would say, Rich men don't fear death.

They fear loss. And truly she knew he did.


Claire voice was trembling over the line.

"I just wanted to know if you haven't backed down from our little deal. Your Nephew..."

"Why are you doing this?"

Claire asked, her voice firm.

"Like I said before..."

"You know what? I can't do it! Nathan is a good man. You..."

Adriana's blood boiled just that moment. How dare she compare Nathan an epitome of blackness with righteousness.

Couldn't she tell a beast from a lamb?

"You know, Miss Claire! If you cherish your nephew's life, you wouldn't ask me stupid questions."

Making her opinion clear, Adriana cut the line.

Claire was a darling. She wouldn't risk a human life for political gain or a feel thing as friendship.

Read " Living The Pureblood Series " by the same author ( samuelade. )

. Adriana sure hoped she was right.


Claire dropped the telephone, her eyes hot with saline.

She ran her palms on her bangs, a remedy to cope with stress but it was not working this time.

How could she do this? She would lose her job if she was caught.

She doubted this though.

If she messed up intentionally, her little nephew who was like a brother to her would be dead.

She was really divided. If this woman really wanted to destroy Nathan so badly, he had to deserve it.

Claire bit her tongue until a metallic taste hit her taste buds.

Her tongue was bleeding.

Claire stared blankly into the paper still not knowing tge step to take, her eyes was beginning to well up with tears.

"I'm sorry Nathan."

Claire begged his spirit hoping she would ever find redemption for what she was about to do.

Claire walked into Nathan's office trembling with the paper on her hands.


She greeted when she noticed he was carried away.

There was no doubt he was troubled, Claire could only begin yo wonder what strings his innocent wife had tightened. She didn't ask you though, she had enough to deal with already.


He said, finally acknowledging her presence.

"There's a letter from...the shareholders that need your signature."

Nathan gave her a loud sigh and very bored one at that.

"Really?! Let me take a look."

Frozen was not the word. Claire was taken aback.

She was doomed.

Nathan reached out from his office chair and picked the paper from her stiff fingers. It was better to confess.

"Your wife... She..."

Nathan faced Claire like she was about to utter something very stupid.


Nathan stuttered while his hand frantically searched for a pen on his table.

His eyes were placed on the paper but Claire could tell he was not even reading it.

She had never seen him this jumpy in a long time.

"Where do I sign?"

Those words elated Claire whilst disheartening her.

There was no ways he was going to spill all that and put her Nephew's life on the line but she could give a hint.

"Nathan, Do you trust me?"

Nathan's pen was already on the paper scribbling madly.

Stop him Claire! Her mind yelled.

"What kind of question is that? I do! You know I do. You're my friend, the only one I've had since-death."

Claire heart dropped.

She wished there was another way this could go buy No! This was the only way. Maybe she could somehow stop Adriana's plans.

"Have it."

Nathan janded his destruction right to her hands on a platter of gold.

Damn! You're supposed to be a business man.

Claire flashed him an empty smile, tears almost falling.

"About trusting me, You shouldn't trust me...or anyone. You never know who will stay you in the back."

Nathan nodded and returned back to his lethargic state.

Claire saw it as a cue foe hwe to leave.

Everyone did need to be alone sometimes and she needed this the most.

A coping mechanism for betrayal.

Her phone chimed. She checked it and saw a text from the devil herself.

"Do you have the it?"


She sent back.

Adriana sent a smiley emoji and another text telling Claire where to give the document to her.

Claire was trapped.

There was still a chance to save Nathan.

She should just...No! Tears poured freely down her eyes. Her Nephew.

"Madam, are you okay?"

Claire sniffled her runny nose and wondered who was bothering her.

The newspaper man!

"The papers."

The man said, handing her a today's article.

The headlines read,

"Popular business mogul lookalike Weds Boulderfist CEO "

OMG! This was her salvation.

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