Summer Flower - Episode 9

Thick and Thin

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This Episode is dedicated to my beautiful Vicky Anaberry, my new found fan and friend. Thank you so much for the messages and support from day one. You're a good person. 


“Why is your head so big” I slapped his hands off immediately they got to my head.

“Stop playing with my hair or else….” I pointed my second finger at him as a form of threat.

“Or else what?, what will you do Mera Dest” I smirked at him

“Just because you understand little Hindi now doesn't change your nationality, Ethan”

“That's mean, at least I'm trying. I know I'm not that good but I know the basic things”

“I'll agree to that after you correct the Dest to Dost” he replied me with a questionable look.

“What?, it's Mera Dost not Mera Dest”

We were currently on the balcony of my apartment looking up to the stars shining down at us . After the scene that happened at the market,  he had brought me home and said soothing words as I laid there on my bed crying my life out. I fell asleep not long after that and I woke up to a large and lovely dinner already waiting up for me.

We had talked about school, London, Indian and many other things through diner and I should confess, it had been the most amazing dinner in a while. It makes me long for home, I miss everyone so much it hurts.

“Have I ever told you that you're a witch?” He questioned

“Nope, but I know you're getting there soon” I replied and he nudged me on my shoulder so I could face him

“There are times why I ask myself some questions that I don't even know the answer” he looked so pitiful as he said that and my heart jumped from it's place.

“Like?” I inquired wanting him to explain further

“You can't understand, Indira”

“Try me” he gave me a weird look before he smiled

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. A dry smile though

“Your life is messed up enough, woman. Don't let me spoil your day with my pitiful, sad story”

“Your own life is more messed up, at least I didn't go to prison” I saw his facial expression starting to change. I knew i pissed him off and I'm glad I did.

“Yeah, thank your stars for that. You don't know me Indira, you don't even know who……” I cut him off before he could finish his sentence.

“I'm not judging you here Ethan, you're a good person and that's all that matters to me. I don't care what happened to you in your past as long as you're ready to move into the future and forget all about your past. What's wring with your head, Mister?. You're telling me you don't want me to know about your pitiful, sad story as if I asked for any of it. It is you who is making yourself pitiful here. Grow up, Ethan.

Read " Imperfection " by the same author ( Penangel )

.  Go out there and see people who have gone through worst, maybe you'll know you're not just as pitiful as you've portrayed yourself”  I said looking at him with anger visible on our faces. He can't keep on killing himself inside and appearing to be tough outside.

The silence lingered in the air for a while, he didn't talk and I also didn't say a word. Until I hear him curse under his breath.

“Say it out loud, the most you'll get it's a hard spank on your head” I said breaking the silence

“With what?” He asked

“With my hand of course” I said showing my muscles.

“As if.  I only said the word Witch”

“Stop calling me a witch” I complained.

“I just started calling you a witch, so stop complaining” I gave him one of my puppy eyes so he'll stop.

“Okay fine, I'll stop calling you that, okay?” I ‘nodded my head happily

“But only for today” he said and I gave him a evil glare for that.

“Thank you Indira” he said and looked up at him questionably.

“For what?, I should be the one thanking you. You've being there for me through thick and thin. Thank you Ethan” I said smiling

“Maybe we owe each other then” yeah, maybe we both do and I hope everything works out fine for both of us.

“”How's Bella doing?” I asked, not that I'm interested but just for formalities sake.

“Bella?, We're over” He said

“Okay, so who are you with now?, so I'll know in case someone attacks me on the street”

“Indira Abel is my new girlfriend now” I gave him a smile

“Keep hoping, you'll get there someday. Maybe your next life” I said smiling.

“You can't date me, right?”

“I don't see a reason why I should”

“I really like you, Indira. I hope you get to know that someday” I looked up to his face and saw that he was serious with the whole thing.

“I hope so too” I stood up and made my way back into my room. It's not like I don't like Ethan but the sparks are not just there and moreover for now, relationship is not something I'll like to go into for now.

I'm messed up enough, just like he said.

“Ethan, the day after tomorrow is my best friend's wedding, are you coming with me?” I questioned before going back to my room

“Nope, I've got somethings to do in New Delhi and I'll be leaving tomorrow

“Okay, take care, I'll see you when you get back then”

I really wanted to add, I'll miss you much, but I just couldn't bring myself to. 


Thanks to every one for your comment on the previous chapter, it just made me want to write more and more. You guys are my new found inspiration. Thank you
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